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  1. Coach

    Why do they keep doing this?

    I was just wondering where you guys get real info on stuff like this because a ton of it is blocked and/or never makes it to the MSM.
  2. Coach

    Kuiu Roll Call

    I agree with the comments on the Attack pants. I love them for hunting but have regular colors I wear daily. As I get older my butt has shrunk and these are about the only pants that move with me and don't want to fall down.
  3. Coach

    My sons first turkey 2022

    Congratulations, Ammon! Nothing like the kiddos' first! I called in a nice tom with one of your calls this weekend and ended up dropping the ball at the one yard line (shot too early). They really are great calls.
  4. Coach

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    Nice - I'm hoping to get down there for some bowfishing and maybe some night crappie fishing this weekend.
  5. Coach

    high country 45 tundra cooler

    The Beanie Babies of coolers. 🤣
  6. Coach

    2019 Polaris Ranger Crew

    Any pictures of the wench? 🤣
  7. Coach

    Tournament - Talkalai Lake

    Full sized boat ramp?
  8. The headline is pretty misleading. It implies "No more guides" but what it really says is only 2 guides per hunter - doesn't sound like something that will affect many people.
  9. Coach

    FS custom 7 SAUM package $3500 SOLD

    Sweet rifle!
  10. Coach

    Draw Results

    I thought my wife drew her first ever cow tag. Turns out I got Unit 1 archery bull! Wooohooo!
  11. Coach

    Hunting Deer With Rifle

    Hold on while I get some popcorn.
  12. Coach

    Going elk hunting

    Wow - congrats. That should be a great hunt. Looking forward to a write up and some pix! Best of luck!
  13. Coach

    My boys first archery kill and javelina

    Awesome! Great job guys. What a great memory for you guys.
  14. Coach

    Tikka T3x lite 6.5

    What Eli said ^^^
  15. Coach

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    One so far for us - probably cow/meat hunt.