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  1. LK37

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Camelback is solid. They have always done a good job for me, highly recommend them. Avoid Right Toyota, haven't had great experiences with them.
  2. LK37

    First time turkey hunter

    Agree with everything said here, again wind is a big deal. It can be really frustrating not hearing birds with the wind, so take advantage of first light when the wind hasnt picked up yet. Also dont let the internet complicate calling for you. Keep it simple and dont call to much, be patient and listen.
  3. LK37

    General Hunt Weather Report

    18B tag filled, nasty weather.
  4. LK37

    Looking for Vancouver Fishing Information

    Highwater Tackle is an awesome shop in North Vancouver with great info and super friendly guys Id ask them for info. I've only fished BC once and it was in June off the coast of Vancouver Island. We had an awesome day and brought home a bunch of meat. Cant say I remember which guide we took but I would call Highwater and ask them for what opportunities are available. I was in the shop a few weeks ago and they were talking about the steel head run starting up so you might want to ask about that. Good Luck!
  5. LK37

    Changing out the signs

    I've almost completely stopped buying equipment from either store in the valley. The employees don't know jack about hunting and fishing and I feel that the quality of the products are so poor but yet they charge you an arm and a leg. Sucks to see something I loved as a kid go. Been leaning towards Sportsman's more but probably will just end up buying online from direct to consumer companies.
  6. LK37

    WTB Tripod With Head

    Thanks for reassuring me I’ll definitely check them out
  7. LK37

    WTB Tripod With Head

    @firstcoueswas80 just sent PM
  8. LK37

    WTB Tripod With Head

    I always thought Cameraland was a scam because the prices seemed a little to good to be true but Ill check them out
  9. LK37

    WTB Tripod With Head

    Im located in Scottsdale
  10. LK37

    WTB Tripod With Head

    Looking to buy a tripod somewhere in the $150 to $200 range preferably with a head included. Aluminum or carbon, doesn't matter just wanted to see if someone has one laying around they are willing to sell. Thanks.
  11. LK37


    I have the 300 A HG for throwing swimbaits but its collecting dust. Amazing reel though only caught a few on it and its worth the money
  12. LK37

    Doin the Lords work

    Lords work indeed fellas
  13. Looking for a pair of insulated pants or bibs that I can wear on late season hunts and also ski in. Preferably something I can wear over a pair of long johns and can fit around a ski boot. Any recommendations or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  14. Planning on heading up to Sedona for a day trip to throw some flies around and wondering what conditions are like. I've heard about West fork but never hiked in there. I was just wondering if theirs actually water up there since I've heard sometimes its bone dry. Trying to decide if its worth the hike in or to just stay on Oak Creek where I've had success in the past.
  15. LK37

    Doubled down

    @huntin1005 Awesome cats! How do you like that x-bolt? Whats it chambered in?