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  1. HighschoolHunter

    2024 Spring hunt

    What makes you say that? I haven’t heard anything so I don’t have a clue but was planning on being in 27 this weekend. Is there a lotta deep snow still up there?
  2. HighschoolHunter

    How old do you say he is?

    Might not be your story to share but is that a cataract canyon ram from the 9/10 hunt? Unless I’m mistaken that’s the only sheep hunt that opens that early in AZ. Curious because that seems like it would be a really cool hunt and that looks like a good ram for a hunt with a bad reputation. Good on your friend for gettin it done.
  3. Saw you did a NM pronghorn hunt earlier this year, my grandfather is from Canada and wants to shoot one but I know the odds in AZ are slim to none. I know about the OTC tags and land vouchers in New Mexico but am not sure how to find a good deal on a voucher without a guide, we want to go DIY. Please give me a call 480 220 0078 when you get a chance to discuss, or I’ll take you out to lunch sometime if you’ll break it down for me, my treat. Thanks, 



    Joe Bubar

    1. Zeke-BE


      Its about calling and calling areas in New Mexico and searching.  Craiglist ect ect.  I just got lucky i found a guy selling OTC goat tags and got in with them.   The ranch Im on filled up.  There are no open spots and plus I got 10 other friends asking me if there is a spot open every year.  If you can't find a DIY just pay the extra 2k and do a guided hunt 

    2. HighschoolHunter


      Gotcha. Thanks for the insight.

  4. My name is Joe Bubar, I read about your NM pronghorn hunts every year and am trying to figure out how to do one myself with my grandfather who wants to shoot one. Please give me a call 480 220 0078 when you get a chance, or I’ll buy you lunch and we can chat then. Thanks

  5. HighschoolHunter

    Getting rid of anything for under 300

    If you have an old rifle or shotgun you’d like to get rid of for less than $300 let me know. Functioning or non functioning. Ideally just looking for old shotguns or 22s for under $100. Please send a pm. Thank you!
  6. HighschoolHunter

    Muzzleloader for Sale $250

    I think I’m 3rd in line now but if it’s still available I can pick it up this afternoon after 4pm
  7. HighschoolHunter

    Wyoming Antelope advice 2023

    Travis what did you end up doing? Let us know how the hunt goes. I’m hoping to do WY pronghorn in a couple years when I can draw a tag with a bit more public land available. I only have 2 or 3 points right now.
  8. HighschoolHunter

    Unit 10 Youth deer hunt

    Pics of the buck??
  9. HighschoolHunter

    New National Monument in Arizona

    This is the only map I’ve seen. Everything I’ve read about it says acreages and borders have not been officially determined yet so I guess this is just the supposed areas.
  10. HighschoolHunter

    Pine Valley, Utah… Unit 30?????

    Never hunted it but congrats on the tag, have heard very good things about it and hope to draw in the next couple years. There is tons of public land, national forest and BLM, and decent deer density all over the unit. Heard the biggest bucks come off of or near the private near the borders of the unit where they feed in the fields at night. Good luck and keep us updated
  11. HighschoolHunter

    Unsuccessful hunter in 22S in 2022?

    Curious if the OP drew his tag. Hasn’t been a single verified CWT member with a sheep hit yet as far as I’m aware
  12. HighschoolHunter

    Unsuccessful hunter in 22S in 2022?

    Not sure if the OP’s question ever got fully answered on here but if you listen to Jay Scott’s podcast with Brian Rimsza he talks about the 22 hunt falling off a bit the last few years. He was with the guy that shot the one sheep that got killed and he said it was a grind, and didn’t even go BC. Still a great sheep and a lotta guys with max are probably still gonna put in for it but if I had max, and I think Jay said the same, I’d be looking at 24B or 37A. Or one of the Rocky hunts since they’re just so tough to draw and expensive if you go to Canada.
  13. HighschoolHunter

    Unsuccessful hunter in 22S in 2022?

    Dude complains about 10 year olds getting drawn their first year, then says his kids will never have a chance. Pick a side. I’m happy with the AZ system as it is. Everyone gets a chance and the guys that have been in it a while get a 5-10x chance vs the first timers if you actually look at the draw odds. 0 points as a resident and you have less than a 0.5% chance for almost all sheep hunts. And it’s less than .1% for nonresidents for all hunts right up until they have max points, they don’t put a dent in your draw odds. 30+ points as a resident and you have a 3-7% chance for all but the Primo salt river hunts. It’s still terrible but statistically it’s way better than the guys starting out with nothing. I’d be fine with squaring the points too, but don’t flip the 80/20 random/bonus split. Your kids odds of ever drawing a tag would virtually disappear if they did that.
  14. HighschoolHunter

    How old

    Any ideas on how old this shed might be? From a desert unit with only Muleys, looks like it was probably a broken 2 point. Can definitely tell that it’s been gnawed on by rodents or other deer and been scorched by the sun. When first picked up I assumed it had been dropped at least 3 years ago but now rethinking that considering its location, maybe it just got real weathered in the last year or 2.
  15. HighschoolHunter

    New Javi hunter in unit 21

    They’re all over the unit from my understanding, I’ve never had a tag for there tho as that’s not my regular pig unit. Out predator calling a couple weeks ago my brother and I saw a few herds up on the Aqua fria monument. We bumped a couple groups while just trekking the desert between bishop creek and silver creek. Also saw some down in the low rocky desert right off the bloody basin road closer to the I-17. If it was deer or elk I wouldn’t give you this much description but I don’t think anyone gets too jealous or petty over their Javelina honey holes. Hope I didn’t offend anyone. If you get one be sure to post up pics and good luck