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  1. deserttacoma84

    Any Tax Pro's?

    Have a few different questions about taxes for businesses and non profits. Anyone who is a tax professional that can pm me?
  2. deserttacoma84

    Long Shot.. but... Boat?

    Ha! Something like that. Fortunately not married, but still othwr complications.
  3. deserttacoma84

    Long Shot.. but... Boat?

    In the works. COVID ruined everything. But i can fish. That's ok. Lol
  4. deserttacoma84

    Long Shot.. but... Boat?

    This may be a long shot, but anyone have a neglected to semi-neglected bass tracker aluminum boat sitting around that they hadnt thought about getting rid of yet? Prefer modified v-hull.
  5. deserttacoma84


    Axles still available?
  6. deserttacoma84

    2006 Toyota Tacoma

    Honestly surprised this is still available. Have you tried posting it on tacomaworld?
  7. deserttacoma84

    2006 Toyota Tacoma

    I was able to raise my coilovers a bit to raise up the front just enough. Running 285/70/17
  8. deserttacoma84

    2006 Toyota Tacoma

    Great trucks. This shouldn't last long!
  9. deserttacoma84

    Legality of Orders

    Also, how can we know that the media isn't over inflating this? Im with trophyhunter on this. Look how many people die from the flu, common cold and others. Not to mention how many who died from this had underlying conditions. This never should have happend. It should have been a recommendation to the sick, weak and scared to stay home. All others could carry on business as normal. We just laid down and gave up.
  10. deserttacoma84

    Shower Remodelers

    North Central Phx
  11. deserttacoma84

    Shower Remodelers

    Looking for a small contractor to replace a small tile shower. Anyone here looking for work that does decent work? Pm me please for more details. Thx
  12. True beadlock? Or the pretend ones...
  13. deserttacoma84

    What was wrong with the site?

    It got the VIRUS!!!
  14. deserttacoma84

    Anyone have a Form 4 come back sooner than expected?

    That doesn't sound good....
  15. deserttacoma84

    Anyone have a Form 4 come back sooner than expected?

    Did that just change in last few years? I assume would just be easier to set up new trust? Would that need to be done each time you wanted to purcha new NFA item? Anyone recommend a solid person other than Mr. Silencer to set up new trust and purchase from? Preferably Northwest phx?