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    i LOVE shed hunting and hunting in general. just recently got addicted to coues

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  1. joelpresmyk8

    Looking for a roofer

    Kevin PResmyk 301-5529 he can get you hooked up for sure
  2. joelpresmyk8

    Maxxis truck tires...New

    Oh that’s why no reply lol
  3. joelpresmyk8

    Kids 110 quad

  4. joelpresmyk8

    Kids 110 quad

    My son barley road it. We are moving and I don’t want to put it in storage. He only road it a couple hours and I haven’t even done the first oil change yet. Comes with a remote kill switch. 550.00 928-202-9947 joel
  5. joelpresmyk8

    Ultralight gun case

    Is anyone interested in a very nice gun case? For half price!?
  6. joelpresmyk8

    300 blackout brass

    How many pieces
  7. joelpresmyk8

    Vortex amg 6-24

    I have a Vortex amg in mils! Super awesome scope, I just want to switch back to second focal plane. ( I know I know) looking for 1900 obo shipped
  8. joelpresmyk8

    Lapua .338 lapua brass

  9. joelpresmyk8

    Lapua .338 lapua brass

    I have 60 pieces of lapua once fired .338 lapua brass. I ended up buying brass of another kind and don’t need these. Just trying to make my money back. 130 shipped
  10. joelpresmyk8

    Tines Up Canon A2500 Digiscope setup

    Hey can you text me! 928-202-9947 I’m interested but need to see if an adapter would fit my scope
  11. joelpresmyk8

    Anyone use a mountain mikes?

    Thanks man it does tremendously
  12. joelpresmyk8

    Anyone use a mountain mikes?

    Has anyone mounted COUES sheds on a mountain mike skull? Small or medium? Pictures? Thanks!
  13. joelpresmyk8


    Thank you, he won’t even message me back
  14. joelpresmyk8


    P.m. sent hopefully I’m not too late
  15. joelpresmyk8

    FS Shooters World 4350

    Pm sent