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  1. Oakley

    Draw still pending

    What the heck
  2. Oakley

    Card Hits!

  3. Oakley


    When is deadline to update cards??
  4. Oakley


    Any guesses when??
  5. Oakley

    Azgfd fall regs

    Any one have an idea of when elk regs are going to be out
  6. Oakley

    Looking for 300 Blackout Brass

    Sportsman’s in Prescott valley had some 2 days ago
  7. Oakley

    Elk cape - Sold

    Check w Wes at Wes’s western taxidermy I know one of his customers were needing a cape about that size
  8. Oakley

    San carlos

    Got a tag starting in B this Saturday. I’ve hunted it multiple times but thinking about venturing out in the rest of the unit any hints of where you would start??
  9. Oakley

    Non-Resident tags…

    I’m glad to see this. Now let’s double the price of tags cut tags numbers back 30%. Make everyone pay up front for the entire amount w refunds if not drawn. Watch the over all experience and quality soar.
  10. Oakley

    Henry Golden Boy .22LR Octagon Barrel

    I’m interested do you ever come north
  11. Oakley

    6.5 prc reloads

    Can’t group 1 1/2groups 3 shot with 15 minute cool down in between loads
  12. Oakley

    6.5 prc reloads

    Only 25 rounds down the barrel 4 different loads 57to 58.5 grains retumbo 143 eldx magnum primers begara 14 topped with z5
  13. Oakley

    6.5 prc reloads

    What’s your secret 6.5 PRC reload. I’ve shot three different loads still not happy with either retumbo powder 143 ELDx
  14. Oakley

    7mm Berger hunter bullets

    I’m looking for 180s or 195
  15. Oakley

    7mm Berger hunter bullets

    Anyone have any .284 berger hunting bullets?