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  1. Jasper17

    Lost Pack

    That sucks I sure hope someone returns it. There are still good people out there.
  2. Jasper17

    2014 SandSport Toy hauler

    Length, weight, tank capacities and any other info might help getting some interest
  3. Jasper17

    2014 SandSport Toy hauler

    Is that a generator start button we can see in the mirror LOL?
  4. Jasper17

    WTB Ruger red label

    TTT please
  5. Jasper17

    The Draw

    Just finished getting the kids in for turkey and pig, good luck everyone WOOHOO get some
  6. Jasper17

    WTB Ruger red label

    Oh yeah got one of those P.M.'s I know a guy in Chicago email him blablabla BS. How do you report these pricks to Admin.
  7. Jasper17

    WTB Ruger red label

    Thanks for the replies Youngdon I will hit you up for pics later. Biglakejake do you know the names of the shops. Delw you should not have done that, LOL I figure I'm a Ruger guy so why not one of these.
  8. Jasper17

    WTB Ruger red label

    Looking for a Ruger red label in good shape or better if you have one or know of one for sale please let me know. Thanks
  9. Jasper17

    Big D strikes again

    Man I'm diggin those dark horns congrats to your boy and all who was involved.
  10. Jasper17

    Thank you

    They drill it and insert a plug with info like the date it was killed and unit but that's for one that has been hunted legal and not a deadhead
  11. Jasper17


    P.M. sent
  12. Jasper17


    Are you willing to ship and how long are the legs, thanks
  13. Jasper17

    Swarovski 15 question

    Yes the SLC model is their HD version
  14. Jasper17

    Archery Antelope

    Great buck congrats that's awesome and a nice write up.
  15. Jasper17

    Legality of blocking easements

    I wonder if its a county maintained road if so I would go around it if possible.