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  1. Coach

    Draw Results!

    Youth 16 - could be a good hunt.
  2. Coach

    Spring in the Desert

    Awesome photos Doug, as always. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Coach

    Turkeys gobbling

    Nice! I'm a little bummed this year - my youngest son's last year to hunt gobblers as a youth. He's got a baseball game on the 19th (opening day) at talking stick - That's pretty cool, so we can't miss that. Good news is he's gotten his fair share of them over the years. Best luck to the youth hunters this year.
  4. Coach

    Brand New Badlands Sleeping Bag

    Thanks, Ryan for a smooth transaction.
  5. Bought this on their 50% off sale without looking at the dimensions, and it's a little bigger than what I was looking for. Packed dimensions are 10 1/2" x 14 1/2". It hasn't been taken out of the plastic (just arrived FedEx 10 minutes ago). It's the -10 degree long version. These were normally $160 on sale for $80. Looks like now they're $199.99 on the web site. http://www.badlandspacks.com/cinder-synthetic-sleeping-bag Asking $80. I live in Lakeside but will be in the Goodyear area tonight and tomorrow for a baseball tourney. The best way to reach me today and tomorrow will be by phone - 928.242.9350. I'll be travelling so won't be checking CWT private messages much if any until Sunday. -Jason
  6. Coach

    Dad Passes

    So sorry for your loss. But he obviously lived a very full life. As for the jacket, I'd just try and be clear and honest that it has sentimental value to you. I hope your sisters will understand.
  7. Coach

    Pray for Daisy

    Prayers sent from the white mountains. That's really a hard situation. I hope the little girl has a full recovery, but can't imagine her loss.
  8. Coach

    Something good unexpected

    Congrats! Sounds like you're gonna be hunting elk this year - nice!
  9. Coach

    We lost a good one this weekend.

    Unfortunately, this kid didn't have any family left. No present dad, and it was the anniversary of his mother's passing that he too passed. I'd have him come live with us if I could/would have known how alone he was. He was a very nice kid and deserved better.
  10. Coach

    We lost a good one this weekend.

    Thanks yotebuster. Clinical depression is something I'm way too familiar with, and I appreciate you for taking the time to address it.
  11. Really good kid, I won't say his name. A young man decided to take his own life this weekend. I knew him through coaching, and he was a friend to two of my sons. I'm a little heart broken and confused. I just wish somehow I could have been there for him better or more than I was. Just 5 minutes, one conversation, I wish I had with him. Godspeed.
  12. Here's mine, without a doubt.
  13. Coach

    1st Youth Javelina hunt

    Very cool. Way to get those youngsters out there. Would love to hear the story if you have time.
  14. Coach

    Rifles for sale

    Wow - bump for some really nice rifles.