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    Hunting, hunting with my kids and old model Rugers

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  1. Jasper17


    Whatever happened to him? He used to crack me up with some of his comments but I see he last visited in November last year.
  2. Jasper17

    Ruger ar 556 complete upper

    My idea of complete must be different than your title.
  3. Jasper17

    WTH is the Black National Anthem??

    Wildwoody you know you want to go there and so do I but i'm not either
  4. Got a email from euro optics today and they had a pretty good price reduction on the EL's but only 2 sizes I think about $400 off probably because the release of the Pure's
  5. Jasper17

    Love snakes, but not these ones!!!!

    Oh yeah have skinned many with almost born babies inside and you could see the diamond pattern on them, pretty dang cool. Nice mojave by the way.
  6. Jasper17

    Love snakes, but not these ones!!!!

    I used to tan those when I was a kid my dad had me do all the dirty work and we used to use glycerin also but, found out from a old guy to try regular Prestone antifreeze not the diluted stuff. Skin it, scrape the underside clean, stretch and tack it to a board, brush the Prestone on twice a day (morning and evening) for 3 days then on the 4th day rinse it of real good and let dry. Cut it off your tack down and its done.
  7. That article is weak at best
  8. Jasper17


    It looks like it says Fluorite on the side of the body.
  9. Jasper17

    357mag and 44 mag both sold!

    where are you located please
  10. Jasper17

    Smoke up some meats

    Your dog is guarding against the brisket burglars lol
  11. Jasper17


    Sir where are you located
  12. Jasper17

    Brand New Remington .308 700 CP 12.5" Pistol

    I think that is one of the coolest pieces I have seen in a while dang I'm buying one in Creedmoor when it comes out
  13. Jasper17

    WTB Ruger, Springfield, Kimber 1911

    TTT someone has one laying around collecting dust LOL
  14. Jasper17

    WTB Ruger, Springfield, Kimber 1911

    TTT please
  15. Looking for NIB or lightly used so let me know if one of you is looking to get rid of one. Looking for full size not commander. Price and condition would be great Thanks