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  1. Coach

    Daughters first coues deer

    Nice job! That's awesome.
  2. Coach

    Proud Dad Moment

    Great job getting the kiddos out there and huge congrats. That's super cool.
  3. Coach

    Wife’s First mule Deer

    Nicely done! That had to be super exiting. Love the whole fam getting into it.
  4. Coach

    Son's First Big Game Deer

    Awesome job and great write-up. Sounds like you met a real stand-up guy too which is extra special. Thanks for sharing your story.
  5. Beautiful gun. If it were .243 I'd be all over it. GLWS.
  6. Coach

    Prayer request

    You and your family are in my prayers this morning.
  7. Coach

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    Good luck, looking forward to the next installment!
  8. Coach


    Man that's a good deal and if I were headed your way I would be all over it!
  9. Coach

    2018 Polaris general 1000

    Nice - that thing is bad-butt. GLWS!
  10. Coach

    Sons NM muley

    PM sent
  11. Coach

    Sons NM muley

    That's awesome. Congrats to your son - that's a great looking buck. Heading there this weekend!
  12. Coach

    A Good Day

    Nice buck and awesome shooting. Cool that you were with your dad! Congrats!
  13. Coach

    Life is too short to...

    ...listen to doctors.
  14. Coach

    Friends Matter

    That's so awesome! Way to go guys!
  15. Coach

    My son's muley

    That's awesome! I love the "naw I'll just toss him in my back pocket" pack out. 😁 Nice job guys.
  16. Coach

    Last day buck

    That's a great looking buck! Congrats!
  17. Coach

    retaining judges

  18. Coach

    Got my archery bull

    Hey guys, got this guy last Sunday on day 10 of a tough hunt. The rut was sporadic at best with some days having almost no bugles during daylight hours. I've been getting caught up at work so haven't done a full write-up, this guy came in screaming with about 10 cows at 7:15 am when it had been quiet all morning. I had to wait at full draw for what seemed like ever for his cows to clear out from between us, but managed to make a heart shot. He only went about 30-40 yards before tipping over. I'm super exited. He's my biggest bull to date, and broke my drought. It's been a few years since I've put anything bigger than an turkey or javi on the ground.
  19. Coach


  20. Coach

    First time

    Be ready for a steep learning curve. Turkey can either be the easiest hunt or most difficult one - sometimes both on the same day. Good luck!
  21. Coach


    I figured that would be over fast. Nice rifle!
  22. Coach

    Guess the score.

    Great looking buck! I tend to agree with the high teens - gonna say 118. Any way you slice it, that's a beautiful buck!
  23. Coach

    3 for 3 in 20C **UPDATED WITH VIDEO**

    Excellent job guys! Just look at those smiles! 😁 Way to get the family out there!
  24. Coach

    Bull down. 60 yard video harvest shot

    Nice job! That was cool to watch! Congrats!
  25. Coach

    Statewide Coues Tag

    What an amazing buck! He's absolutely gorgeous! Congrats man. I'm not typically a full-body mount fan, but for that one I can see it - silver with dark antlers - awesome. Not gonna post my guess where he's from because I might be right 😁