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  1. bojangles

    .300 win mag ammo

  2. bojangles

    late archery strategies

    Don’t overthink things. Shoot what poundage you are accurate with. Accuracy trumps everything. Find an elk, get under 50, wait for a good shot, send it. also, practice with you broad heads. what tag do you have?
  3. bojangles

    late archery strategies

    It’s what you feel like you can kill. Use super, ridiculously sharp broad heads and I think you will be fine. Be careful around those broad heads, you want them scary sharp. You may be able to go 50 if the conditions are right. A lot of lost bulls are because they were bumped and not given time to expire. Double lung will go down fast, and maybe a heart shot, too. Any thing else and you better be patient.
  4. bojangles

    late archery strategies

    This is kind of a roll call for late archery elk hunters. For guys like me who don't want to sit on the couch and would rather have any tag, than no tag. Here's my advice, and feel free to offer corrections and chime in with your tips and tricks as well. 1) beware of swirling winds as the sun comes up. This has blown many water hole sits for me. Elk like to water at daybreak, and the winds seem to always shift right as their getting close. 2)Some cows who don't conceive, will be ready again the first week of this hunt. Don't count out rutting activity. You never know. This is the chance for smaller bulls to have their shot, and also to get shot. 3) Consider shooting a spike on opening morning. You may not get another chance. 4) practice. You may have to take a long shot. be prepared. 5) it might be really cold or hot. i don't step out of my truck without provisions to spend a blustery night.
  5. bojangles

    Mechanic Recommendations in Payson

    Decent mechanic in payson? Bwahahaha..... joking aside, try 260 auto in star Valley, coyote auto on Main Street, but payson tire and auto may be the only people open on Saturday, on aero drive.
  6. bojangles

    Youth success

    Great meeting you as well.
  7. bojangles

    Youth success

    Something about the way that’s worded....lol
  8. bojangles

    Youth success

    Well, onX got us to the place, had to make sure we were at the right spot, lol. so it’s not too bad.
  9. bojangles

    Youth success

    Special thanks to the MSA for a great time. I didn’t have a lot of time to scout, all I had was a few “plan b” spots. Open day we were pointed to a great canyon, but all we could find was does. We sat water that afternoon, all we got was sunburnt. It was brutal. The good folks at msa pointed to some spots on the map as suggestions, and I marked them on my gps. The first marker turned up a couple does, so we decide to head to the next spot. A couple miles down the road, and I pulled over to check onX, to make sure we didn’t miss the turn. I’m sitting in the sxs fooling with my phone, and my son says, I think that’s a deer. I looked up, saw nothing, and continued to look at onX. 10 seconds later, he says, that’s a buck! I looked up in time to get a fleeting glance of a forked horn. He grabbed his rifle, and bailed into the creek. I heard a bang, and he yells up, I dropped him! Unfortunately it was out of my field of view. But I jumped in the creek bed, and there he was. We found a puddle in the creek bed he was drinking out of , apparently. 6.5 creed, dropped him, probably 50 yards.
  10. bojangles

    Merriam's elk in New Mexico

    I was told the elk hanging at the r-c in Christopher creek is a merriams, but it’s just hearsay.
  11. bojangles

    218 bee

    I’m jealous. Been looking for a bee 🐝 for a while. I buy ammo for my buddy, who has a 218 bee, at the drug store in springerville. They seem to be the only place that has it.
  12. bojangles

    Bull shot... what happened??

    I’m gonna say you should have given him 3-4 hours with that shot. Maybe more. He’s probably dead. I killed a bull with that shot a couple years ago. It took a while. It likely hit liver, which is a slow process. My bull I’m talking about crashed in 10 minutes, but I came back 2 hours later and he was still alive. I had to finish him off.
  13. bojangles

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    from an independent packaging store. had to go to an ffl, of course. it did cost a fortune, however. it did have to be overnight.
  14. bojangles

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    I just shipped a whole, assembled firearm via UPS, no problems.