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  1. Gunit

    ATV hunters running in prohibited areas

    Thank you for your reasonable response. I worry whenever I read a thread like this one; shooting? Sabotage? If you want to be away from any vehicles then walk to where they cannot go, simple as that.
  2. Gunit

    WTB 16 ga O/U

    I am not sure this is what you have in mind but here are a couple nice 16ga O/U’s available for sale: https://williamlarkinmoore.com/inventory/itemid/7027 https://williamlarkinmoore.com/inventory/itemid/7879
  3. I am in need of some Barnes 30 cal 168gr TTSX bullets, let if know if you have some.
  4. Gunit

    Good luck to u kiddos

    My 11yo godson scored in 6A last night
  5. Gunit

    Name that gun!

    The gun is a FRANCOTTE imported and sold by Abercrombie & Fitch. It is a model 45 the highest grade they imported, made in 1920. I shot it today at Eurasian doves.
  6. Gunit

    Name that gun!

    Let’s move this in another direction. Anyone recognize this gun? Imported and sold by one of the largest retailers in this country.
  7. Gunit

    Rifle recommendations

    I used this out of the box Weatherby Mark V Classicmark in 7mm mag on my sheep hunt and several others. The only change was to install a Timney trigger. The gun always shoots 3 Barnes 145 LRX into .6”, not bad for a sporter-weight barrel and wood stock. It cracks me up that there are people out there that believe that you are handicapping yourself by using a traditional finish rifle.
  8. Thanks everyone for your interest. Made me wish that I had more than one to sell. Bojangles was the first to inquire and he purchased the boat.
  9. I am selling a Gregor model H23 aluminum boat, this is an all welded hull. The boat is 12’ and rated for up to 20 hp. Includes Johnson 15 hp motor and trailer. Motor needs carb rebuild and impeller service. Includes roof racks for cartop carry as well. The boat and motor were purchased new by my father in 1978 and has been in the family ever since. The boat has not been registered in 40 years and is no longer in the system. I do not have any title, so is being sold AS-IS with bill of sale only. SOLD, THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST !
  10. Gunit

    OHV decal

    I had the exam same issue. I went to a off site MVD and it was handled in 10 minutes and I received the tags in 3 days.
  11. Gunit

    Stock exchange

    Is your stock for a long action?
  12. I have a take off Remington factory synthetic stock off of a 700 AWR. It fits long action(.25-06, .270, .30-06, 7mm mag, 300 mag, .338 mag, .375 and more...) with floor plate. $50. cash n carry
  13. Gunit

    Your First Big Game Rifle?

    My first big game rifle was a Ruger 77 in .30-06. Purchased in 1974 by my dad for me as a birthday present when I turned 12 from Andrews sporting goods in CA.