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  1. zapatero8

    WTB BTX eye piece

    Looking for a BTX eyepiece lmk what you got.
  2. zapatero8

    PSE Carbon stealth

  3. zapatero8

    PSE Carbon stealth

    $500 obo
  4. zapatero8

    Kifaru muskeg 5000

    New price $175
  5. zapatero8

    SOLD - SEVR 2.0 Broadheads (4)

    I’ll take them
  6. zapatero8

    For sale swaro btx w/95 objective

    BTX eye piece
  7. zapatero8

    For sale swaro btx w/95 objective

    Willing to separate?
  8. zapatero8

    Chest Freezer $40

    I’ll take it
  9. zapatero8

    Boots- Zamberlan

    Zamberlan lowered price $100
  10. zapatero8

    Kifaru muskeg 5000

    $250 … new price
  11. zapatero8

    Swaro BTX eyepiece-SOLD

    Would you sell just the eye piece
  12. zapatero8

    Kifaru muskeg 5000

    In new condition no stains or tears. Got this bag this year but decided to go with a bigger bag. Asking $300 shipping included. Prefer face to face but either is ok. Located in Mesa AZ.
  13. zapatero8

    Phone cam adapter

    New price $50… more than half off new case and adapter.