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  1. bowhunter-tw

    H&R Model 900 22 revolver

    9 shot double action revolver. Plenty accurate. $300 located in Tempe
  2. bowhunter-tw

    Hornady 6.5 Bullets for Sale

    I’ll take one large pistol magnum
  3. bowhunter-tw

    WTB Cody Johnson Concert Tickets

    I know its a long shot but figured id post; anybody have extras for sale?
  4. bowhunter-tw

    2012 Kawasaki teryx 4

    Inbox is full.
  5. bowhunter-tw

    WTB Marsupial medium bino harness

    Looking for a medium magnet fully enclosed harness if anybody has one.
  6. bowhunter-tw


  7. bowhunter-tw

    P320 carry medium grip

    Located in Tempe $30 obo came off p320 carry
  8. bowhunter-tw

    Remington 700 CDL SF 280 Ackley Improved

    Awesome looking gun. Very tempting! Always wanted a 280ai
  9. bowhunter-tw

    Blacks creek bino harness

    Anybody use a black creek guide gear bino harness? Been looking for a harness with a holster and like the looks of the raptor harness. Anybody have experience with it?
  10. bowhunter-tw


    Does something like that kick like a mule?
  11. bowhunter-tw

    Fs Marlin 444 & 45-70 & 30-30

    For real, I paid $500 for mine in 2019 and felt like I was getting ripped off!
  12. bowhunter-tw

    Stone glacier sky 5900

    Cant receive messages
  13. Good condition, 2nd generation. $700 obo would be interested in trading for a 22 lever gun located in tempe
  14. bowhunter-tw

    Free stuff

    I’ll take the release
  15. bowhunter-tw

    ISO AR15 mil spec stock

    Anybody have an ar15 mil spec carbine stock for sale? I want to get a daniel defense but theyre out of stock. Need something for the mean time. Im in Tempe