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  1. Viper

    ISO Canvas Wall Tent

    PM sent
  2. Viper

    ISO Canvas Wall Tent

    I have a Cabellas Alaknak 12x12 I'm considering selling. It comes with the wood stove, floor protector, roof protector, vestibule, center pole accessory hooks, all stakes/ropes. All stowed in a very large military canvas bag.
  3. Viper

    Got my archery bull

    Very nice bull! Congrats!
  4. Viper

    2022 14ft Dual Axle Trailer

    That happened to me too. You need to save them in jpeg format first.
  5. Viper

    FS closed roads

    We were in 5B-S for 5 days of the elk hunt. We camped off a short road that my buddy has camped at the last 4 years. We weren't in camp when the FS person showed up, so they left a note and crappy map. Note said "you are camped on a closed road, please vacate by Monday". The other camp talked to the FS person who said nothing about the closed road. Said they were there for 14 days and needed to move. There were plenty of camps outside the designated "camping zones", but on open roads. They weren't asked to move. It appears the FS is enforcing the closed road camping but not the designated "camping zones". People where still driving on "closed" roads without issue. I asked a G&F officer about it...he said "don't get me started". A little consistency from the FS would be nice. There seems to be a lot of confusion.
  6. Viper

    (SOLD) Receiver Hitch for sale

    Bolt hole dimensions in the picture
  7. Viper

    (SOLD) Receiver Hitch for sale

    I'll post measurements when I get home tomorrow.
  8. Viper

    (SOLD) Receiver Hitch for sale

    Not sure. I can take measurements when I get home Wednesday afternoon. I am camping until then. Feel free to send me a reminder.
  9. Wow! Awesome, knarly buck! Amazing mass out of that little skull.