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  1. 360 0r Better

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    I call BS with it that cold 2to 3 at most plus you must be a fisherman to boot 🥾
  2. 360 0r Better

    Swarovski stud

    How about the top of a rock or tree branch better than nothing that’s what was used before tripods
  3. 360 0r Better

    Major winter storm to hit high country

    I can remember back in the late 60s or early 70s driving to Prescott and the snow was piled about half that high 12 to 14 feet deep and I’ve seen the same thing at Jacobs Lake time to get the snow shoes out
  4. 360 0r Better

    Don't try this at HOME!

    Here’s your sign
  5. 360 0r Better

    FS: Ruger 10/22 Deluxe Sporter w/Leupold 2-7 Scope

    No that is the standard stock I’ve got one of the first ones made and they are short on lop
  6. 360 0r Better

    Jawbone ID?

    Well Oregon is by the coast so other than pike or pickerel I’m going to throw in barracuda as another possible species to be the former owner of this jaw
  7. 360 0r Better


    Also known as vernier calipers / dial one in the same
  8. 360 0r Better

    Live Trap- trying to remove a coyote in town.

    If it’s a threat to life or safety you can plunk it with a 22 in the city limits just if the cops show up or a neighbor calls about a gun shot that would be your story and you just stick to it. You know it was coming at me in an aggressive manner and I feared for my safety or if you have kids their safety problem solved.
  9. 360 0r Better

    Waring Pro meat grinder $200 or trades

    It’s in the title first line
  10. 360 0r Better

    Cabela’s Gun Safe

    He said Reasonable
  11. 360 0r Better

    Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope 20x60-85

    Don’t bother I’m just waiting for it to arrive from his buddy in California!
  12. 360 0r Better

    Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope 20x60-85

    Pm sent 1st in line
  13. 360 0r Better

    Honda pioneer 1000-5 deluxe

    Price wasn’t there when first posted cause I was going to bid $500.00. but we still have no idea what year it is?
  14. 360 0r Better

    Wtb 15X56 binos

    You forgot Munox and Lieca and Steiner
  15. 360 0r Better

    ***Price drop $775 Vortex Razor HD 22-48x 65 Spotting Scope

    Trying to pm you but it says you are unable to receive messages so are you interested in trading for a pair of vortex razor hd 10x42 with bino pouch and harness?