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    Basketball, football, waterskiing, snow skiing, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing. Apparently, I like the great outdoors. I love making homemade ice cream as well.

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  1. hoskier

    Good Guy Buyer List

    Tom196 is a great guy. He was the buyer. Super friendly and fun to talk with.
  2. hoskier

    Sold: LEM #8 575-watt countertop Meat Grinder

    Sold to Tom196. Great guy!!
  3. hoskier

    Sold: LEM #8 575-watt countertop Meat Grinder

    Eli. That is awesome. It is pending pickup. I figured I would give someone a good deal on here as it’s a great group.
  4. hoskier

    Sold: LEM #8 575-watt countertop Meat Grinder

    I have updated the information as I found the other grinding plate. Works fine. Just not using it like I thought I would.
  5. hoskier


    Savage is now sold.
  6. hoskier

    Sold: LEM #8 575-watt countertop Meat Grinder

    I forgot there was another plate. Let me see if I can find it.
  7. Model 1113 It is in great condition and barely used. Bought it thinking I would use it more. Comes with all the accessories shown in the picture. Has a nice feature with the reverse button as well. Works great. just not using it enough to justify keeping it. I found the other grinding plate so it comes with the course and the fine grinding plate as well as the meat stomper/stuffing tube (which conveniently stores inside the meat stuffer). Grind up to 3 pounds per minute. sold
  8. hoskier


    Ruger American is sold. Thanks rugerman! - Great guy by the way!
  9. hoskier


    Ruger American is pending pickup. I will update tomorrow.
  10. hoskier


    I can sell the Ruger American without the scope and rings if someone is interested in just the base rifle. I have a potential buyer for the scope.
  11. hoskier


    I have the following rifle for sale. Pictures are below. Let me know if you have any questions. It is a good shooter and has less than 50 rounds down the rifle. I am just trying to reduce a little bit. I am located in Gilbert off the 60 (Lindsay and Baseline area). Shipping can be done at buyer's cost. Contact me with any questions.
  12. Tikka is sold. Updated my list. Prices updated.
  13. Tikka is sold pending funds.
  14. hoskier

    $25 European Skull Mount Plaque! Local AZ business

    Picked up mine today. Looks like they will work on the bear as well. I will post more pictures once I get it mounted. Love the designs. Thanks!