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    Hunting ,fishing ,and anything to do with the outdoors, I also like to spend time with my children and wife in the outdoors. I love archery hunting and enjoy using a rifle as well, I am also a firefighter so my job is very rewarding

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  1. huntin1005

    Doubled down

    Love it …. It’s in the 6.5
  2. huntin1005

    Doubled down

    1 male 1 female Game and fish rough guess 2-3 years old. Will get the official ages sometime next year.
  3. huntin1005

    Doubled down

    We had a doe and fawn blow out below us about 150 yards and the doe kept blowing for at least ten minutes. She kept looking back in our direction but we knew that they didn’t wind us ( wind blowing pretty good in our face). I told my son to get his rifle ready and I would skirt the hill to see what was below us. He said he heard something growling. I proceeded to walk over to the saddle to glass back to where he was sitting and he was getting prone. Next thing I see is him shooting down from where we were glassing. He shoots throws his hands up in excitement and is frantically waving for me to get back over there. I run back and he said he just smoked a lion and there were 2 more with it. I get set up on his rifle and the second cat was sitting under a juniper above his cat. I take the shot and my cat bails off into the cut. Then a 3rd lion pops out and proceeds to sniff around my sons lion then ended up disappearing into the cut mine went into. It killed around for about 15 minutes. My oldest son was supposed to be with us but wouldn’t call out sick from work. Needless to say he was bummed. We could have had a Trifecta. IMG_1190.MOV
  4. huntin1005

    Doubled down

    Had an awesome hunt for whitetail this year and got to double down on a couple of Lions with my son. Not everyday you get to do that. There were actually 3 lions total in the area.
  5. huntin1005

    Blackhorn 209 muzzleloader powered for sale

    How many do you have available?
  6. huntin1005

    **All Sold**WTS: Primers - Lg Rifle & Lg Mag Rifle

    Where are you located?
  7. huntin1005

    WTB Golf Cart

    Superstition Golf Carts in Apache Junction 480-982-2278
  8. huntin1005

    Honda EU2000i Generator

    Pm sent
  9. huntin1005

    WTB Dillion Primer Pocket Swagger

    Shoppers in Apache Junction has at least 3 in stock.
  10. huntin1005


  11. huntin1005

    Swarovski 15x56 non HD

    I pm’d you. I will take them. Brian 480-620-7325
  12. huntin1005


    Is this still available
  13. huntin1005


    Sent a pm on the powder