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  1. bojangles

    Long shot trade

    Would like to trade my specialized sirrus pro (carbon) with kyserium wheels size 54 I think, for a Hoyt sartori, in 45-50 pounds. If you’ve got one laying around and need a carbon fiber road bike.
  2. bojangles

    Out of state hunters

    So, I guess it’s now illegal to make bone broth from foreign deer or elk in AZ? I cant bring the bones home? This doesn’t make sense.
  3. bojangles

    Red flag laws

    Yup, but it will be too late by then.
  4. bojangles

    Red flag laws

    Unfortunately no one seems to care about real issues. No bull 350 will get another 5 pages by the weekend, while due process is getting flushed away with our inalienable rights.
  5. bojangles

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    Interesting. In all the reading and research I have done, and mind you I have no personal experience, it seems that the highest fatality rates are those that are armed with long guns. It seems if you miss on the first shot it’s over with. There’s a website out there that gives details on what fatality rates are per caliber of handgun. It’s an interesting read. The consensus is that bear spray works, except for when it doesn’t. Then it’s over with. I think the sum of all opinions was that a 12 gauge loaded with slugs would be the best defense.
  6. bojangles

    Need help stretching Carpet

    When do you need it done by? i can do it but not sure when I’ll be in your neck of the woods.
  7. bojangles

    Vicksburg aquifer and the Saudi alfalfa farms

    Seemed like the sulfur springs valley was suffering a simple fate, as I’d heard lately. Frustrating.
  8. bojangles


    Lol. I do need to find something else to do. But you got something good to say, and I am all ears. While I truly do understand the complaint against certain ranches, and no doubt there are a few violators out there, who care for nothing but their bank account.... at the end of the day, all I’m saying is the people who are against cattle, are also against hunting. And they won’t stop at cattle.
  9. bojangles


    Pawn. im not saying all cowboys are moral and upright. I’m say you’re fighting for the cause that will kill you. remember when the Sierra club sued the Arizona sheep associated for filling water catchments during a drought? It’s because they love wildlife so much, of course. you're fighting for the enemy. its already been proven in this thread how much the bar x has done for wildlife, to the point where they received awards. ranching and logging have done this state nothing but good, and the Sierra club attitude has done nothing but bad, both for wildlife and the forest itself.
  10. bojangles


    Cattlemen no longer follows the old overgrazing model. They found out overgrazing was bad, and fixed it. Like 40 years ago.
  11. bojangles


    What you Californian hippies don’t understand, is the people who have lied to you to get you to be against cattle on public lands, are against hunting as well. Siding with them is suicide. When they get rid of the cattle, they will get rid of you. You are pawns.
  12. bojangles

    Need help, Clever pest control company names.

    bug ultimatum bug hawk down id say bug commander, but it’s taken. critter killer la cucaracha sometimes something kind of classic is good, like maybe diamondback pest control