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  1. Coach

    Tagged out!! X2!

    I only got a day and a half with the weather as it was, and it looks like the rest of my weekends in January will be spent on baseball tournaments in San Tan. My youngest son has a youth tag for 23 we may try to fill if time permits. I can't complain - in the time I had I did find pigs both days, just couldn't get a close, clean shot. I had one at 24 yards but its vitals were behind a bush, had several around 50 yards but same thing - only head or sometimes back half. I would have liked to get one, as they make some awesome jerky but just didn't get a clean, ethical shot opportunity.
  2. Coach

    .243 Handi Rifle Package

    Yes, it's the Hoghntr has the correct reticle. Unfortunately this picture is sideways and I can't correct it in photoshop, but this is the actual reticle. I hope this attaches.
  3. Coach

    .243 Handi Rifle Package

    That looks right but let me clarify tomorrow.
  4. Coach

    .243 Handi Rifle Package

    Well, I went from $450 to $300, That's about as low as I can do. The scope, bipod, case - I'm pretty much giving the rifle away at that price. But I'd love to see it go to a youth hunter.
  5. Coach

    .243 Handi Rifle Package

    I'm not sure. I'll try to post a pic of the reticle tomorrow. I think it's a mil setup with standard mil dots and windage.
  6. Coach

    .243 Handi Rifle Package

    Still for sale. Great package for youth hunters.
  7. Coach

    2019 archery deer

    Nicely done! Congrats.
  8. Coach

    HUGE...Winter range Elk herd.

    That's really encouraging. I thought the herds up there were getting decimated by wolves. Like they are in NM, for example.
  9. Coach

    I've got friends in safe spaces!!!

    Yeah boy. Good message, and he handled the interview very well.
  10. Coach

    7mm Mag or 300 WM ?

    If you're already set up to handload the 7mm, I'd go that route. Both great chamberings but no sense "re-inventing the wheel" per-se, unless you just want a little more variety on hand. If starting from scratch, given what you are looking at, I'd recommend .300 WSM. IMO, the best do-all round.
  11. Coach

    .243 Handi Rifle Package

    I would certainly consider it. I don't have another .243 so the ammo is of no use to me. But feel free to shoot me a PM on the rifle alone. I'll be travelling to Phx area through Globe and Payson the next couple weekends for baseball tournaments in the San Tan valley area.
  12. Coach

    .243 Handi Rifle Package

    $300? Great package. Allen case in the photo included.
  13. Coach

    HS Precision 300 WSM

    Bump for another great rifle. 300 WSM is an awesome chambering for just about everything in AZ. I and my sons have taken a few coues with .300 WSM and well placed shots have produced quick kills with minimal meat loss.Great for elk and mule deer too.
  14. Coach

    Kimber 84M Select Grade 6.5CM w LRHS Scope

    I know AZSlim.
  15. Coach

    3 points- early archery?

    Put in for the unit you want to hunt. I've seen really good tags go to folks with less points.