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  1. 360 0r Better

    Pinpointing downed animal

    It’s not but you know some people jeez
  2. 360 0r Better

    Pinpointing downed animal

    Ditto for me as well easy pezzy usually come within 10 yards or less of the kill
  3. 360 0r Better

    Out of state hunters

    Sounds like it’s time to quit hunting out of state unless you have more money than sense plus we need to support our local taxidermist as we do have some of the best in our state. another guestion comes to mind whom is going to patrol the borders of the neighboring states affected to make sure the sick deer 🦌 and elk don’t come into Arizona and drop dead and cause the spread of CWD
  4. 360 0r Better


    All I see is a dot on a blank page probably not available still this listing was from 2011 just saying
  5. 360 0r Better

    We need a CWT gathering

    Make sure you bring the German version Veenerslide
  6. 360 0r Better

    Red flag laws

    Yup this would make repreations seem cheap, I know I sure would walk off with a fair chunk of change
  7. 360 0r Better

    Job Opening

    This seems pretty common now days for a lot of young people, I always say as follows!
  8. 360 0r Better

    Clinton Body Count Tally

  9. 360 0r Better

    fake turf installer

    Internet tough guy here bragging about everything he probably doesn’t have and Hunt Harder sent me a pm telling me EMR has the whitest teeth he had ever cume across and he enjoyed his little girl hands schucks!🤫
  10. 360 0r Better

    James "Jimbo" Lockery

    I know exactly what you mean sometimes the most off the wall things will set off memories and then the tears start to roll
  11. 360 0r Better

    James "Jimbo" Lockery

    Just ran across this today and I feel your sense of lose I just lost my 38 year old daughter to cancer on February 24, 2019. I have the same feeling you have and I ran across this and it really makes sense out of why we feel this way during the loose of a close loved one. I hope this helps you and anyone else that reads this and going through a similar situation. It sure has for me at leas. First time uploading on here so I hope it works
  12. 360 0r Better

    'Violation of Community Standards"

    Their not leaning liberal they already are and have been for a long time
  13. 360 0r Better


    New word of the day for the Libs and gun control DIPSHITIOTS it will never happen Besides I have good gun control, I point I squeeze it drops nuff said!
  14. 360 0r Better

    Marlin 336

    That’s all they come in
  15. 360 0r Better

    Arizona Taxidermy Training

    Lots of do it yourself stuff available on the internet and I’m sure you tube would as well