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  1. Planning on heading up to Sedona for a day trip to throw some flies around and wondering what conditions are like. I've heard about West fork but never hiked in there. I was just wondering if theirs actually water up there since I've heard sometimes its bone dry. Trying to decide if its worth the hike in or to just stay on Oak Creek where I've had success in the past.
  2. LK37

    Doubled down

    @huntin1005 Awesome cats! How do you like that x-bolt? Whats it chambered in?
  3. LK37

    WTS ESEE 4 Fixed Blade

    No sorry I’m not looking to trade
  4. LK37

    Pls delete :)

    What’s the base rifle?
  5. LK37

    WTS ESEE 4 Fixed Blade

    Bought this knife about a year ago. Really haven’t used it all to much except for breaking down kindling and starting fires (marks on the side came from breaking down wood). Great camp knife but I barely use it. Bought it for $120 looking to get $85. PM with any questions. Thanks.
  6. LK37

    Anyone else have a fall tag?

    Went up to 6A last weekend pretty good time w @Sketchy Tom . Was the first fall bird hunt I was on, didn’t have a tag. No gobbles or yelps but made quick work with the squirrels. Shot about ten between me and my buddy even ate some at camp one night. Also found a pretty sweet shed.
  7. LK37

    Looking for 12 gauge shotgun shells

    I was at Bass Pro Mesa on Saturday and they had a bunch of 12ga. I was surprised myself and picked up two boxes just because. 12ga seems to be everywhere for me.
  8. LK37

    WTB Upland Vest

    Thanks for all the responses and suggestions I got a vest. Appreciate all the PMs
  9. LK37

    WTB Upland Vest

    Ok sweet I’ll definitely look into those. I’ve never really liked Filson as a brand but will definitely check out all these options. Thanks!
  10. LK37

    WTB Upland Vest

    Just wondered if anyone has a vest they are willing to get rid of. I’ve been looking at that Orvis Pro vest but can’t get myself to spend almost $200 on an upland vest. I’d be open to anything anyone wants to get rid of. I’m a smaller guy so S/M. Thanks.
  11. Thought I’d make a post to ask what everyone uses. Trying to find a solid quality fix blade without spending $200+. I’m open to any suggestions. Also looking for a steel that holds its edge well and can be field sharpened if needed.
  12. LK37

    Fly fishing

    Don’t know why that bird uploaded
  13. LK37

    Fly fishing

    Love to catch largies on the fly. Pretty much anything on a fly rod is fun.
  14. LK37

    What’s the best camp chair?

    I love those Costco chairs. My company gave them away so I didn’t pay for it but still sweet. Even set it up in my bedroom as furniture.
  15. LK37

    Anyone else worried yet?

    Hate to be a contrarian but this is basic knowledge any American should know. Who fought in the civil war and how many stars are on the flag should be known by everyone. They also look like LGBTQ protestors who aren’t known to be the brightest folks around so that may have something to do with it.