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  1. Coach

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I'm interested in some 6.5 143 ELDX & 6.5 140 Gr. Hornady SST. How does this work?
  2. Coach

    Losing Little by Little!

    Hey TJ, good to see you back!
  3. Coach

    LMT lower Aero upper price drop SOLD

    That's a really sweet setup. I just built one from scratch and it cost more - good deal for someone.
  4. It's unfortunate what this forum is becoming.
  5. Coach

    Unit 27 outfitter

    +1 for DeadFall Outitters www.deadfalloutfitters.com
  6. Coach


    Looks awesome!
  7. Coach

    Take a break from the drawma

    That's it. I'm getting a boat.
  8. Coach

    She’s gone..

    Here's proof:
  9. Coach

    She’s gone..

  10. Coach

    Cva paramount vs rem ult

    Paramount is now offered in .40 which could be really nice. The initial things I've seen so far look pretty impressive.
  11. Coach

    Pissed off

    Yeah then they lose that $13 per application - that's not going to happen
  12. Coach


    That's a great price. If I didn't already have two I'd be all over it. Side note, I use to live at Tatum an Jomax haha
  13. Coach

    22 Javi Question

    I'm not going to show my son that - haha!
  14. Coach

    22 Javi Question

    Hey guys, just a question/observation about my hunt last weekend in 22. I haven't hunted that unit in a long time, but drew it as a second choice. All the places I have hunted it in the past are all burned up so I branched out and started looking at new country. I was staying in Punkin Center and spent several days covering the country from Jakes Corner to North of Gisela - all on the East side of 87. After 5 days I saw exactly zero javelina and very few tracks while walking washes and around the foothills. I was not just driving around either - I spent quite a bit of time glassing from high points with excellent vantage. By opening day, there were a ton of hunters in the same area, so I have to assume that it's usually pretty good in there. Was this just an off year? Was I just missing them? Thanks in advance, Coach