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  1. Jasper17


    Where did you buy it and what is the asking price?
  2. Jasper17

    What do you think this bull will score?

    I only said that because it has good mass 3's and 4's and 1's and 2's look to be at least 15" and angle is somewhat straight on. I would love to see a score sheet on this guy, I would guess around 320ish maybe more.
  3. Jasper17

    What do you think this bull will score?

    Sorry but I believe this bull pictured that Pine Donkey posted looks bigger than 295
  4. Jasper17

    Tire update - Nitto's response

    I second the Cooper tire and sorry to hear about your tires, but Nitto's are junk on heavy duty trucks. Also junk on heavy duty trucks BFG KO's, Yokohama and I believe Coopers are made in the USA. I'm on my second set of Coopers and with regular rotations hold up very well and stay quiet.
  5. Jasper17

    Anyone work at Discount Tire

    One other thing if you have to get a tire while out of town and Discount isn't open they have taken the tire. refunded my money and replaced with the same tire I purchased minus the road hazard. Discount has gotten worse with customer service over the years but still pretty good in my book.
  6. Jasper17

    Belgium Browning Superposed 12 gauge

    Just to be clear is this gun completely stock as it came from the factory, and I bet its a pleasure to shoot.
  7. Jasper17


    Thats to bad sorry to hear that , what does he want for them each or is the price for the pair and whats the condition
  8. Jasper17

    WTS: Ruger Mini14 Stainless $800

    Armslist is another, but I don't normally comment on price but you might be a bit high. Also with the other hunts coming up most are probably focused on that, but good luck my mini is a coyote whackin machine.
  9. Jasper17

    Belgium Browning Superposed 12 gauge

    Thats what I'm talking about gorgeous! Good luck with your sale I wish I could get that bird slayer. Just saving funds for my elk hunt.
  10. Jasper17

    Gear Deals

    Just curious if you received your shotgun yet and how was the service. Also what was included with your purchase, I see in the description one choke tube but not much else.
  11. Jasper17

    Gear Deals

    Thats a pretty good deal did you get confirmation and did you have a option to select your FFL?
  12. Jasper17


    Never mind I found it
  13. Jasper17


    What is the price I think I missed it
  14. Jasper17

    Wtb 19a flatline map

    Maybe someone will give you one with all of there hot spots on it LOL
  15. Jasper17

    Browning A-bolt SS left hand 7mm

    How many rounds have been fired and what base and size rings are they. Are you going to be anywhere close to phx anytime soon thanks