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  1. mesajeeper

    WTB IPhone

    I purchased a 8 from a member. Thank you everyone for the help!
  2. mesajeeper

    WTB IPhone

    Thanks guys for the offers. Since she is buying her own phone, it is up to her. She is set on an iPhone 8 or newer
  3. mesajeeper

    WTB IPhone

    Anything guys? Let me know what you have. I really hate to buy off of offer-up:(
  4. mesajeeper

    WTB IPhone

    Posting for my teenage daughter. She is looking for an Iphone 8 or newer to be used on Verizon network. She purchased her Iphone 7 trough a member on this site which lasted a couple of years. She is looking to spend no more than $200. Dad could kick in a few bucks for the right phone however I would prefer not to if possible. Let me know what you have and your asking price? PM me or text at 602-703-2935. Also, we are on the east side so prefer Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, etc.
  5. mesajeeper

    Traeger Renegade Elite

    I'll take if HunterB17 falls through. call or text 602-703-2935
  6. mesajeeper

    WTB LH .223

    I know this is a long shot, but I am looking to purchase at left handed .223 with heavy barrel for my son for Christmas. He likes the Ruger Predator but I am open to other options. Let me know what you have and a price! PM would be great. Thank you!
  7. mesajeeper

    WTB Dirt bike

    Thanks for the reply. This is not the bike he is looking for. His preference is a crf250r at this point. Let me know if anyone has this or something similar they are looking to sell.
  8. mesajeeper

    WTB Dirt bike

    Son is looking to buy a dirt bike in the next few days. He is looking for a 250 four stroke or a 125 two stroke. He is looking to spend up to $1,700. Anyone have one they are looking to get rid of?
  9. mesajeeper

    First time using trail cam pics

    Looks good! Thanks for sharing!
  10. mesajeeper

    Boat for rent?

    No one? I was hoping to rent locally so I can be on the lake at daylight and fish for a few hours before the wind picks up. If I recall correctly, the rentals at the lake are not available until 8am. We are leaving in tomorrow so let me know asap if you have something available. Curt 602-703-2935
  11. mesajeeper

    Boat for rent?

    We are headed to the Big Lake area this weekend for a few nights camping, scouting, etc. Wanted to hit the lake for a few hours early in the morning before the boat rentals are available. Anyone have a little tinny they want to rent out for a few days? East side of the valley would be best. Let me know what you have. Curt 602-703-2935
  12. mesajeeper

    Wanted Iphone

    I just picked one up from a member here. Thanks Tony
  13. mesajeeper

    Wanted Iphone

    The phone needs to be compatible with Verizon. Thanks again!
  14. mesajeeper

    Wanted Iphone

    My daughter wants an iphone and has saved up $250. Anyone have one in good condition for this price before I go to craigslist and risk being ripped off?
  15. mesajeeper

    Off-road shop

    Letzroll Offroad is my go to shop. He has done a lot of work for me on my Jeep and my truck. Always exceeds my expectations at a very fair price. They are in the North East Valley, Greenfield and the 202. Talk to Andrew. He will take care of you. You can tell him Curt sent you.