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  1. Coach

    Blackhorn 209

  2. Coach

    Found a Couple of Deadheads

    I have to agree this is one of the coolest threads I've seen on here in a long time. Thanks for posting!
  3. Coach

    Free Winchester 32 auto 71 gr

    Where are you located? I'll take them if you are in/around the White Mountains
  4. Coach


    $225 cane pole - why didn't I think of that? 😁
  5. Coach

    Sticker buck part II

    Gorgeous buck and some great footage!
  6. Coach

    Fire on the res

    I know there was a pretty big fire right in Whiteriver, but not sure about others.
  7. Coach

    Pinetop over Memorial Day

    Dang, I live here but I'm going to Scottsdale for the weekend. It would have been really nice to meet you though. I've always enjoyed your photography.
  8. Coach

    Unicorn sighting

    Sportsman's in Show Low
  9. Coach


    These are sweet pistols. Bad timing for me, but it's a very fair price as well.
  10. Coach

    Name that gun!

    Remington 1858
  11. Coach

    Rainbow and Lake Trout..

    Nicely played, sir!
  12. 19" from a 2016 set of 4. Also 3 15 lug 16" steel wheels from a jeep. Pick up in Show Low / Lakeside.
  13. Coach

    Rainbow and Lake Trout..

    You guys are way off, that's clearly in Whiteriver. Nice fish, BTW!
  14. Coach

    Opening day youth bird (Update for Pics)

    That is great! Love seeing those kids out there getting it done - sounds like some good calling from dad too!
  15. Coach


    Yep I agree with Coues79. I've had times where they ran right into my decoys and others where the decoy made them stand-offish, or just flat out recognize it's a setup. It really depends on the situation, but don't be afraid to call and just sit tight.