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  1. Viper


    I'll buy the bow for my brother. PM sent.
  2. Viper

    Kuiu Roll Call

    I wear Carhart double front pants for rifle coues. Attack pants for archery hunting. Gators really help preserve them in the brush. I wear the Tiburons for hot weather. Love the hip vents for dumping heat. I really like the Peloton 240 jacket too. I wait for sales to buy. Should be a Memorial Day sale coming up.
  3. Viper


    They are on north side of 260, Star Valley, in the old circle k building. Is this Tony? How's Danny doing? - Brad
  4. Allie's Auto Air on Country Club in Mesa. That's all they do. It's been years since I used them, but they were very fare and honest then.
  5. Do you know the length and weight? Location?
  6. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. It is all SPF.
  7. Lots of views but no replies. Was prices too high...or? See add for lower prices. Feel free to advise, make offer.
  8. * Lots of views but no replies. Are the prices too high...or? Feel free to advise. See below for lower prices, OBO. I have a lot of once fired brass to sale. Not very familiar with pricing. I searched a couple web sites and came up with this pricing. Let me know in PM if I'm off base and make offer. I don't want to mess with shipping at this point. Can be picked up in Mesa, Val Vista and Southern area. .223/5.56 - mostly .223 PMC brand, otherwise mixed head stamp. I have 33 pounds (about 2400 casings) = $8 $5 per pound. (About 74 casings per pound). .308 - mixed head stamp, mostly Hornady. 119 casings = $20 $15 30-30 - Win and Rem headstamps. Come in original boxes. 349 casings = $55 $40 per 100. 6.5 CR - 1 box of 20, Norma =$10 $8 .270 - all Rem in original boxes. 400 casings = $50 $40 per 100. .40 S&W - mixed headstamps, mostly American Eagle, Blazer, Fed. in original boxes. 4000 casings = $4 $3 per 100. .45 - mixed headstamps. 1 bag of 128 casings = $10. $7 .38 Spl - 31 boxes/50, 1550 casings. Mixed headstamps. Mostly brass, some nickel. = $12 $10 per 100. .357 mag - 5 boxes/50, 250 casings. Mixed headstamps. Brass and nickel. = $12 $10 per 100. .223/5.56 .308, 6.5 CR, .45 30-30 .270 .40 (this shows top row. bottom row is Fed, American Eagle, Blazer) .38 Spl .357 mag
  9. Viper

    WTB N565

    I bought an 8 pound jug from Bruno's a few months ago. I called him, he had some and held it until I got there.
  10. Viper

    2007 Jumping Jack Camp Trailer - $2500

    What kind of condition is it in? Pics?
  11. Viper

    Leica HD-B 2000

    What are the lens specs? 10x42?...
  12. Viper

    Berger 6.5 CAL.

    Do you remember the price?
  13. $55 isn't too bad. I paid $65 last time.
  14. Viper


    I have this same scope and love it. Excellent price, considering the throw lever and covers are another couple hundred dollars.
  15. Viper

    Primers *SOLD*