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  1. deserttacoma84

    2014 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 price drop

    How do you like the 4.56 gears?
  2. deserttacoma84

    New Member

    It's just a piece of paper, I'm sure Casey won't mind...
  3. deserttacoma84


    I said the same exact thing!
  4. deserttacoma84

    Buck Fever

    I bet it was this video...
  5. deserttacoma84

    Tax Professionals

    Looking to pm/discuss taxes. Basically getting hosed (imo) with a hefty bill for 2021 due in April. Now with a new employer and figuring out my withholdings, Zero and single is still going to cost me $1000 I'll owe next year. Haven't had this before and typically claim 0 or 1. Can someone PM me with some simple-man talk and break it down at an elementary level?
  6. deserttacoma84

    Garmin Stiker Plus

    Willing to trade for fishing gear or other similar value.
  7. deserttacoma84


    Didn't he say he can justify which laws he breaks? Sounds like not all laws or convictions apply to him in his mind.
  8. deserttacoma84

    1989 50 hp Evinrude-price drop

    Where did you find a 75hp??? Can't find outboards anywhere!
  9. deserttacoma84

    Garmin Stiker Plus

    WTS Garmin Stiker Plus 5CV. Used 1 season. Everything including the original box. Asking $200 obo
  10. deserttacoma84

    Hunting with glasses

    Is that to have insurance cover it or to pay out of pocket? Ive been told the same thing, but messing with contacts or a contact is just a pain.
  11. deserttacoma84

    Hunting with glasses

    My right eye is just super blurry. I can see the smallest of letters with both eyes open, but close the left and seeing any detail is pretty shot. Doesnt effect glassing, but getting clear site on sights, scopes or pins is tough.
  12. deserttacoma84

    Hunting with glasses

    Whats the going rate for Lasik? I have an astigmatism in my right eye which which makes shooting difficult!
  13. deserttacoma84

    Interior Door - $40

    Anyone talking that kinda jibberish has to be. I say he gets the ban hammer!
  14. deserttacoma84

    Gen 1 Trijicon RMR

    How do you like the Holosun?
  15. deserttacoma84

    Tire Question

    Interestingly enough, Im looking at the Nitto Trail Grapplers as my next tire. I do drive alot of highway, but this tire looks like it has great reviews and for the guys that ran them in this past weekend's King of the Hammers race they can take one heck of a beating. This article I was reading and addresses alot of the questions you have. https://tireer.com/nitto-trail-grappler-mt-review/