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  1. Coach

    Savage 110FP 25-06

    It has the heavy bull barrel and accutrigger. Comes with a Cabela's Alaskan Guide scope in 4.5-14 x 52 scope. Also comes with handloads, dies, brass and bullets. Obvious scratches on the hand-painted stock and normal signs of use. $550
  2. Stainless fluted barrel. Comes with a Sig Tango 1-6x24 illuminated reticle scope and 1 PMag, pictured. Fired about 30 rounds. $1400
  3. Coach

    My Epic Sheep Hunt

    Congrats, Brian. That's a great looking ram!
  4. Coach

    Nice guns for sale

    Bump - Shotgun is sold.
  5. Coach

    Some 3A BS

    It wasn't that long ago, another big outfitter got in bed with ranchers in AZ to push for landowner tags here in Arizona like they had successfully done in NM. I'm sure you all remember the USO fiasco. It didn't end, unfortunately.
  6. Coach

    Weatherby MarkV .300 weatherby Magnum

    Nice rifle GLWS
  7. Coach

    Nice guns for sale

    Beretta SPF. $1400 for the AR-10 this weekend. Make an offer on the 25-06. It's heavy but shoots clover leaves, and IMO an underrated do-it-all caliber for AZ.
  8. Coach

    Nice guns for sale

    Bump. I'll be in the valley Thursday, Friday and Saturday this weekend.
  9. Coach

    Nice guns for sale

  10. Coach

    Great hunt!

    That's a heck of a ram. Congrats!
  11. Coach

    Nice guns for sale

    weekend bump
  12. Coach

    Nice guns for sale

    No the barrel is not threaded, It's the heavy bull barrel.
  13. Coach

    Nice guns for sale

    Hey guys, I'm selling off a few guns to fund a project. All prices are OBO. I'm in Lakeside but will be in Scottsdale over Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 23 - 26) First up is a Beretta 1301 tactical in FDE.(SOLD) Next is an Aero Precision AR-10 in .308 also in FDE. About 30 rounds through it. It comes with a Sig Sauer Tango-MSR 1-6x24 LPVO scope (illuminated reticle) and 1 magpul 20 rd magazine. The scope has been mounted but not sighted in. Barrel Length is 18". $1550 OBO Finally a Savage 110 FP in 25-06. It's got a Cabela's Alaskan Guide scope in 4.5-14 x 52. (I'm not certain on the 52mm objective, but I can measure it if needed). It comes with about 44 hand-loads, some brass, 110gr Accubonds and some 117 SST bullets and dies if interested. DM me and I'll get an exact count on the bullets and brass. $585 Send a DM for more details or contact information. Thanks for looking.
  14. Coach

    Found an enormous deadhead (coues)

    Stellar finds! Let me know if you want to go chase the kitty