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Found 157 results

  1. Christianmckee

    Carl Zeiss 15x60 B/GA Binoculars

    Selling a pair of Zeiss 15x60 binos. Lifetime warranty and in great condition. Tripod adapter, hard case, and strap included. $1200
  2. like new eberlestock blue window no stains only used once maybe twice decided to go a different also have rifle scabbard and comes with bladder and two hip pockets looking for 280 obo motivated seller fast response text at 4803401072
  3. If anyone is looking for a complete bow set up, I hope I have what you may be looking for. It’s at #54 pounds but you can make it #70. It’s currently at 28” draw and is at a 75% letoff. It has new ABB bow strings, an Apex single pin site, front and rear stabilizers. It’s in great shape and hit hard. Make me an offer I can live with.
  4. ProCamper

    6a/5bs Archery Deer

    Up in unit 6a/5bs hunting deer, dont know much about the area and havent seen much deer, so i dont know if its the area or just me. Would really appreciate any help, will be here all week through september 1st, thx
  5. matty_p51

    2001 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 SR5 TRD

    I have this reliable truck for sale. See link below. Thanks https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/6961654223.html
  6. Used for one season. No rips, tears or stains. Excellent condition $170 75th ave and thunderbird
  7. Well I guess I'm eating a slice of humble pie, after all my whining about people with hardly any points draw sheep tags and all I do is donate for my 23 points. Anyway my 23 year old son calls me yesterday and asked if I just put him in for the bonus point or a sheep tag. Then he told me his portal showed a 15d south ram tag, I couldn't believe it At least someone in the family will have a chance before I die. Then there is the question if anyone has had this hunt or has any info please let me no so I can pass it on to him. I think I'm just going to hang in Laughlin and gamble and drink to drawn my sorrows for the month of December. Lol Anything will help
  8. AZHNTR67

    SKB Hard Bowcase - $125

    For Sale - Like New SKB Hard Bowcase $125 Call or Text: 480-225-4493
  9. Brand new never been shot https://www.howausa.com/american-flag-chassis Make me an offer
  10. I found this old picture about 30 years ago in a truck I purchased. If anyone recognizes these guys, maybe an uncle, dad, or grandad, please let me know. I am sure that someone who knows these guys would enjoy it. It is a large photo, 14" x 9". Could be Kaibab Bucks.
  11. Tikka T3x lite in Stainless Steel- .270 caliber Swarovski Z3 3-10x42 Scope Bipod- (unsure on brand) Rings and Base- (unsure on brand) I won this as the grand prize at the msa banquet in Payson AZ. I am not exactly sure on the scope rings and base because the gun was already put together but they look high quality. The guy who put the gun together said it was a $2500 build. I priced everything out on cabelas (picture attached) and it was $2006 with tax. I would take $1600 for it right now. I am located in Payson. call or text-Mike- 928 517 1384
  12. Got an email saying the fall draw this year will be the last draw that they'll accept paper apps. It's finally happened
  13. 1. Penetration Capability: For an effective hunting experience, bone-crushing and penetration capacity are the most dependable factors for the broadheads. Hunting will be distressing without these 2 elements. For avoiding deflection, the “clean cuts” are definitely essential while shooting the target since you do not desire the bolt to jump out of the animal. 2. Flight Trajectory: No to mention, as described above the big blades are greatly affected by the wind so you must consider this before purchasing. If your nearly all shots are low range as much as 20 – 40 yards then they are not affected by the wind significantly. In that factor, Mechanical broadheads provide more straightness. At the time of spinning if the broadhead deflects then you could check out the alignment of broadheads or tune the blades by utilizing spin tester. 3. Sharpness Of The Blades: The term “Sharpness” in hunting explains the significance of itself. Not forgetting, you must ask these questions yourself before buying any heads are that: How long the integrity last? How merely may it be sharpened? Do blades remain razor-sharp after a number of shots? 4. The Blood Trails: The blood trails left behind can be the important consideration. The “fixed-blades” provide deep penetration however quite low blood trails and for sure, “mechanical blades” possess a huge benefit over the fixed blades. On the other hand, several fixed blades provide good outcomes in that factor. Judging by all these 4 factors, we have outlined a few of the great products. By determining your needs you can choose the Best Fixed Blade broadheads for elk which fit your needs more.
  14. Tikka T3 Lite chambered in .270 with a Vortex Viper PST FFP illuminated reticle scope. Leupold rings, Harris Bipod, cheek pad/ zippered storage. Adjustable trigger(2-4lbs) currently set a 2 lbs and very crisp. I’ll even throw in a cabelas hard case. Great set up, I just don’t use this rifle (only a dozen rounds through it) and could use the money. $1100 OBO
  15. wildwoody

    2019 Mexico hunt

    Well here's the story, ill keep it short with pics. Went down this year for the first time, what a great experience. I met a couple great guys here on CWT that were looking for a few guys to hunt a ranch in Sonora Mexico, we talked and sounded like a great experience. So paper work and gun permits followed. . The time had come to go on the hunt, 1/05/19 -1/21/19. We met at Chad's place at 5am ( my friend Cecil and I ) loaded up and met the rest of the group, 8 in all The trip down was good, a little slow at the border checking on the Mexico side for the guns and had to unload extra Suzuki vehicles and drive thru check point and re load. Great from there , 60 miles down and then 2 hrs on dirt rd. back to the north to the ranch. Arrived about 3pm and met the ranchers and hands, if I could spell there names I would but I don't want to disrespect them by butchering there names. Great people for sure. That evening Jayson and Chad showed us the lay if the land. I thought it looked like the Matazal's foot hills and all. I knew I'd be right at home. The food was so good, lodging was super, hot water heat, clean was awesome . Started early Sunday morning after a great breakfast by momma . Then it was of to the hill, rained quite a bit that morning, saw some great bucks but it was the first day, dumb move, my buddy had a chance at a dandy but passed. He should of shot, he ended up with a 1x2 second to the last day. First buck he was stoked, a had 10 opportunities thru out the week at some big ones. He's learning how to shoot folded in half, steep stuff. So the week went on with some great bucks shoot. By the time I knew it was Friday and we just got Cecil done. . Saturday was it , I had to find something decent. Jayson and Chad and rancher Lupe went on a journey. I almost got a shoot at one I had been chasing but safety was on and he was gone. We moved further up the foot hills and started glassing, let me tell you those Swarovski BTX are crazy. Chad found lots of good bucks but they wouldn't stay still long enough to get a shot. Yes they were rutting hard. Then he found one a mile + away. We made a plan and went for it. After 1 hr hike we were within 700 yds.. Set up and found his does, then a great buck ran up to us at 20yrds, tried to get a shot, not easy with a 25x scope on a running buck that close, he never took his nose of the ground. Anyway my buck stud up and the shooting started, after 4 shoots with the 6.5 Creedmoor I went to Chad's 300rum, 2 more misses. Ranged again , my Zeiss range finder was still saying 655 yrds I was dead on left to right just couldn't tell if I was just high barely going under him. We broke out a Swarovski range finder , the same. Then a Vortex Jayson had, it said 705yrds, dialed it up and bam, he's on the ground doing the right stuff. . took the long walk over and found blood and guts but no deer, Chad said he thought he saw a buck get up and walk down into the thicker brush. Ray the cowboy came over and his dog jumped him up and he went around the corner, they found him days after we left. I put a bounty on him for incentive. It worked. They found him 60yrds from where I shoot him , shoot was a couple inches back. Ended up meeting Carlos at the border a few days later and collected my buck. I was shocked he was bigger then I thought. A big thankyou to Chad and Jayson two great guys , can't wait until next year. Here are some pictures from pick up to the wall. There's one picture of him with a 95" buck. One picture with his new friend's, and one of the biggest buck taken by Jim., congrats on a stud
  16. Well we got about 6" in Payson the last 2 days but starting Thursday thru Friday looks Like Payson may be getting 17"-23" of snow. Everyone coming up to play and hunt be safe a .courteous to all.. Love it just the good old days, tracking pigs in the snow
  17. I recently found out that a long time Az. Hunter, friend, and Guide, Robin Wills Bechtel Passed away. Robin achieved many awards, I believe the big 9, and Heads and horn plus many many B&C entries along with his wife Billie. I met him in 1992 when he was a B&C scorer. He scored both mine and my brothers Kaibab Bucks. In the years to come I accompanied him on several hunts, the Az. Kaibab, Nevada, Wyoming, and the San Juan Elk ridge in Utah. { Photo is from my Utah hunt with Robin on the left.} He was probably the best hunter that I have ever known. He was awesome on field Judging horns. I believe Robin also did 2 or 3 tours in Viet Nam as a Navy Seal. My condolences to Billie and the Bechtel family, One of the things I will always remember is him naming a Big Buck in the Kaibab the " FACS" Buck. I asked him why the "FACS" Buck? He replied... Fuckin a cock-sucker.
  18. wildwoody

    1999 Sportsman 500 $1500

    My Uncle is selling his sportsman 500 , 1999 . Has winch, gun boot , good tires, new battery, really good condition, never ran hard, don't know miles or hrs at this time. Good deal
  19. I am selling a couple of my packs all in great shape. All Large waist size. I am a 5’11 205 lbs wear a 32/34 and have room to go up or down all fit perfect. Mystery Ranch scapegoat 25 This pack is pretty much brand new doesn’t have any wear and tear on it at all maybe used 2 times. Paid 220 plus shipping which total came to 231. Asking 190 kuiu Pro icon 1850 with carbon fiber meat shelf and pro suspension with lumbar support. Paid 444 from kuiu. Pack is in great shape super comfortable as well. Al zippers work no rips or tears. Asking 285 Mystery Ranch Jump Overload. This pack is a bigger pack and the one I used the most. Very comfortable pack all zippers and material in great shape no blood stains. Has some minimal wear and tear but again in great shape. Paid 811 for this pack from MR. asking 350 Any questions pm, call or text me 6239864488
  20. Staring this topic to get back to what's important, our young hunters and there success and priceless stories with there parents or mentors. I going out in the morning with my precious little 10yr old grand daughter, the beginning of many precious stories and memories. I'm inviting everyone to post there stories of this yrs season. Good luck to all the young ones . And remember this is the best time to teach them hunting ethics and safety, no bad habits. Can't wait to see the out come
  21. wildwoody

    Coues whitetail cape

    Well I shot a real nice buck in Mexico, was with a great group of guys. Hit him a little back and couldn't located due to had to leave the next day. He's been found , I go back Wednesday to get him. So on that note they cut his head of and enjoyed the meat, so now I need a cape, if anyone has one that hasn't been sliced up the front that you want to part with let me know. Tubed is preferred but I'm open to anything. No spikes please.. Thanks guys and gals
  22. matt

    Misc for sale

    17wsm ammo - $8 per pack(50rounds)(4 avail) Coast headlamps - $10 each(2 available). 17hmr ammo - $8(50 rounds)(1 available) 602-989-0670. Located near 101/thunderbird. Text is best.
  23. muley224

    Late Kaibab and Strip

    Any reports on the Strip or late Kaibab from anyone ?
  24. wildwoody

    RTIC Cooler sale

    RTIC is having an up to 50% off sale, killer prices, some things sold out.
  25. So I'm new to the forum and apologize if this is in the wrong section but I'm curious on how you go about pricing large TROPHY CLASS coues deer. This buck scores maybe around 129" and is just insane but i dont know where to start.