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  1. Oso Verde

    McMillan Game Warden edge fill- long action

    Thanks for all the PMs. Item is no longer available.
  2. Oso Verde

    Utility trailer 6x12

    Single axle 6x12 trailer. new floor new Jack ramps 3500# Torflex axle w/brakes utv tie downs $2000 cash only
  3. This a long action stock for a Rem 700 or clone. No scratches or dings. $500. Located in Vail.
  4. Oso Verde

    Bighorn Massis wheels and tires - SOLD

    Pm sent
  5. Oso Verde

    Sig KILO2400ABS

  6. Oso Verde

    Sig KILO2400ABS

  7. Oso Verde

    Sig KILO2400ABS

    Up for consideration is a NEW 2400 ABS. I fell on the old unit and broke it and my ribs. Sig replaced with no questions asked. I now use the Swaro EL and just don’t need this. Thanks for looking. $900. Live in Vail.
  8. Oso Verde


    What’s the bolt pattern? Tried looking it up but it is dependent on The year of the utv?
  9. Oso Verde

    Cape traps

  10. Oso Verde

    In need of 6.5 PRC BRASS

    Brass is gone
  11. Oso Verde

    WTB rangefinder

    I have a Leica 1600 that I am not using. Not sure if that is what your looking for. $275 I live in Vail.
  12. Oso Verde

    Heel Lift in Stiffer Boots

    I had a pair of crispi thors and experienced the exact same issues. I tried everything except wetting them and wearing them dry. I am a wild land fireman by trade and have tried all of the best boots and the crispi was the last one on the list. Good solid boot and I'm not knocking them at all. My god son is wearing those boots this year and he loves them. They just weren't for me. Try a surgeon knot at the ankle. Don't keep fighting it. Lots of good boots out there. Good luck.
  13. Oso Verde

    Sig Romeo 4h

    Does this model have the 4 reticle option?
  14. Oso Verde

    Stoeger M3000 Semiauto -SOLD-

    Pm sent
  15. What brass are you shooting? Creed is correct. I use the that method and and have 10 firings on one lot of ADG brass. I also anneal every other firing.