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  1. Just seeing if anyone here has anything they are willing to get rid of. I’d like the cooler to be at least 110 quarts. Let me know if anyone has anything 602-803-2463.
  2. LK37

    Pointless Scouting?

    True that fellas, Ill pack the fly rod to in case things get slow haha
  3. LK37

    Pointless Scouting?

    I have a late late tag and I’m trying to decide wether to make a trip and scout. Elk aren’t in the winter range right now so it seems like scouting would be somewhat pointless in the summer. However any time learning the unit would be valuable so fighting two sides here. Thoughts?
  4. Just wondering who you all use to mount your rifle scopes. Maybe a bulk of you all do it yourselves but just wondering who does a good job in the valley. I don’t have any of the tools for mounting so looking to get someone to do it for me.
  5. LK37

    Exchange Spartan Bipods

    Ok thanks I’ll look into that
  6. LK37


    How much for just the stove?
  7. Wondering if anyone has a Spartan Javelin Lite bipod in the tall hight. I have a standard and wish it was higher. Tried returning and it’s $106 to ship it back to the UK so not doing that. It’s brand new with all packaging. Text me if open to trading at 602-803-2463 willing to sell for retail if anyone’s interested aswell.
  8. LK37

    WTS Various Woodworking Tools

    Also have a brand new Ryobi hand sander and lightly used Ryobi router with multiple bits included. $80 for both.
  9. Have some tools that haven’t seen a ton of use and just taking up space. All are used text 602-803-2463 if you would like pictures of anything. I’d do $750 for everything. Thanks for looking. 1. Grizzly Benchtop 9” Bandsaw $200 2. Ryobi Belt Sander $70 3. Bosche Portable Table Saw w/ Forrest 10”Blade $350 4. Makita Hand Planer $150 5. Lee Led Melting Pot $50
  10. These are pretty much unworn and have only been washed once. They just don’t fit me well so looking to get something different. Looks like they retail for $205 on the website looking to get $180 or trade for a different pair of pretty much unused technical pants. Suspenders and knee pads included in price which are also unused. Would love to sell these in the Phoenix and Flagstaff area and not have to ship. PM or text 602-803-2463 if interested for the fastest response.
  11. LK37

    Oak Creek?

    Anybody know if Oak Creek is still blown out from flooding. Is it fishable still? Thanks.
  12. LK37

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Camelback is solid. They have always done a good job for me, highly recommend them. Avoid Right Toyota, haven't had great experiences with them.
  13. LK37

    First time turkey hunter

    Agree with everything said here, again wind is a big deal. It can be really frustrating not hearing birds with the wind, so take advantage of first light when the wind hasnt picked up yet. Also dont let the internet complicate calling for you. Keep it simple and dont call to much, be patient and listen.
  14. LK37

    General Hunt Weather Report

    18B tag filled, nasty weather.