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  1. Coach

    Trail camera rule changes!

    I don't think they actually it affects wildlife routines, so much as they are using that as a plausible sounding justification.
  2. Coach

    First Coues Buck

    Excellent job - that's no easy feat! I'd love to hear the story and how it all came together. Congrats!
  3. Coach

    Sig Kilo1800bdx $180 at sportsmans

    Same here - I picked up 2. One for me & one for my son. Great deal and big thanks for the heads-up.
  4. Coach

    Over the counter tags

    My take is, I can't go get an OTC archery tag in NM, CO, UT, NV, etc. so I'm not real big on having an army of out-of-state hunters flooding one of the few opportunities we residents used to count on while building points for some of the desirable hunts.
  5. Coach

    Build to Fail, Fail to Build.

    That's hilarious - I'm only a couple pages in so far but pure internet gold.
  6. I'm all for it, I just wish they hadn't blamed it on campers, and called it what it really was - a bunch of dirt bags living in the woods indefinitely and trashing the place. Is it just me, or does it seem like everything's going to heck at an unbelievable pace?
  7. Coach

    Trail Cam Ban?

    When are they going to realize stuff like this just creates an even bigger divide between normal hunters and wildlife officers?
  8. Coach

    PSA 10.5 inch 5.56 stripped upper

    Darn missed it. If it falls through I'm definitely interested.
  9. Coach

    My sons 1st Coues

    Wow, that's one heck of a first buck! Great job. You know he's hooked for life now.
  10. Coach

    Anybody see this?

    He's been eating frybread.
  11. rectangular = phallic? I must be a mutant.
  12. That's about the best "fallback" buck I've seen! ha ha. Sorry about the binos, but great job getting it done on a fantastic buck despite the difficulty. FWIW, if you ever spot a giant buck again and break your binos, feel free to call me up - I'm happy to help!
  13. Coach

    22 RIFLE

    Long rifle or magnum? 😁 Just kidding - congrats on a great looking buck! Some awesome G3s.
  14. Coach

    Couse Success!

    Awesome buck! Thanks for sharing the story and pictures.
  15. Coach


    Man that's awesome. Great write-up and pictures too!