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  1. 360 0r Better


    He one comment sounded like he was already leaving
  2. 360 0r Better


    It’s people like you that make extremely low offers in public view that got everyone going like I said it gave me a good laugh. that gun is worth every penny he is asking by the way, go price them if you can find one that looks to be in as good of shape as this one.
  3. 360 0r Better


    That one made me laugh
  4. 360 0r Better

    LEUPOLD VX5Hd 4-20x52 MOA

    No box says duplex
  5. 360 0r Better

    Jack's Reloading Supply

    Maybe through google pay but the giveaway should have been the extremely low prices given today’s market.
  6. 360 0r Better


    What you’ve never seen a talking deer before? Man you need to get out of the house more!
  7. 360 0r Better

    H1000 in stock

    Well that sold out quickly after Matt made a visit (lol)
  8. 360 0r Better

    Safety Conscious Tom

    And this is why turkey’s are one of the smartest birds out there.
  9. 360 0r Better

    223, 9mm, and .40 For Sale

    And he said he never checks posts-right
  10. 360 0r Better


    Hold your skivvies cause I think it’s only going to get worse with the dems in control
  11. 360 0r Better

    Trail camera rule changes!

    Did you smear some peanut butter on the lense
  12. 360 0r Better

    Raccoon Hunting

    I’ve seen porcupines up north and not far from my house out by the CAP canal also I have even feed skunks up in oak creek by hand at picnic tables in bootlegger formerly slide rock camp even have seen a couple badgers up north and out by wickenburg.
  13. 360 0r Better


    Boy those people tasted good but that one ladies perfume tasted like chit!
  14. 360 0r Better

    Raccoon Hunting

    So does lake pleasant
  15. 360 0r Better

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    The ones they saw at my house I lost them in a boating accident the day before they showed up to get them