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  1. deserttacoma84

    Polymer 80 Glock and g17 slide

  2. deserttacoma84

    Best sub $300 scope

    I believe the Diamondback HP's use the old vortex viper glass...
  3. deserttacoma84

    Ride Now

    Bro, no doubt! But.. seriously... probably nothing but a bunch of "Bros" working there. Reverence and respect is dead!
  4. deserttacoma84

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Interested in plated pistol bullets.
  5. deserttacoma84

    MinnKota Fortrex 24V 80 lbs thrust, 45” shaft length

    Love the color of the boat!
  6. deserttacoma84

    AR Lower

    Still looking for a stripped AR lower if someone has one they would like to part with. Cash money or would be willing to part with some .45 ammo in trade.
  7. deserttacoma84

    Alamo Lake

    Anymore Intel? Headed there this week amd haven't been there since I was a kid.
  8. deserttacoma84

    5.56 ammo

    One of those "if you have to ask, you can't afford it"...
  9. deserttacoma84

    Another dummy looking for AR lowers...

    How much was the lower? Did they have other stock? Ive been looking!
  10. deserttacoma84

    Anderson lower

    Varget, if you make the trade, I'll buy one of those lowers!
  11. deserttacoma84

    Vector file artist

    Azdiamondheat helped me out. Might be able to look him up and send him a pm. Otherwise check out an app called Fiverr. It has a lot of freelancers on there. I had some work done way on the cheap like less than 40 bucks with multiple revisions...
  12. deserttacoma84

    357 sig

    What type of 40 cal are you looking for? Hollowpoints?
  13. deserttacoma84

    Stripped AR Lower

    Anyone have one reasonably priced they would part with? Looking for AR15 Stripped Lower. Thx.
  14. deserttacoma84

    Marine Shops

    anyone know of a marine shop that has an abundance of older outboards they may be looking to move. Looking at repowering to something newer but not super new.
  15. deserttacoma84

    Recommendations for Powder Coating

    Affordable Powder Coating at 21st ave and Filmore in Phoenix. Priced fair, great work and quick turn around times.