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  1. FirstBlood

    35 A camp spot

    I always hunted 35b, I can find my spot in the middle of the night no problem there .. . But this year I drew a 35A leftover tag 11/9.....I was just wondering if someone could tell me where a good place to camp a pop-up trailer ,And don't say the Lake. . unless that's the only spot , "LOL" ....Im going to try and do some scouting in the next two weeks, But I' Been extremely Busy so I'm hoping … I'm pretty confident I could find Deer it's the camping spot I'm worried about , Any help would be Nice... Thx Brothers...
  2. FirstBlood

    First day velvet success...

    That's a Beauty ….
  3. FirstBlood

    A few recent photos

    Boy those Coues are at high elevation !!!
  4. FirstBlood

    Another New Blond

    I see you have a camera on a camera,, I thought of doing that myself... "Stop camera thief"
  5. Keep it short and sweet...It was warm and very dry .. So I decided to cheat , but not really ... Sat at one of my favorite water holes,, hour or so in , I seen a few doe's and a OK buck coming down the mountain and then I seen a very good Buck with a palmation coming down very Quickly from a slightly different angle .. So I had to change and get ready with a good shooting angle on him and when I did his nose was already in the water and then "BOOOOM".. Face Went in water, then he went up the high side of tank and down .My brother called and said was that you who shot. "YUP and he's down and a beauty" .. So he showed with the Quad and few cold ones , put him on. The easiest pack out ever .. The cool thing about it all its all on somebody's Trail cam front and center.. If its yours I love to see it... He was heavy with a lot of fat on him .. We cooked the tenderloins up that night and tasteee !!! Look at those back straps.. Good times..
  6. FirstBlood

    unit 8 muzzleloader cow hunt

    I love that hunt .. I put that down every year for my 2nd choice... Bulls still on hard , weather is perfect and there are elk every where in that unit.. All you have to do is Get out of your truck walk a little ways and Stop, Look, and Listen..."BOOOOM" 6 hours later your at the Sultanna watering hole...Great hunt, But this year I was Lucky, I was Drawn for 6a Bull muzzy .. Lets hope I have better Luck...
  7. FirstBlood

    November in 6A

    I have the November hunt .. I am heading up again this weekend...What we need is a cold front...Seems like everything is tucked in like a Alabama tick..
  8. FirstBlood

    How long do you sit?

    I find a good high advantage point with good shooting angles and glass till your eyes bleed and then glass some more...I believe you need to visualize that shot your going to take and be ready for it .. Because I have had situations where I have seen them at great distances and moved a fraction and those little Ghost Busters stop look and you better have already pulled that trigger...They will disappear and if you are caught slipping they wont stop ..there not carp.. Stay patient , stay focus, stay positive and always be ready...." Glass Till your eyes bleed"..
  9. FirstBlood

    Unit 27 bull(tagged out today!)

    He's a brute ,Good Job.!!!
  10. FirstBlood

    "BOOM' 2 Big game tags 1 camp

    Now that's a Kitty
  11. Was drawn for 6a Coues... The Week before my Muzzle loader Elk is... 2 TAGS 1 Camp ..And 2 weeks of fun !!!!!! Cant wait..
  12. FirstBlood

    2017 Draw Results

    Its always on a Tuesday,
  13. FirstBlood

    Muzzleloader Help

    If I was you , I would be figuring it out Quick ....That's one heck of a tag you have there. I would Hate to hear the story of the dreaded miss fire.. Excellent Tag..I've Been wanting it since Birth..."GOOD LUCK"
  14. FirstBlood

    "Boom" Maybe a 2 week adventure..

    I understand that because my wife is a High School Teacher.. Myself I own a small business with several wonderful employees who could run the fort for me while I'm away ,,, Plus my wife is a bigger ball buster than I being a teacher and all...You know with todays technology being away isn't really being away even when you want to be away,,,,, They seem to always find me . . But I do save my days for hunting....
  15. FirstBlood

    "Boom" Maybe a 2 week adventure..

    Believe me there is a lot of Big Bulls in Coues Country in southern part of 6a....As far as wearing myself out, I let my glasses do 85% of my walking...Hiking is over rated .. But lets not put the wagon before the horse, I Need to be drawn for my first choice .. But all my choices are 6a