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  1. FirstBlood

    Sons 2019 muley

    Great Job. . Love to see those kids smiles.. It never gets old..
  2. FirstBlood

    Giant Muzzleloader Bull

    That's a Beast ….Great Job!!
  3. FirstBlood

    Stuff you find while hunting

    Water entrapment...
  4. FirstBlood

    Another first for my son!

    Very Nice!
  5. FirstBlood

    2019 Bull Elk Hunts in the Book (Part 1)

    Nice Job...
  6. FirstBlood

    Last Day Bull (pics)

    Very Nice...!! Mental Toughness goes a long way in tough conditions...
  7. FirstBlood

    Wife gets it done

    Great job...! Boy it looked a little warm out there...
  8. FirstBlood

    Wounding bulls

    I hear that ,,My comfort archery shot is 40 yards.. 50 yards I will consider.. 60yrds I wont even pull , I will use my ninja skills to get closer... I consider myself a good shot with one of the best rigs..... but I do know my limitations....plus tracking animals for miles is hard work and packing them out is even harder.. Lets be responsible .. I visualize hitting a paper plate …. If I could hit it with energy game down... If not I let it walk and Ill shake my head for days and wonder what could of been if I could of just got closer...
  9. FirstBlood

    22S Last Night

    I aaannnt your paaaaa…!!! The hells with those fellas ..Buzzards have to eat as do worms.... Whopped them again Josey...
  10. FirstBlood

    22S Last Night

    What do you want the state to do, put in a archery quality safety course in as a requirement...??
  11. FirstBlood

    22S Last Night

    I believe every situation is a little different... I do believe that 95% of archery hunters are out trying to do the right thing... I think a hard 32 hrs is good... but I would never stop looking...
  12. FirstBlood


    Great job !!! Shooter for sure .. One of a kind..
  13. FirstBlood

    22S Last Night

    Hey everyone lets slow down ….Don't bring him to the gallows yet...don't get me wrong we are all responsible for are actions....But (A) we don't know if the first arrow was his . It could been sons, friend , ect… Also with all adrenaline goin and all it can be tuff to determine if its the same bull or not though brush and all... Yes it needs to be reported and let the GnF Figure it out..
  14. FirstBlood

    Father/Daughter Speedgoat Quest

    The deadly duo strikes again….The pedestal mount will capture those precious moments like this... Pricelist .!
  15. FirstBlood

    Archery goat 2019

    That's a beauty.... I think that sun burn was well worth it..