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  1. Does it come with an RPG? Asking for a friend. 😁
  2. Coach

    Another first for my son!

    That's awesome! Huge congrats - and just look at that big ol' smile! Great job.
  3. Coach

    Swarovski Customer Service

    I sent my 15's in a few weeks ago. I was worried that they were "gray market" because I bought them from a place in France over 20 years ago. No issues, they reconditioned them at no cost. They're currently being sent back, so I don't know yet what they did but I'm happy with the service. One question I had for you guys who have sent them in - I sent mine USPS and with insurance close to what they would cost to replace it was $60. Have you guys found a cheaper way to send them (that's still insured)? I've got another pair I plan to send in later.
  4. Super nice rifle - I have one in 300 WSM I love. I'm a big fan of the .270 wsm - been reloading for a long time and just a great all-around cartridge. Bump for a great gun.
  5. Coach

    Colt suspends production of AR-15 for civilian market

    Gunbroker - Anderson lowers hovering around $40. The rest you can build inexpensively from Midway. I'm filling my safe before the next election.
  6. Coach

    Cooper 295/70/18 tires

    Dang - wish I were closer.
  7. Coach

    Realistic Field Shooting

    Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I'm glad this thread is staying on a positive note, and I should re-iterate that I'm not bashing long range hunting and certainly not anyone who opts not to take a shot because they don't feel comfortable with it - that's a good thing. I think Saguaro really makes a good point though. There's a lot to be said about just being comfortable shooting by practicing in actual situations, not just at the range. BTW, awesome buck Hoss!
  8. Coach

    Realistic Field Shooting

    Hey guys, haven't posted here much lately. I want to start a topic about realistic, in-the-field shooting. Let me preface this with a couple real life examples. Last year I was helping some family and friends on a hunt up in the Kiabab. Not a strip hunt, just early 12a E. Lots of deer around. Anyway, these guys would get so deep into what their guns could do, going into charts, this drop, that, etc... You get them in the field, for starters they couldn't glass, couldn't hike one ridge without getting to camp and complaining. Yet they all had faith in their gun setup. If they were in a certain position, and the deer was in a certain position, they could drop it at xxx yards. But countless times we had deer in very shootable situations, but it wasn't perfect. At one point, the group of bucks we were after trotted by at 75 yards, and neither hunter even took their gun off their shoulder. It was like it had to be exactly what they expected or nothing. Contrast that with some situations where most everyone I've ever hunted with can make a shot at moving, even running deer. I've dropped one with a muzzle loader at 80 yards busting out of a bed. I can't count the times where the hunter has to make a quick shot, and does so naturally. I'm not advocating for taking low-percentage shots. We all have to know our limitations. My point is, I think a lot of folks who are just getting into hunting have an unrealistic view of hunting based on what they see on videos and only practice for that image that they perceive as the way it's supposed to be. When it actually happens you have to be able to shoot off-hand, off a rock, off a tree-branch that's bending, you get the point. A lot of guys now are shooting guns that in perfect situations can ding a plate at 800 yards or more. But in real life conditions, they can't hit a pie plate at 100 yards offhand. Anyway, just about to head off to elk camp, but this had me thinking. Love to hear your thoughts and opinions. -Coach
  9. Coach

    Dove Street Tacos 🌮🌮🌮

    Those look great! Awesome job and thanks for sharing.
  10. Coach

    Blessed NM Pronghorn Trip

    Congratulations on an amazing pronghorn. Great tribute as well - thanks for posting.
  11. Coach

    First velvet buck

    Great buck - gotta love those wide coues! Awesome job!
  12. Coach

    My 2019 Opening Day Buck

    Dang Brian, that's a stellar buck. Keep that mojo going on your elk hunt! Huge congrats!
  13. Coach

    Clinton Body Count Tally

    A guy with his ego, his connections, and of course $Billions - with a "B" that's thousands of millions, think he's gonna pull his own plug - nada as in nada chance in he!!. He would have ratted out some very powerful people who were engaged in his little teeny sex scandal. I'm chalking this one up to "assisted suicide". "
  14. Coach

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    Looks great! I'm partial to the Tundra, but I got a deal I couldn't pass. Those Fords are darn sweet. Glad it worked out for you and you did it right with the leveling kit. Congrats.
  15. Anybody set up to hydrodip a gun stock in KUIU Verde 2.0? Even better if it's in the Show Low, Heber area. I found the film online and I'm considering doing it myself but between the film (3 meters, which I don't need) activator and base paint it may be cheaper to have it done. Thanks!