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  1. I’ll take it. Pm incoming
  2. Camofreak

    1995 F250 7.3 XLT

    I guess it’s time to list my 06 megacab..
  3. Camofreak

    Easton a/c/c arrows

    Looks like 3-28
  4. Camofreak

    New Mexico apps in

    Me too. Pisses me off. Only because I was waiting on az results...
  5. Camofreak

    Cva paramount or rem ult

    Smokeless is already banned here..
  6. Camofreak

    Cva paramount or rem ult

    Arrowhead rifles...hands down. If you have an encore they make barreled setups for those as well, super legit and accurate with Luke’s custom bullets.
  7. Camofreak

    New Garmin Inreach

    Sold. Thanks Evan.
  8. Camofreak

    New Garmin Inreach

    I won this and really just want the inreach mini, i don't need everything it offers, just need the mini.
  9. Camofreak

    New Garmin Inreach

    Have a new in box garmin in reach, took it out and looked at it and put it back. $400
  10. Camofreak

    Swarovski BTX-ATX-65 binocular scope & cover

    Sell Atx seperate?
  11. Camofreak

    Muzzy bullets for elk

    Give luke a call and chat with him, their is a plethora of guns he can work with you on, not just full custom guns, he does barrels and such for factory guns.
  12. Camofreak

    Sig Sauer P365

    How much for the griffin barrel?
  13. Camofreak


    Idk. I have an 06 5.9 Mega bone stock except leveling coils and ive been on the fence with selling it. Such good trucks.
  14. Camofreak


    What years?
  15. Camofreak

    Swarovski STX with 95 and 65 objective

    How much for just the eye piece?