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  1. 360 0r Better

    Remingrton 700

    Got to be one of hundreds or one of one!
  2. 360 0r Better

    1994 Jeep yj....HUNTING RIG

    Probably not with 4 banger not common that way
  3. 360 0r Better


    Biggest problem is most that do this lack one item, COMMON COURTESY not to leave you hanging
  4. 360 0r Better

    223 ammo

  5. 360 0r Better

    New River/ Fig springs locked down

    And that’s why they can close it off like that, still access from another point. The only time they cannot is if that entry point is the only access to BLM or NF land.
  6. 360 0r Better

    Need trailer wiring adapter

    Exactly what he said it’s not made
  7. 360 0r Better

    Youth shotgun recommendations

    Myself I prefer a single shot for youth to start off with as they are inexpensive and it teaches them to concentrate on the one shot they have. This what I learned on as well as my son. Full or modified for the chock and once they get good at it they will be able to work it almost as fast as a pump. The last plus to a single shot is the kids won’t burn through so much ammunition and teaches them shot placement and patience.
  8. 360 0r Better

    WTB Polaris Ranger Crew Northstar Edition

    Plus no city sales taxes
  9. 360 0r Better

    victory sf 10x42

    Let’s start the bidding at $50.00
  10. 360 0r Better

    Looking for Azruger

    If you know his sir name have you tried a search that way might put you on the right track
  11. 360 0r Better

    Potable Water Totes

    Get some purogene to sanitize it then follow that with citric acid this is what is done in the airline industry to clean and sanitize potable drinking water carts and trucks they used to do the same on aircraft but now they use a high tech ozone sanitizer on them
  12. 360 0r Better

    ATV trailer recommendations

    They make that setup it’s called a Toyhauler
  13. 360 0r Better

    Truck bed lights

  14. 360 0r Better

    Truck bed lights

    Try super brightness.com or bluewaterleds.com Both will give you lots of options to be able to customize to your liking Did my boat using these to options all the compartments and live well for about 100.00