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  1. Jasper17

    WTS/WTT powder/6.5 projectiles

    I’ll take the RL26
  2. Jasper17

    How to safely sell a pistol

    ATF rules say it's legal to sell to 18 years of age minimum for private sell, trust your gut but I ask if they are a prohibited possessor and ask to see their AZ drivers license.
  3. Jasper17

    Cowboy casket

    Nobody asked your opinion and his dad made something that might be special for someone.
  4. Jasper17

    WTB some NL Pures 12's or EL12's

    Check with Jeremy his screen name is 257STW on here he might have what you are looking for.
  5. Jasper17

    Remington Versamax Shotgun

    Deal of the day I would like to get in line for 2nds
  6. Jasper17

    (SOLD) Ruger 10/22 (SOLD)

    More than fair deal here and welcome to CWT
  7. Jasper17

    Leupold scope and QR rings SOLD

    Mark is in Flagstaff unless he moved within the last 3 months. Good buyer, we have done a few deals and always a pleasure to deal with.
  8. Jasper17

    Serbu RN-50 (50 Cal)

    That video is awesome
  9. Jasper17

    Outdoor Writer (Tony)

    O.K. thanks just curious he did post some interesting stuff at times.
  10. Jasper17

    Outdoor Writer (Tony)

    I was looking on the campfire topics and noticed he didn't post on any, is he ok I know he was going through some medical issues.
  11. Jasper17


    rpowell600 are you a FFL if so please send me your info if you do transfers on a regular basis I would like to have another option to try. Thanks Yancy
  12. Did this deal go through if not put me down for seconds please
  13. Jasper17

    Guns to TRADE -UPDATED-

    Thanks for the update I was interested in the SR1911
  14. Jasper17

    Guns to TRADE -UPDATED-

    Ok which ones are left I was just wondering nothing had been posted on your inventory LOL