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  1. bowhunter-tw

    Wts 223 projectiles

    Would also trade for 7mm or 6mm bullets.
  2. bowhunter-tw

    WTB/WTT small pistol primers

    Anybody have any small pistol primers for sale? Or could possibly trade other primers for them.
  3. bowhunter-tw

    Anybody looking for 38/357 cast bullets 158gr?

    Bullets Spoken for. Will update if anything changes
  4. 158gr semi wad cutter cast by sns casting. 750 available
  5. bowhunter-tw

    Marlin Model No. 21 12 gauge

    Still got it. OBO
  6. bowhunter-tw

    Wts 223 projectiles

    I have 250 fmj boat tail 55 gr projectiles I’d like to sell. $50 Located in tempe
  7. bowhunter-tw

    Bianchi leather revolver holster

    Shows model 100R for 38/357 $50
  8. bowhunter-tw

    Bass Pro has small primers.

    dang, they were $30 cheaper a few weeks ago when I bought them
  9. bowhunter-tw

    WTS 30-30 brass

    Anybody looking for 30-30 brass? Ive got some I would sell cleaned and sized
  10. bowhunter-tw

    Brass, Various Cal

    Anybody able to use the odd calibers?
  11. bowhunter-tw


    Pm sent on tumbler, separator and 30-06 dies
  12. bowhunter-tw

    Ruger 10/22 like new

    Pm sent
  13. bowhunter-tw

    WTB smaller frame 357 revolver 4” barrel

    Still interested if anybody has something along these lines…
  14. bowhunter-tw

    Nitto tires and wheels

    What bolt spacing are the wheels?