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  1. bojangles

    So is it still global warming?

    Yeah but 97% of scientists say.... funny how In the northern hemisphere summer they always show pictures of the arctic melting and in the southern hemisphere summer they always show the pictures of the Antarctic ice melting. But they never show it during the climate winter. that, and little things, like the ice roads still freeze and melt at the same time each year.
  2. bojangles

    I'm giving away this Camp Kitchen

    Would be awesome for your elk or deer camp.
  3. Through the Adventure Payson (city chamber of commerce) facebook page, i'm giving away this camp kitchen from bass pro, and a Cabela's grill. Follow the directions on the Adventure Payson facebook page to be entered. thx!!! https://m.facebook.com/adventurepayson/photos/a.1453628388183172/2196004167278920/?type=3&source=48
  4. bojangles

    ADOT lazy

    I hear ya, but not sure this is any where near the biggest in 100 years. I’ve heard locals say we got 6 feet in ‘67. I’ve lived here 22 years, and recall a couple of dumps that were at least close to this one. I remembered one year, around 01ish, sunrise was purported to have the deepest base in the lower 48, I think it was 108”.
  5. bojangles

    Wtb cabelas alaknak tent

    They were on clearance last week. Not sure if they still are.
  6. bojangles

    WTT Benelli Nova 12ga

    i want one, i just don't have a 20 gauge, or an O/U
  7. bojangles

    Junk science, anti hunting laws, and pushover hunters

    Today, no urban hunting, tomorrow hounds, then cats, then bears, then archery, then all hunting. Do you think sport hunting will exist in 40 years? i know a lot of guys that don’t hunt in urban areas, but then I know a lot that do. Honestly, I could see a 100 yard rule. That makes sense, a little comfort for neighbors. But a 1/4 mile seems excessive in today’s developed landscape. Also, it’s nice to have urban zones, like a lot of states. It’s kind of like catch and release waters for trout. Something reserved for the bow hunters, where the rifle guys haven’t blasted things to smitherines. Whats more, you’d be surprised how many people literally want me to shoot elk in their yards. Watch the video above, I think there’s a lot of unwarranted paranoia about urban hunting, but many people wholeheartedly accept it. And, it’s a lot harder than what you think, a lot of people think of your near a house it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Let me tell you, it’s not.
  8. bojangles

    Junk science, anti hunting laws, and pushover hunters

    Yeah, but should we just roll over? I know an old dude that bow hunts off his back porch, cause that’s all he can muster. Now he’s got to ask his neighbor for permission. Frustrating.
  9. bojangles

    Junk science, anti hunting laws, and pushover hunters

    The rule is against cervid deer urine, I believe. But, as noted by the biologists, the whole thing is a misrepresentation of science.
  10. bojangles

    Junk science, anti hunting laws, and pushover hunters

    Supposedly just passed. We will see when the deer regs come out.
  11. bojangles

    Junk science, anti hunting laws, and pushover hunters

    only for rifle hunts. Urban bowhunting has been legal in Arizona until April 6, 2019, as i've been told. Now it's illegal, "because of our changing demographic", as i was told by our unit manager. Urban hunting is a staple in our hunting economy, that's why we have crossbows. (not legal in archery season, of course) But to say that this is now wrong, is ridiculous. One of the case points was that a homeowner found an arrow in the side of his house in pine. This was used in argument for the rule change. However, just because someone has an arrow in the side of their house, doesn't mean urban hunting should be banned. What it means is, their neighbor needs a better backstop when he's sighting in his broad heads.
  12. bojangles

    Junk science, anti hunting laws, and pushover hunters

    cervid urine was banned a few years ago. 1/4 mile just passed, as i've been told. i haven't seen it in the regs yet. we will see. It has passed already in certain hunt units, not sure if it's statewide yet. I know it was up for vote as a statewide rule, can't find confirmation if it passed or not. I will edit the "can" to "may" cause i'm not sure yet.
  13. https://www.deeranddeerhunting.com/blogs/dan-schmidt-deer-blog-whitetail-wisdom/cwd-researcher-state-urine-bans-are-illogical https://www.themeateater.com/listen/wired-to-hunt/ep-267-bowhunting-urban-deer-with-taylor-chamberlin Seems like we've lost some ground in recent times via AZGFD's hunting laws. While at our regional meeting, i was told by an AZGFD official that hunting laws must become more restrictive to accommodate the new "California" demographic that now inhabits our state. He was referring to the new 1/4 mile bowhunting law. While much of the country enjoys urban bowhunting zones, even in libtard Washington DC; we here in AZ possibly may no longer enjoy urban hunting. It's bunk. It's lazy management, caving into pressure from the anti's. While i've never used cervid urine to attract animals, and probably never will, i know a lot of guys who are believers. But now it's illegal, based on junk science. I'm often surprised how there's not more of an uproar in the hunting community over these new restrictive laws. In blue states, hunters would torch the capitol over some of these laws. It's a shame. I will fight it tooth and nail. Join the fight.
  14. bojangles

    trade waterfowl ammo

    will do.