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  1. Sketchy Tom

    Anyone else have a fall tag?

    Saw a group of 7 toms but couldnt tag out
  2. Sketchy Tom

    Anyone else have a fall tag?

    do turkeys shock gobble in the fall?
  3. Sketchy Tom

    Bartlett Flats

    Are the flats closed right now? Thats what ive heard but im not sure.
  4. Sketchy Tom

    West Texas aoudad hunting question

    Black Water guide service
  5. Sketchy Tom

    Bartlett Flathead Fishing From the Bank

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows anything about bank fishing for flatheads at Bartlett Lake and where would be a good area to start out. Me and my buddy are planning an overnight trip there so any tips or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!