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  1. zapatero8

    WTT: a box 162gr Eldx ammo for 150 gr silver tip

    If your willing to sell I will buy that box
  2. zapatero8

    7mm 162gr eldx bullets to trade

    If you decide to sell I'd love to buy them
  3. zapatero8

    WTB 7mm hornady ammo

    You and me both
  4. zapatero8

    Vihtavuori N570

    I have 2 lbs of Vihtavuori N570 Smokeless Powder for Large Rifles. Asking $50 each. Both unopened.
  5. zapatero8


    HD? If so im highly interested
  6. zapatero8


  7. zapatero8

    2020 Matthews VXR 31.5 Bow

    How much bare bow?
  8. zapatero8

    Outdoorsmans Optic Pack

    Belt size?
  9. zapatero8

    Bipods, added

    Atlas apologies didnt see the bottom one
  10. zapatero8

    Bipods, added

    I'll take bipod
  11. zapatero8


    I'll take the pants
  12. zapatero8


    Still available?
  13. zapatero8

    Kuiu- first lite- kings camo

  14. zapatero8

    Kuiu- first lite- kings camo

    SOLD Kuiu Guide jacket vias L-$185 SOLD Kuiu super down ultra vias L-$220 First lite Uncompahgre hoody fusion M-$130 SOLD. First lite corrugate pants Fusion M-$80 SOLD.First lite aerowool 150 M-$60 SOLD.First lite kanab 2.0 cipher MT-$80 Kings xkg preacher pant 32x32-$70 ...No holes or tears in anything on the list and kings pants still have tags on. All prices are shipped.