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  1. Pure2j

    Reloading dies and case prep

    Will also trade for 308 ammo or rifle powder for 308/223 loads
  2. Pure2j

    Reloading dies and case prep

    Mesa. Yes all for sale individually
  3. 38,357,44mag, 762x54r,308 all sold Lee 223 dies $25 sold Redding 223 match dies $100 Redding carbide 9mm dies $75 lyman scale $20 lyman case trimmer with pilots $25 sold lee decapper $10 Hornady 11th edition reloading book sold RCBS neck turner $25 sold 30cal cleaning rod $20 223 case trimmer $35 sold Rcbs bullet puller $10 sold
  4. Pure2j

    Holosun red dot 510

    Or trade looking for a Vortex spitfire, Sig lpvo can add cash on my end.
  5. Pure2j

    Holosun red dot 510

    Holosun 510c used a few hundred rounds $250 Luth stock SOLD 223 upper Aero slick side upper Luth hand guard Midway fluted 223 wylde mid gas adjustable gas block 3 port comp less than 500rds sold
  6. Pure2j

    WTS Primary Arms Upper .223 Wylde:SOLD

    Interested sending you a pm.
  7. 38spl 158gr lead 100rd 357 mag 158 soft point 50rd Trade for 308 brass case 1for1
  8. Luth MBA-1 stock new in box $100 or trade for small pistol or small rifle primers.
  9. Pure2j

    Powder trade

  10. Pure2j

    Powder trade

    I have #1 varget and #1 322 wanting to trade for 8208xbr.
  11. Pure2j


    Pm sent