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  1. rexc5

    GPS and Field Communications?

    Garmin Rino. Several people in our party use them. Great GPS tracking. Up to 5W radio for communication.
  2. Please contact me if you have a decent vehicle we could look at. Thanks
  3. rexc5

    Dire need of size 13 hunting boots

    Thanks for the responses. He broke down a bought a cheap pair. I'm sure a price will be paid in foot pain. Oh the joys of being young.!
  4. My 22 yr old son will be elk hunting with me next week and he still needs boots. He will be moving at the end of the year and won't use much after that. So were looking for something inexpensive to get thru the elk and deer hunts. Need this weekend. (by Wed at latest) Call Rex 520-403-3591
  5. rexc5

    Remington 870 barrel for sale

    Finally a barrel for my 870, but then realized it not a 20 ga. Looking for a 20 ga barrel if anybody knows of one for sale.
  6. rexc5

    Versa Pod rifle bipod $40

    I'm interested! Been looking at bipods all wknd. Can you tell me if this stays on the gun and folds upward? What is the overall weight?
  7. rexc5

    Brunton 15x51 Binos for sale

    Very interested...please PM if I'm considered.