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  1. bojangles

    Painters Carpet Installation and Cleaner

    We do carpet installation if you buy the carpet from me. Not sure if you already have carpet or not.
  2. bojangles

    96 4Runner 4x4

    I have 2012 Arctic cat prowler 700 hdx. Body (seat in particular) is rough. Runs great. Something like 2000 miles. I’m interested in a trade deal, can supply pics.
  3. bojangles

    Elk Arrows. KE/Momentum

    Let me clarify… I listened to a Tim gillingham podcast with Aaron Snyder that changed my view on arrows. Tim pointed out that light fast arrows kill and penetrate better than what you think, plus you have the advantage of yardage forgiveness if you’re off a couple of yards. im guessing my bow , set up to hunt is around 325 fps, so tuning a fixed blade would be tricky, and require the utmost perfection during the release. I shoot a shwacker, which has the blade buried in the ferrule of the broad head for peak arrow flight. It kills at long ranges, including a 50 yard pass through on an elk. I shoot a 7.9 gpi arrow with a 100 grain head, cut at about 29”. im not saying a heavy arrow with a single bevel broad head doesn’t work, I’m saying a light fast arrow with an expandable does work. shoot what you’re confident with.
  4. bojangles

    For sale hot wheels garage

    if i had my way i'd give you all my kids legos for that. i hate legos. you open my kids room door, and you get swept away by an avalanche of legos. I have to have an avalanche beacon just to wake my kids up in the morning. my kid is getting into hot wheels....
  5. bojangles

    Goodluck all!

    Not quite, I was just trying to get to work. Next weekend I’ll bring a squeegee to clean them off my bumper.
  6. bojangles

    Goodluck all!

    The young road was gridlocked with road hunters yesterday. fun times.
  7. bojangles

    Elk Arrows. KE/Momentum

    I’m in the light, fast, expandable, well tuned crowd. Animals have died.
  8. bojangles

    Toyota Sequoia - Any good?

    When live in Indiana, you’re hung over so bad every week is like a 3 day weekend.
  9. bojangles

    Toyota Sequoia - Any good?

    I would lean towards a 4 runner for long haul dependability, unless you need the extra space or heavy towing power. The v6 is as tough as they come. make sure it is made in Japan, and not in Indiana. It should say on the inside of the door jamb on the driver’s side.
  10. bojangles

    Good News

    Love the good thread…. I got a rifle bull tag Son got a youth tag. God is good….all the time.
  11. bojangles

    Hey matt

    Did you draw a tag?
  12. bojangles

    Hey matt

    You must be Mike’s son. I worked for your dad for a lot of years. welcome to the coues whitetail zoo… -Bryan
  13. bojangles

    Hey matt

    You from payson?
  14. bojangles

    White tail deer in Arizona deserts

    This one time, it got over 100 degrees in Phoenix. No joke.
  15. bojangles

    AZBGSR 2021 Winners

    how much money was raised? hopefully money is responsibly spent on wildlife.