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  1. bowhunter-tw

    Beetle skull guy

    Still doing beetles? Ive got two fresh elk skulls Im looking to have done
  2. bowhunter-tw

    WTB Leather working tools

    Ive seen some pop up on here ever so often, anybody have any leather working tools they are wanting to sell?
  3. bowhunter-tw

    Wtb 6.5 grendel brass

    Anybody selling any?
  4. bowhunter-tw

    Wtb Winchester 300wsm 180gr ammo

    Anybody have a couple boxes? Potentially need for upcoming elk hunt.
  5. bowhunter-tw

    RCBS 7RM Dies

  6. bowhunter-tw

    Price drop - Outdoorsman SAR700-A1 Remington 700 chassis

    Sorry it sold
  7. Looking to sell my 308 bolt face - $100 Around 250 rnds on it located in tempe
  8. bowhunter-tw

    RCBS 7RM Dies

    7 rem mag die set, like new $30 located in tempe
  9. bowhunter-tw

    Reloading Dies and equipment

  10. bowhunter-tw

    .30 Cal projectiles

  11. bowhunter-tw

    Remington 700 Riflr Basix Trigger

    I dont know model. I can try and find out from rifle basix. I cant find a model number on it.
  12. bowhunter-tw

    Remington 700 Riflr Basix Trigger