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  1. HighschoolHunter

    22 youth success

    Stud buck! Love the velvet
  2. HighschoolHunter

    First Archery Buck Unit 10!

    Sweet buck and what a cool story! If you already bought the access permit you might as well use it right? Theres elk all over the unit but that ranch covers almost half of it I think.
  3. HighschoolHunter

    Out of state pronghorn

    Thanks for all the responses! And yes—Adam (bigbrowns) was very helpful. I bought the point in Wyoming for 30$ and am doing all the research I can to find easy to draw units with more public land. I’m finding out it might still be a couple years out but better that than 20+ more years waiting in my home state
  4. HighschoolHunter

    Out of state pronghorn

    Thanks for the response. I’m noticing on the draw odds report for Wyoming the draw odds are basically split between units with lots of public land vs those with very little. In the easier to draw units with little public land, is most of the private held by one rancher? How difficult is it to get permission to hunt the private land? Or did you wait longer to hunt units with lots of public land?
  5. HighschoolHunter

    Out of state pronghorn

    I really want to hunt pronghorn in the worst way. Sitting on 5 points for AZ and ready to look at other options for the near future. I was looking into Wyoming cause of high draw odds and lots of opportunity but a guy at work suggested NM private land was a better option. What is y’all’s opinion of the easiest states for a nonresident to hunt pronghorn in? Not looking for trophy quality but a buck tag would be nice. Thanks in advance
  6. HighschoolHunter

    Need help with muzzleloader

    Dang that sucks. Didn’t realize everyone had the same bright idea
  7. HighschoolHunter

    Need help with muzzleloader

    I applied for that leftover muzzy hunt too thinking I was pretty much guaranteed it given there were over 200 tags left. And same as OP I don’t even own a muzzleloader. Don’t think I got it cause it’s still not showing on my portal. Would be cool to know if OP got it tho
  8. HighschoolHunter

    2 kids hunting 35a deer/javelina help!

    Dadof3 You are correct that if it is the youth tag then it is good for any antlered deer, coues or Mulie. And yes you can pick up corresponding population management pig tags for that hunt. Congrats on the tags. I’ve never set foot in 35a so can’t help you much but I’ve heard great things about it. If it’s anything like the nextdoor units that I have hunted there will be plenty of deer and opportunities. Good luck
  9. HighschoolHunter

    12a turkey is it worth the drive?

    Ya she said they figured it was mainly due to the fire and the drought
  10. HighschoolHunter

    12a turkey is it worth the drive?

    I was up there for the spring hunt this year for 3 days. Never heard a single gobble let alone seeing any birds, and we did a ton of hiking, calling, driving, sitting water, all over the plateau, from the park boundary to Jacob lake. The Warden we talked to up there said she’d heard of one successful hunter all season. The other guys are right, if you’re going to do it, just enjoy the kaibab, seeing some nice deer, and the cookies and the views. Maybe you’ll even see a turkey.
  11. HighschoolHunter

    Leftover tags?

    I know they have been getting less and less over the last few years but is it really possible that there are no leftover tags this year? G&F woulda posted the list by now given the results are out right? Theres nothing on there website on the apply for draw page saying anything about leftovers or a mail-in application date for them.
  12. HighschoolHunter


    That is all great news—thanks guys! If we’re successful I’ll try to post an update
  13. HighschoolHunter


    I'm headed up to the kaibab this afternoon for the last weekend of the season. Are the turkeys still talking or is their mating season pretty much over by mid may? Hoping to get into so gobbles but we will be willing to hike or sit water. Also assuming theres no snow left is it best to just hunt the highest elevations? Everything I've read makes it sound like the birds are spread pretty evenly across the plateau. also Is the 67 highway open yet? Thanks for any answers
  14. HighschoolHunter

    STO GameStop Taxidermy

    That is awesome! My brother has a pig head still in the freezer from his hunt earlier this year cause we weren't sure what to do with it. The guy who used to do our euromounts doesn't do them anymore. Where are you guys located?
  15. HighschoolHunter

    Tags in the mail?

    Just called azgfd. Lady said they extended their deadline for mailing them out til April 9 this year