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  1. Oso Verde

    Used 243 brass

  2. Oso Verde

    Used 243 brass

    I'll trade you some beer. In vail
  3. Oso Verde


    I'll take the 123s. PM sent
  4. Oso Verde

    WTB 7mm-08 Barrel for an AR10

    Lilja makes a nice barrel for that application.
  5. Oso Verde

    Minox MD 62 ED spotting scope for sale

    TTT. Guaranteed to find big deer.
  6. I have the Minox MD 62 ED spotting scope with a 30x wide angle lense for sale. It has been kept in its case. Glass is immaculate. $350.00
  7. Oso Verde

    WTB 6.5 Grendel reloading dies

    Looking for a full length and seating die for the 6.5 Grendel. Thanks for your time.
  8. Oso Verde

    Decked Truck Bed System

    These are awesome! Have one in my Tundra. That's a smoking deal as well. Good luck
  9. Oso Verde


    I would take those Amaxs off your hands if you decide to separate. Nice gun and good luck!
  10. Oso Verde

    300 blackout and 556-223 brass for trade

    Got plenty of 270 brass if you need it
  11. Oso Verde

    Brass 223 30-06

    I'll take the 308, 243 and Grendel brass if it is once fired. Just texted you
  12. Oso Verde


    Pm sent
  13. Oso Verde

    Firearm projects sold

    Interested in A5. I'm in Vail. Sent pm
  14. Oso Verde

    Looking for some .224 55 grain vmax

    Pm sent.
  15. Oso Verde

    $$$ RARE -- Klondyke Butte Print by Michael Fabritz

    Stunning. Very interested