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    i LOVE shed hunting and hunting in general. just recently got addicted to coues

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  1. joelpresmyk8

    Wtb Vortex viper spotting scope

    Looking to buy the 20-60x80 model! Text me pictures please and thank you 928-202-9947
  2. joelpresmyk8

    SOLD - Thank you. Polaris wheels and tires $150

    If you still have these please text me 928-202-9947
  3. joelpresmyk8

    **PRICE DROP $75** 22 ft. Multi-Position Ladder

    Do you ever make it up north!
  4. joelpresmyk8

    Kaibab 18x56 basically new *UPDATED*

  5. joelpresmyk8

    Kaibab 18x56 basically new *UPDATED*

    Someone needs it to find their big Coues
  6. joelpresmyk8

    Kaibab 18x56 basically new *UPDATED*

  7. joelpresmyk8

    Kaibab 18x56 basically new *UPDATED*

    We can do 750
  8. joelpresmyk8


  9. joelpresmyk8


  10. joelpresmyk8

    Kaibab 18x56 basically new *UPDATED*

    To the top
  11. 800$ I am selling a pair of Kaibab 18x56s that I bought in November and used for one deer hunt. I know the picture has a high price but I know I enjoy seeing pictures. I can’t text pictures. Amazing glass, I just want to go a different route. Feel free to text me. I will throw in the kinex quiver and three rage broadheads for the price! 928-202-9947 joel
  12. joelpresmyk8

    Wtb 19a flatline map

    Avenza is amazing
  13. joelpresmyk8

    Bee stinger and quiver

    Up for grabs. Bee stinger stabilizer 6 inch for $40 shipped. I bought it and used it for about six shots and just went a different route. Kinex 5 arrow quiver 35 shipped Also basically brand new text me for a faster reply 928-202-9947 joel
  14. joelpresmyk8

    Kinex 5 arrow quiver

    I have a brand new Kinex 5 arrow quiver that weighs 8oz. Just got in the mail and figured out it won’t work for me. I can do 50 to your door. And I’ll throw in a limb saver stabilizer. Feel free to text me as well at 928-202-9947 Joel
  15. joelpresmyk8

    Vortex viper pst 6-24x50 moa

    SOLD!!! Thank you guys!