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    Family, the out doors,hunting,taxidermy, wildlife. It's all good.

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  1. 22-6mm

    First time turkey hunter

    earlier hunts the better
  2. 22-6mm

    Coues cape

    I have three great capes just back from the Wildlife Gallery.$185. if enterrested
  3. 22-6mm

    Doe hunts????

    One thing Arizona has that the mid west does not is a healthy population of lions ,No need to put more pressure on the does. just my 2 cents.
  4. The fires have done a number on them
  5. 22-6mm

    30B- Current Access

    Nothing has changed much. Lower east and south Dragoon mountains are a little hard to get to unless you know a Rancher that will let you in. Other than that, some extra driving and walking will get you where you want to go. The Mule mountains take a lot of walking as well. Good luck
  6. 22-6mm

    New Mexico Audad 29&30

    I have hunted those units several times, Competition was very low.If you are looking for a good ram, Get away from the roads and hike and glass.Audads blend in and can be hard to see. Be prepared to have days without seeing a sheep. Guadalupe's is a good place to look. You are in for a great hunt, don't give up, they are there.
  7. 22-6mm

    A Walk In The Park!

    Great read, Great bulls Thanks for sharing
  8. 22-6mm


    Have taken several and have been very pleased, and surprised at how good they are. No fat, very lean, a little tough.
  9. 22-6mm

    Conservation For Generations

    Once again, a great write up. Family is every thing, Thanks for sharing.
  10. 22-6mm

    Stepped Away From the Dark Side

    Great job Miracle, Still waiting for my first coues with a bow.
  11. 22-6mm

    Want to buy

    . Give me a call 520-955-1277, The Wife is headed too Queen creek tomorrow.
  12. 22-6mm

    Want to buy

    Have a few sets that will fit the bill.
  13. 22-6mm

    Spot and stalk giant velvet coues!

    Cody, Great write up, felt like I was right there with you.Your respect for this fine animal is refreshing. Thanks for sharing.
  14. 22-6mm

    Double buck taxidermy ??

    Thanks That was funny, now if I can just get the tears out of my eyes. And by the way ,that coues skin looks like it was pickled , not tanned.Just my 2 cents.
  15. 22-6mm

    shock collar remote

    Lost a alpha 100 by Garmin a few weeks ago. We did go down that road .