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    7W Late Bull hunts

    Oh okay I did not know about chains or that kinda stuff thanks!
  2. HighschoolHunter

    7W Late Bull hunts

    thank you for the offer Coues7777, check your mailbox when you get a chance
  3. HighschoolHunter

    7W Late Bull hunts

    And ya, in case anyone was thinking of mentioning the screen name, I’ll be changing it in a couple years (hopefully haha)
  4. HighschoolHunter

    7W Late Bull hunts

    Hey ya’ll. As you can probably tell I’m fairly new to the site but NOT asking for any spots, just miscellaneous advice. I drew my first late elk tag, bull elk at that, and am a little nervous given I’ve only ever had early cow tags before and was only successful once LOL. The biggest gun I own is a .243 which I obviously won’t be using for bull, so If anyone has any advice on what kind of rifle to get I’m happy to hear it, I was thinking of getting a .270. how far a shot should I be expecting to take? Specifically for 7W? From what I’ve seen on maps and the couple times I’ve been in the area there aren’t any major canyons to shoot across but seems like I’ll be shooting down Pinyon Juniper lanes or across open meadows. Also, since this is my first late hunt in a non-desert unit, I’d just like to know how cold to expect it to be. Does it snow out in the lower elevated parts of the unit to the north? Lastly, just any ideas on what kind of bull to expect. I’ll probably shoot the first legal animal I see but I can’t say I’m not excited for the possibility of something big. Thanks for any advice on any of these questions, I’ve already got a great pair of binos and a great tripod and know how to glass, and I will spend a weekend or two over the summer scouting just to get another lay of the land since I’ve only really hunted it once and it was for someone else’s hunt a few years ago. And I (hopefully) will head up the Tuesday before the hunt so I have Wednesday and Thursday (thanksgiving) to find where the elk are at before opening day. thank you!
  5. HighschoolHunter

    There up !

    Congrats to all that drew. I Drew my first bull tag with 1 point I am so blessed, 7W late Rifle bull, could not be more excited!
  6. HighschoolHunter

    Couesnut 3rd Generation

    Congrats sweet buck!
  7. HighschoolHunter

    Unit 10 youth cow hunt

    Any luck up there? I wasn’t able to make it up this weekend cause of some last minute family stuff so hoping for a chance to steal away sometime this week. Let us know if you guys are/were successful!
  8. This is such an awesome thread I’ve been checking it every day can’t wait to see what happens I hope you get a monster
  9. HighschoolHunter

    Unit 10 youth cow hunt

    I have had the same hunt the last two years and drew it again this year. Lots of elk to be seen and pretty much all over the unit is elk country, from the pines in the Williams corner to the rolling juniper hills to the flat plains. The closer you are to Williams the more crowded it will be with other hunters so the further you are from town the better. Since most of the unit is elk country just pick a spot you like start glassing with a decent pair of Binos, ideally on a tripod. That’s what I did 2 years ago and have found a herd that I (think I) can regularly count on. It’s a very enjoyable hunt, especially if the weather is nice and as long as you get out of the truck and do some hiking/glassing you will probably see elk. I’ll be up there in a golden/beige F-150 and glad to give any tips or help if you’re struggling during the hunt. If you have time to scout before the hunt I highly recommend you do that, especially if you will only be hunting opening weekend. It will help you get the lay of the land and find a good spot to camp and hopefully find some elk before the hunt so that you know where to go come opening day. Good luck!