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  1. bojangles

    What’s the deal with Hoyt

    I’m pretty sure Matt McPherson owns mission as well.
  2. bojangles

    Youth Rifle Recommendations for Big Game

    I’ll bite, I bought my 12 year old the ruger American compact in 6.5cm. I can shoot it comfortably and so can he. 6.5 is a pretty solid round that penetrates deeply. Very little kick.
  3. bojangles

    Anyone know this guy?

    welp, maybe he took a crap, and then looked up and saw a camera. only one thing to do in that situation. lol.
  4. bojangles

    What’s the deal with Hoyt

    there's the whole scoop if you're interested.
  5. bojangles

    Big Coues Buck Hit! Need help....

    get a bottle of hydrogen peroxide if you can, with a spray attachment, and start spraying just past last blood. the stuff will bubble like no other when it hits organic material, so micro drops of blood can easily be seen. also consider the possibility that some other hunter picked him up, or a bear or lion absconded with him. with that blood, he is deader than dead. What unit you in, if you don't mind me asking.
  6. bojangles

    Anyone find a 3x3

    did you see the 3x i posted on the bowhunting section with the arrow sticking out of it's neck? i think it was in 34....
  7. bojangles

    I know it’s a long shot...

    looks like a muley.
  8. bojangles

    So who’s air frying?

    We got rid of the microwave. Just use the fryer. not that I actually cook or anything....
  9. bojangles

    New flooring guy and carpet cleaner needed

    We do that. what do you need?
  10. bojangles

    What’s the deal with Hoyt

    Well, people change jobs. Contracts expire, offers are made, etc. it’s the big leagues.
  11. bojangles

    Wtb concealed carry pistol

    Emp is the best fitting handgun I’ve ever held.
  12. bojangles

    Wtb concealed carry pistol

    Also, xds has a chamber indicator. So, even in the dark, you can tell if you have one in the pipe. Could be crucial.
  13. bojangles

    Wtb concealed carry pistol

    Let me also recommend the xds. Has accessory rail, optional extended mags, super reliable, etc.
  14. bojangles

    26" utv wheels and tire takeoffs

    Would those fit an Arctic cat prowler?