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  1. Baboltin

    ISO 12x50 swaro

    Dang I’m looking for some as well. I wonder how he is selling them so cheap. I wonder if he will ship. Does anyone have his username on eBay?
  2. Baboltin

    Brand New Badlands Sleeping Bag

    I will take it if it falls through .
  3. Baboltin

    Tally rem 700 rings

    Do you believe that the lapping if the rings were benificial or needed on the Talley rings ?
  4. Baboltin


    Hd ?
  5. Baboltin

    New business

    I didn’t make this post to advertise but instead to hear from others that share the same interest as me and hear their opinion of what I am trying to do. I don’t mind becoming a site sponsor and am considering it once I figure out the correct person to talk with. Just wasn’t aware it was a option tell this post, so at very least this post was benifical to the point of me being able to find out that is an option for myself which not only benefits my business as well as the forum!!! I’m not using a fake name by the way it’s the same name that I have used and posted with for years before this post and if you actually took the time to look at my website and read about us you would see that it’s far from a fake name but my actually name!!! Do a little research before spouting off.
  6. Baboltin

    New business

    How do you know it’s ill fitting if you haven’t worn one ?
  7. Baboltin

    New business

    We appreciate the advice and constructive criticism but I do believe you are looking at it totally different from what our goal is. We are an apparel company meaning we sell clothing, such as hushin or deadeye outfitters they are both apparel companies that market to the hunting world and are very successful, we just hope to one day be as successful as them. We appreciate your point of view and that was why I made this post.
  8. Baboltin

    New business

    Thank you I appreciate that and they are what we are modeling our business off of! They and hushin, and either one of them on initial start up offered Camo and still barely do, so I totally agree with you. Thank you for your support !
  9. Baboltin

    New business

    Our company may not have Camo but we 100 percent hunt and support hunting! We are a everyday apparel company.
  10. Baboltin

    New business

    Does that mean it’s free game toward you as well?!
  11. Baboltin

    New business

    What guy? If your implying my business partner yes he does and so do I. Otherwise I don’t believe this is a valid question and more so an insult to me and just you trying to get me fired up!
  12. Baboltin

    New business

    I appreciate everyone’s advice and input. Thanks everyone. We also have a bunch more gear coming so be sure to check back in.
  13. Baboltin

    New business

    We appreciate the constructive criticism and I don’t think that’s a bad idea! That is my personal favorite t shirt we have to offer at the moment and I don’t disagree with you, it would look awesome on the back as well. Well if you do make a purchase we appreciate the support and hope you at least continue to come back and see what we have to offer. Thank you for your positivity!
  14. Baboltin

    New business

    What hole are you talking about ? The snap back hole or the vented hat holes? We offer a hat that is non vented but they are all snap back we will be looking into fitted hats in the future.
  15. Baboltin

    New business

    We offer a hat that is a shaped hat brim that comes to you as a flat brim but can be shaped or bent however you like it. I personally like my hats not flat but not a super big bend in them. We also offer trucker hats.