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  1. bojangles

    share invest

    Yay! I’m gonna get rich 🎉
  2. bojangles

    Choosing a bow

    Wow. Congrats!! just pick the one that is most comfortable to shoot, and that you can shoot most accurately. All three brands are solid.
  3. bojangles

    Hornady ELD-X

    interesting. looks like separation. how big was the bear?
  4. bojangles

    Hornady ELD-X

    Sounds exciting. Keep us posted on the details when you get back.
  5. I picked up some factory loads for my 300 win mag. I grabbed some 200 grain Honrady ELD-X. It seems some people love 'em, and some people hate 'em. What are your thoughts on them for large game? Elk, moose, etc.
  6. bojangles

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    Just thinking ahead. Would like to fish and hunt up there in about 5 years.
  7. bojangles

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    I’m worried about target acquisition with a revolver, and double action accuracy. They say even a 44 mag won’t stop a grizzly attack unless it’s in the spine or brain. There’s a case where a guy was killed by a grizzly lately and it appeared he didn’t have a round in the pipe of his glock. That’s why I’m leaning xdm, you have the chamber indicator. a 12 gauge with slugs is also recommended, but can be cumbersome while fishing or dressing wild game. nothings perfect, I guess.
  8. What are your thoughts on the 10mm for grizzly defense? It seems a lot of people are leaning this direction, as hard hitting bear loads are now available, and the idea of 15-16 rounds seems appealing. Glock has a nice offering, and the XDM is now available in 10mm, and carries 15 plus 1.
  9. bojangles

    Flooring installation question

    If glue Down vinyl planking then yes, you have to tear out the tile. If a waterproof style click lock vinyl planking (spc or wpc)then no,all you have to do is float the grout joints with floor patch. Let it set up. Make sure the floor is level and dry. And then you can install a floating floor right on top. If you want to do a glue down floor, you have to tear up all the way down to the concrete. And then Sand the concrete to make sure it is perfectly clean. i recommend paradigm flooring. Some of the best on the market. i have a showroom in Payson if your interested and in the neighborhood. i am a licensed flooring contractor.
  10. bojangles

    Rifle for my wife

    i put a brake on my '06, and the wife and kid shoot it just fine. but wear earplugs.
  11. bojangles

    Missouri Snows

    We had hopes!!
  12. Welp, we got locked out with bad weather on our recent trips to Missouri. Guide said birds were stale, and the weather was holding up the migration, but we were already in town visiting the in-laws and our time was limited. I canceled 2 days of the hunt, and gambled on the last day, just to give it an effort. Guide wanted us to hunt a week later for fresh birds, but we had to get home. Saw probably a couple hundred thousand geese, but they were not decoying as they had been there for a while. Still, we got off a few volleys. good times with the boy anyways.
  13. bojangles

    Bull Elk 22 South

    Make it three. It’s an easy tag to get, yet a tough hunt. Ill take it, rather than a season on the couch.
  14. bojangles

    ISO Cobbler

    I was looking for pie. But if you find one let me know. My iron rangers could use a new sole.
  15. bojangles

    Hunting other states

    Who me?? Nooooo..... In all seriousness I just found out my FIL sold off some land, so my hunting ground just got smaller. 😢 but he did just build a lake so we could fish when we come out. So I’ll forgive him.