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  1. Viper

    Sheep tag in the family

    Congratulations to your daughter!! That is a beautiful ram! That has to be the ultimate hunt/experience.
  2. Viper

    2019 coues

    Great buck!! Way to stick with it.
  3. Viper

    First coues

    Nice buck! Way to go.
  4. Viper

    Bore Scope?

    I was about to do a similar post when I read this. Mine suddenly opened up to a 2" group at 100 yrds. Rem 700 .270, sporter barrel. 600 rounds.
  5. I can't get past the twisted fluting on the barrel.
  6. I am contemplating the same in 6.5 PRC. Ridgeline or X-bolt LR ($800 less) or X-bolt Pro. The X-bolts get good reviews.
  7. Viper

    Cooper 295/70/18 tires

    Do you suppose these would fit/not rub a stock 2014 Ram 2500 diesel with a 2" level kit on the front?
  8. Viper


    Welcome. Nice 1st post and story. I have the feeling you'll be sharing more success stories in the near future.
  9. What is the average cost? $150 - $200? Is there a recommended manufacturer/model?
  10. Around 700 rounds through it. I believe it is the standard sporter-type barrel, Rem 700 XCR, .270 cal. I plan to keep it. After putting a Bell & Carlson stock on it and bedding the recoil lug, it shoots 3/4 moa. However, I sometimes get the itch for something lighter and more "custom" ;-)
  11. Viper

    Put it all together

    Great buck!!
  12. I am thinking of putting a muzzle brake on my Rem 700 .270 cal. The barrel is not threaded, so I was thinking of a clamp on type. This one caught my interest. Thoughts? Reason is, I am working on extending my effective range and I would like to see impact on target. Currently the muzzle rise takes me off target. https://www.wittmachine.net/custom-clamp-on-muzzle-brake.html
  13. Viper

    Father/Daughter Speedgoat Quest

    Congrats to you both! Great bucks! That is really cool that your daughter can share these experiences with you.
  14. Viper

    Dodge Ram Tow Mirrors-Brand New!!

    Are they the electric folding or manual folding? Where are you located?
  15. Viper

    A little freaked out today

    "Don't let the cat out of the bag" 😀 .....uh...don't let anyone know the location.