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  1. hello i have a older marlin .22 bolt action i would trade you i am in tucson i can text you pictures thanks curtis 520-696-0834

  2. bowhunter-tw

    WTB smaller frame 357 revolver 4” barrel

    Sounds very nice, bit out of my price range at the moment though
  3. Anybody have a smaller frame 4” revolver in 357 for sale?
  4. bowhunter-tw


    Ill take them
  5. bowhunter-tw

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    Id be interested in 400-500 .224 55gr soft point bullets, nothing fancy just used for predator hunting.
  6. bowhunter-tw

    7mm 175 grain Nosler LR

    Was just gonna ask 😅
  7. bowhunter-tw

    WTS/WTT Frankford platinum rotary case tumbler

  8. bowhunter-tw

    WTS/WTT Frankford platinum rotary case tumbler

    This is the big one with the rubber liner
  9. Ive got a like new (used twice) rotary tumbler with 5lbs of steel media and new 32oz bottle of cleaning solution Id like to sell or trade Would be interested in trading for rimfire bolt or lever gun, electronic powder dropper or maybe partial trade towards 357 or sig 365 Would sell for $175
  10. bowhunter-tw

    WTT/WTS Frankford platinum case trim station

    Still available
  11. bowhunter-tw

    Redhead outlook 3-9x40 scope