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  1. sambojenkins


    Asking 1350$ Comes with FHF bino harness and outdoorsman stud Located in Safford but I do make regular trips to Mesa
  2. sambojenkins

    Looking for Federal 215M primers

    If you are ever in Safford, look me up. I might be able to help
  3. sambojenkins

    Kifaru Muskeg w/ frame

    In case your interested I do have a pair of UHD 12x50 that I am looking to sale. Unfortunately I am not in the market for another backpack.
  4. sambojenkins

    Midsouth has retumbo

    Didn’t last long
  5. sambojenkins

    Matt Rinella - Hunting and Social Media

    Thanks for posting that article. Definitely makes one think
  6. sambojenkins


    I have the ranger 1800. If you are ever in Safford, look me up
  7. sambojenkins

    Midway. Cci 450 primers

    I recently got a box of the 215m. If you’re ever going through Safford look me up.
  8. sambojenkins

    7mm bullets

    https://www.selwayarmory.com/hornady-bullets-284-caliber-7mm-284-diameter-162-gr-eld-x-boat-tail-box-of-100.html no longer in stock
  9. sambojenkins

    7mm bullets

    If your ever in Safford let me know. I have a box of 162 grain eldx that I could let go of
  10. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/953586171?pid=814002&utm_medium=shopping&utm_source=ammo-seek&utm_campaign=814002
  11. sambojenkins

    Angle compensating

    your range finder should have a line of sight mode where it gives you the uncompensated distance along with the angle. If you use this mode on your range finder then you will need to add the angle in app as well
  12. sambojenkins

    Ammo for sale

    I just sent you a text
  13. sambojenkins

    Ammo for sale

    Superformance SPF
  14. sambojenkins

    Ammo for sale

    Sounds great! I’ll shoot you a message sometime next week when I have a better idea on what my plans are
  15. sambojenkins

    Ammo for sale

    I have some 7mm rem mag ammo that I am looking to let go of. I have #37 rounds of federal premium Nosler accubond 160 grains looking for 85$ I also have #54 rounds of hornady superformance 139 grain SST looking for 125$ I will sell all together for 200$ I am located in Safford but I will be in Mesa next weekend