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  1. Oakley

    Misc. bullets for sale or trade

    How much to purchase the30 cal ballistics
  2. Oakley

    Winchester Wildcat .22 Caliber Cartridges 500 count

    I’ll take 2 sent you a pm
  3. Oakley

    WTS: 2018 Honda Piooner 1000-5 With Photos

    Yes except I rarely go to the valley
  4. Oakley

    6.5 PRC ammo in stock

    Thank you
  5. Oakley

    6.5 PRC ammo in stock

  6. Oakley

    WTS: 2018 Honda Piooner 1000-5 With Photos

    Interested in 28 nosler where you located
  7. Oakley

    No longer available Swarovski Z5 3.5-18 x44

    Where are you located I’m in camp verde
  8. Oakley

    Tag increase

    I’ve raised 5 kids all now older and successful hunters. I see several hundred successful hunters a year with approximately 20-25 percent youth. The kids that have killed small animals are just as excited as those who have harvested big animals. Seen kids that have killed spikes so excited they had a hard time telling the story again and other that have killed 175 in deer that wouldn’t get out of the truck when dropping it off.
  9. All of you guys are like a bunch of dang teenagers talking shoot either meet out in the street and deal with it or shut up
  10. Oakley

    Swarovski SLC doubler

    I’m up north is it does I’m in
  11. Oakley

    Hunting Magazine recommendations

    He was actually a carpenter
  12. Oakley

    Swarovski SLC doubler

    Is it compatible with the 12 el
  13. Despite the judgmental boys I’m interested can you send pics
  14. Oakley

    WTB Beef Fat

    You still looking for fat. Let me know I can take care of you