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  1. The Pizza Guy

    I got Catahoula leopard pups ready to go !!

    Dang I wAnt one so bad but my son is allergic to dogs! Good lookin dogs wish you the best!!!
  2. The Pizza Guy


    Hello. I’m really interested. I’ll send a pm
  3. The Pizza Guy

    WTT 7 saum ADG for H1000, N565, N570

    Are you interested in selling the loaded rounds and brass?
  4. The Pizza Guy

    SOLD!!! New! 7 Saum Redding competition bushing 3 die set.

    They are both. One of the dies with the micrometer is a neck die that takes the bushing and then also there is a completely separate body die pictured in the middle. Nothing happens to the case body when it goes in the neck die and nothing happens to the neck when it goes into the body die. The die with micrometer let’s adjust how much of the neck you want to resize.
  5. SOLD!!! New! 7 SAUM Redding competition bushing 3 die set. Completely brand new never used. No bushing. These are the best Redding makes!! I just don’t need them like I thought. Selling for $285. That’s exactly what I paidi can show receipt if you like. I’ll pay the shipping to get them to you.
  6. The Pizza Guy

    SOLD For sale or trade 8 lbs 8208 xbr SOLD

    Ok cool, if I can work that out I will let you know!
  7. The Pizza Guy

    Swarovski 10x42 EL Range TA $3150 TYD PRICE DROP

    Are the binos still available?
  8. Sold I have a brand new 8lbs jug of 8208 xbr for sale or trade. I’ll sell it for what I paid $336.00, you save on the tax, shipping and hazmat. Will trade or negotiate for H-1000 H-4350 7 saum brass Large rifle federal 210m primers Located in Parker but willing to meet up within an hour or so of Parker.
  9. The Pizza Guy

    STOLEN!!!!! Cash reward

    Same here! Thank you!!! Keep an eye please!
  10. The Pizza Guy

    STOLEN!!!!! Cash reward

    Hello everyone. My buddy had his truck broken into at the comfort Inn by the freeway in Tucson. Items that were stolen was christensens 300 wm Green stock carbon barrel, leupold Vx 3-15 mayors leg rifle 44 mag mystery ranch metcalf in camo maven binos in camo grey camo color fhf gear chest rig Garmin gps that tracks hunting dogs daringer pistol grey pelican case cash reward to anyone that finds any of the items. 928-580-5308 320-293-4825 320-493-1496 thank you very much!!!
  11. The Pizza Guy

    Swarovski EL 10x42 rang-finding binoculars

    Are they still available? Cash in hand!
  12. The Pizza Guy

    Fed 210 at Natchez

    Thank you for the heads up
  13. The Pizza Guy

    6.5mm Tuner brake

    Is the brake still for sale? why are you selling it?
  14. The Pizza Guy

    Looking for new hunting rifle caliber

    Broadhead sub moa i would never take an animal at 1k but I want to shoot that far i want light weight as well Hunt every animal in North America
  15. The Pizza Guy

    Looking for new hunting rifle caliber

    Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum, thank you in advance for the help. I would like to get a new hunting rifle and just wanted some opinions of everyone. I’m thinking of 7mm or 300 win mag.