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  1. Oso Verde

    UTV Mechanic needed in Tucson

    Looking for a reputable UTV mechanic in the Tucson /Vail area. Specifically a tuneup.
  2. Oso Verde

    Mpa ba hybrid chassis

    Interested. Does it take magazines?
  3. Oso Verde

    6.5 Hornady 147 ELD-m

    I'll take them. I have H1000 and H4350. Pm sent
  4. Oso Verde

    leupold mark 4

    Bump for a great piece of equipment.
  5. I'll take the 123 gr sst. Message inbound
  6. Oso Verde

    Nightforce NXS

    Bump for a great scope (have 3) and a solid seller
  7. Oso Verde


    I will take both Rl 26 and h1000. Pm sent
  8. Oso Verde


    Pm sent for 225s
  9. Oso Verde

    Used 243 brass

  10. Oso Verde

    Used 243 brass

    I'll trade you some beer. In vail
  11. Oso Verde


    I'll take the 123s. PM sent
  12. Oso Verde

    WTB 7mm-08 Barrel for an AR10

    Lilja makes a nice barrel for that application.
  13. Oso Verde

    Minox MD 62 ED spotting scope for sale

    TTT. Guaranteed to find big deer.