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  1. Tried to send you a PM your inbox but you cannot receive messages. What's the bed length?
  2. Hac

    Game processors N Phoenix

    2 good buddies used this guy. All Said he was top notch. This guy was used on 2 CWT we had trouble finding a processor that had room
  3. I found one, Looking to see if anyone has a tall outdoorsman adapter they don't need. I figured I ask here before ordering or making the trek to the store front
  4. Hac

    Savage carbon fiber stock

    Bump with new lowered price
  5. Hac

    Savage carbon fiber stock

    This stock is for a short action, will not work in a long action
  6. Hac

    Savage carbon fiber stock

    Trade options added
  7. I have a Stocky's NextGen Ultra Carbon™ Hunter Composite Accublock® Stocks Savage 10/110 for a short action bottom bolt release only, m24/sendero inlet in Strata camo pattern. It was on a Savage ultralite chambered in 300wsm. Was on a few range sessions but never hunted. Trying to fund another project I'm located in Buckeye. Only trade im intrested in is some Lapua SRP 6.5cm brass and some 130gr .264 Nosler Accubond projectiles $375 face to face in Buckeye Az
  8. Hac

    WTB savage ultralite oem SA stock

    I am working on one, thank you
  9. Looking for a OEM SA ultralite stock. Let me know if you have one to sell
  10. Bump, still have some available