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  1. Dang - that's just awesome!
  2. Coach

    Big Coues Buck Hit! Need help....

    Yeah definitely looks like lung blood. Good luck finding him! I know from experience, they can go a LONG way and lose a lot of blood before they die. I sure hope we get to see some pictures of him on the ground.
  3. Coach

    So who’s air frying?

    That was my question - we're going to get one and I know very little about them. it looks like the countertop convection oven style has a lot of benefits over the internal basket style. Any experience of the pros and cons of both designs is much appreciated!
  4. Coach

    My 2020 Mexico DIY Hunt

    Man that looks fun! Congrats on an exiting hunt.
  5. No, but may be going down to Tonto Basin soon and could meet in Globe.
  6. For now I'd like to keep them as part of a package deal, but if that changes I'll let you know.
  7. Coach


    I know the number of wolves in the wild they are telling us is WAY under-inflated. There are more wolves right now in units 1 and 27 than I think they can even count.
  8. Knight Long Range Hunter, .50 cal. I think these are discontinued, but it's a really nice (but heavy) gun. Has the Green Mountain barrel. The scope is a Vortex Diamondback 3-9 x 40. I've killed a bull elk at 305 yards with it and 2 coues at 80 and 275 yards. Asking $650 $550 with the scope or $450 without. Also with the LRH comes a bunch of extras 56 Triple 7 50 grain pellets 51 Pyrodex 50 grain pellets 30 TC Shockwave Bullets (250 gr) 24 Hornady 250gr SST 10 TC Shockwave Bullets (200 gr) 5 Barnes 250 gr TMZ bullets 15 pre-primed plastic jackets Approx 100 unfired plastic jackets Powder tubes, loading tool & breech plug tool 20-30 once-fired plastic jackets if interested Next is a CVA Firebolt Ultramag. 50 Cal. Asking $100 obo. The scope in the picture is NOT included. I Might have the front sight somewhere, but I'm not sure. I will throw in the bases. Both guns well cared for and cleaned after each use, but show normal signs of wear. Additional details and photos available on request. If interested please PM me or text me at nine-two-eight two-four-two nine-three-five-zero. I will respond to questions in the order I receive them, so texting is recommended if you need a quick response. Both guns are in Lakeside. Thanks for looking.
  9. Nice buck - love the mass! Thanks for the write-up and pictures.
  10. In the picture, it appears that the gas block rail sits well below the upper receiver rail. I'd put a yard stick or any straight-edge on that back rail and see if it sits above the front gas block. That would certainly explain hitting high.
  11. Coach

    3rd time in 4 years - 3/3 opening am

    Very cool - look at those smiles!
  12. Coach

    1st Archery Kill.

    Great job - bet you're hooked for life now. This is the first year I haven't archery hunted javis in a very long time. Always a blast.
  13. Coach

    Late rifle coues

    Nicely Done! That's awesome - really nice bucks there.