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  1. SWDesertRat

    All SOLD

    PM sent
  2. SWDesertRat

    Turkey decoys

  3. SWDesertRat

    Remington Rolling block 45-70 For Sale

    Phil, more than once you’ve shown up here with great black powder rifles at very fair prices. I still think about that Sharps you sold.
  4. SWDesertRat


    Found one.... thanks
  5. Brass is all once fired, getting rid of casings I don’t reload anymore. Located in Peoria. The Beginners Guide to Reloading Ammunition book by Steven Gregersen -SOLD RCBS scale pan/powder funnel -SOLD 40 - 38 special $3 50- 45 $8 8 - 308 nickel - free 10 -380 - free 250 - 9mm cleaned and deprimed -SOLD 425 - 40 S&W cleaned and deprimed - SOLD 1 box of Factory Remington 7.62x39 123 gr MC - SOLD text for pics or location 5seven5-649-13seven2
  6. SWDesertRat

    ISO 10mm Ammunition

    I’m sure it’s too late now but there was quite a bit at Cabelas on Wednesday.
  7. SWDesertRat

    WTT 5.56 for 7mm-08

    Cactusjack was able to grab 3 of the Fusion 140grn and I’ll meet up on Saturday. I really appreciate the help and information. I thought I had run out of options to find some, checked in Flagstaff, Sportsman’s, online and Cabelas. You all are great! Merry Christmas
  8. SWDesertRat

    WTT 5.56 for 7mm-08

    You all are awesome, such a great community. Cactusjack, I sent you a pm. Flatlander and ruppart, appreciate both of your offers, I’ll keep you all posted. -Clay
  9. SWDesertRat

    WTT 5.56 for 7mm-08

    Thanks. If I’ll give them a call this weekend. I’m in Peoria so opposite corner of the valley
  10. SWDesertRat

    WTT 5.56 for 7mm-08

    I have a need for 7mm-08 to help my son practice and prepare for his javelina hunt next month. I am willing to trade 556 or 9mm (all FMJ) for 139 or 140 grain 7mm-08 rounds. PM to get more info. Happy Festivus and Merry Christmas Thanks
  11. SWDesertRat

    WTB left hand .308 or 7mm08

    This might still be available. Buy a new stock and you’re set
  12. SWDesertRat

    Backpacking Sleeping Pad

    Nemo tensor arrived last week. Haven’t slept on it yet but so far on tile it’s my favorite. I got the regular wide, it’s 25” which is nice for my shoulders. I think if I had gone the Sea to Summit Large (rather than regular) that would be the perfect pad as I like the mummy cut rather than square, especially for weight and a quilt. I’ll update once I’ve had a chance to test it out for a few nights.
  13. SWDesertRat

    Backpacking Sleeping Pad

    I started my search a few months ago. So far I’m liking the Sea to Summit Thermolite. It weighs in at 22 oz and is very comfortable and not noisy at all. I was comparing it to BigAgnes AXLAir and the Klymit Static V, which don’t have good R values. I just ordered the Nemo Tensor as it has good reviews, for weight comfort and not as much noise (or cost) as the Thermarest NeoAir. I’ll update once I have had a chance to test.
  14. SWDesertRat

    Turkey decoys

  15. SWDesertRat

    Primos Soft Bow Case -Sold

    replied. thanks