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  1. Oakley

    6.5 prc reloads

    Can’t group 1 1/2groups 3 shot with 15 minute cool down in between loads
  2. Oakley

    6.5 prc reloads

    Only 25 rounds down the barrel 4 different loads 57to 58.5 grains retumbo 143 eldx magnum primers begara 14 topped with z5
  3. Oakley

    6.5 prc reloads

    What’s your secret 6.5 PRC reload. I’ve shot three different loads still not happy with either retumbo powder 143 ELDx
  4. Oakley

    7mm Berger hunter bullets

    I’m looking for 180s or 195
  5. Oakley

    7mm Berger hunter bullets

    Anyone have any .284 berger hunting bullets?
  6. Had same tag 4 years ago missed 2 big bulls and finished up with a 362. Great hunt passed 15 bulls in 7 days under 40 yards
  7. Oakley

    1995 2 door Tahoe

    95. A classic. Lol. Then what the heck is my 69. An antique
  8. Oakley

    1995 2 door Tahoe

    95. A classic. Lol. Then what the is my 69
  9. I that’s what thought also so I checked application it’s correct. And 20 c has some monsters if your willing to HUNT and hold out
  10. Ok help me with this my wife has 12 bonus for deer. 1rst choice 20 c 2cnd choice 21 3rd choice 6a. Still NO DRAW. This year 25 applications 1 muzzleloader tag My luck sucks
  11. I disagree with newtags. If one has to draw tags to encourage the youth to hunt to love the the out doors the desire to enjoy a cool morning in the outdoors w just family (ouch). Try varmite calling quail, dove,duck,squirrel.
  12. We are to cheap and to easy to put in but we can’t Even financially support our g&f
  13. I think too many applicants by less serious hunters aren’t helping.
  14. I say pay in full, up front.
  15. Oakley

    Misc. bullets for sale or trade

    How much to purchase the30 cal ballistics