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  1. Roofer Billy

    Picture going around .....

    Hybrid 😆😅😂🤣😭
  2. Roofer Billy

    1997 Ford ranger stepside

  3. Roofer Billy

    1997 Ford ranger stepside

  4. Roofer Billy

    1997 Ford ranger stepside

    Looking to trade my 1997 Ford Ranger 4x2 4cylinder 5 speed manual transmission. Has just over 200000 on odometer. 6900 on new motor and transmission. All new rebuildt front end , new rims and tires ,new stereo, speakers, and seats. Everything works excellent. A/C blows cold heat works good. Etc.... asking 6500.. or similar to that value Looking for a aluminum fishing boat. Or something light enough to tow behind a S10 4x4
  5. Roofer Billy

    Shooting sense

    Maybe I'm wrong. I was taught to sight my 270 rifle in at 100 yards and it would have a 1/2 to a inch rise at 200 and back on at 300 then drop like heck after that. it's been years since I've sighted in anything. Last time I used a laser bore sight and it took 3 shots at 100 to zero it in. I've never made any real long shots . But have hit and killed everything I've shot at.
  6. Roofer Billy

    Shooting sense

    Yep should be dead on at 100 and a 1/2 to a inch high at 200 and back to dead on at 300.
  7. Roofer Billy

    Ridgid lights

  8. Roofer Billy

    Ridgid lights

    Really would like to find a pit bike or dirt bike type stuff. But willing to take offers on anything. Billy 480 476 333five
  9. Roofer Billy

    Ridgid lights

  10. Roofer Billy

    Ridgid lights

    I have a few 40 curved light bars and a couple other lights from Ridgid. All brand new looking for trades .
  11. Roofer Billy

    Unit 24A - Early December - 2023

    The pinals burnt really bad last year or maybe the year before. There is still a lot of whitetail up there though. Just really scattered and deep back in. The roads are washed out real bad two. And in December the top is very icey and lots of snow up there. Good area to hunt for sure especially in December. Just be very careful and prepare for the worst up on top .
  12. Roofer Billy

    if you own a Tracker boat

    It's my fat girlfriend. Keep her she eats to much
  13. Roofer Billy

    MISSING since 1/8/2023

    Asshole really.
  14. Roofer Billy

    Bull found 5BS

    What a waste
  15. Roofer Billy

    Ravin R29 Crossbow plus extras $1700 OBO

    That's a good deal. Ravens shoot 100 plus yards out of the box. If your looking for a crossbow. Jump all over this.