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  1. bowhunter-tw

    Brass for Trade

    Ive got some brass I either dont load for or have a lot of, would like to trade for 7mm rem mag brass. I will be looking for 7mm rem mag dies too, maybe if you want multiple calibers they would hold equal value? 16 6mm cases 7 270 win cases 18 220 swift cases 67 30-30 38 30-06 Could part with some 243 if anybody needs it. make an offer if you just want to buy.
  2. bowhunter-tw

    Anschutz Match 1803 Target .22

    What a way to “make an offer” 🤣
  3. bowhunter-tw

    WTB 7mm rem

    Cleared inbox, pm sent
  4. bowhunter-tw

    WTB 7mm rem

    Still looking
  5. bowhunter-tw

    WTB Marlin 336

    There is one on armslist in mohave valley, stainless xlr https://www.armslist.com/posts/12561112/mohave-valley-arizona-rifles-for-sale--marlin-336-xlr-jm-stamped-30-30
  6. bowhunter-tw

    WTT/WTS Frankford platinum case trim station

    T Tempe... always forget that detail
  7. bowhunter-tw

    WTT/WTS Frankford platinum case trim station

    Picture added
  8. Anybody done any work on their marlin 336 to reduce pull weight and eliminate flop?
  9. bowhunter-tw

    Timney trigger- worth it?

    I do not have a pull gauge.
  10. bowhunter-tw

    Timney trigger- worth it?

    I have a browning xbolt HC Speed 308 with a factory trigger that has a lighter spring installed. The trigger is light and crisp but I think I am still pulling the rifle and it shows at longer ranges. I have a howa 1500 and think I prefer its two stage style trigger better than the (what I assume to be) single stage break on the x bolt. Maybe I am not using the right technique to pull the trigger or something. How would a timney trigger compare to the stock modified xbolt trigger? Would it be a worthy upgrade or do I just need to learn proper trigger technique? like to hear yall’s opinion... thanks!
  11. bowhunter-tw

    Mule deer Rut question

    Hopefully this weekend I can find the exceptions and find the bucks that are rutting. Last year I shot a decent coues last weekend in january right after he had been fighting hard with another buck for an hour, very cool experience
  12. bowhunter-tw

    Mule deer Rut question

    I guess when I see bucks with does or paying attention to them I would consider it the rut, I havent seen them even doing that yet. Going back out this weekend, we’ll see...
  13. bowhunter-tw

    Mule deer Rut question

    Is it weird that not one group of does had bucks chasing or was that just my luck? I talked to another hunter hunting the same area who shot a buck that morning and said he was with 4 other bucks, I woulda thought the bucks would be split up? He also told me to hunt the sunny sides of the hill... news to me Ive always hunted shade, he was right all the deer were in the sun. Learning a lot about hunting outside the desert region.
  14. bowhunter-tw

    Mule deer Rut question

    I was bowhunting 20a this weekend, saturday was a bust. 20mph wind all day saw zero deer. Sunday, no wind, started hunting late and saw about 30 doe/fawns, Will the bucks stay away from a doe if it has fawns? Or is the rut over?