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  1. Dstaffk5

    Reloading Items

    Pm sent
  2. Dstaffk5

    Looking for 7.62x39 brass and 45 acp brass

    I have lots of both of those calibers. What calibers do you have for trade?
  3. Dstaffk5


    Pm sent
  4. Dstaffk5


    I will trade
  5. Dstaffk5

    6.5mm and 7mm bullets for sale

    Pm sent
  6. Dstaffk5

    Remington 700 S/S synthetic stock in .204 Ruger

    Is this still available?
  7. Dstaffk5

    300 winning mag brass

    Pm sent
  8. Dstaffk5

    Dies, .45 Holster, Brass

    Pm sent
  9. Dstaffk5

    7mm Rem Mag brass- Sold

    pm sent
  10. Dstaffk5

    Brass .308, .243, 6mm. $.22 / Piece

    pm sent
  11. Dstaffk5

    300 saum brass

    pm sent
  12. Dstaffk5

    300 win mag brass, M855 ammo

    PM sent
  13. Dstaffk5

    308 Cases Once Fired Winchester SPF

    I will take these. Sending PM
  14. Dstaffk5

    Reloading brass and bullets

    I will take both the 168 accubonds