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  1. Gunit

    30/06 Winchester Model 70 Post 64

    That is a post ‘64 push feed action gun. It is a 60’s vintage gun, check the serial number it will start with the letter G
  2. Gunit

    New Mexico draw

    Unit 12 Antelope for me
  3. Gunit

    WTS RL22

    Check your PM
  4. Gunit

    Custom Gunstocks

    Contact PL Holehan in Tucson he makes beautiful wood stock custom rifles. He can be reached through FB
  5. Gunit

    Right handed left eye dominant shooter?

    I am right handed and left eye dominant, my dad noticed when was the same age as your son. Teach your son to shoot left handed. Shooting a scoped rifle can be done either way but he will never be able to shoot a shotgun or a rifle with open sights as well right handed. I am in the gun business and have seen this problem dozens of times and the only real solution is to shoot with your dominant eye. I have seen my customers struggle for years before finally making the switch and it is much harder to do late in life. I can shoot a scoped rifle well from either side and I prefer to use right handed rifles but that is because I handle so many guns that the left hand guns seem strange.
  6. Gunit

    30-06 load

    I know that you are looking for a recipe for a handload,. I usually load my hunting loads as well. I was curious and I bought a couple boxes of Hornady Superformance 165 to try and I was amazed how well they shot in my gun, this group was shot last weekend and measures .375
  7. I think the action is a FN Mauser not a M70
  8. I had Bailey’s machine shop in Mesa rebuild a 5.4 for me a few years ago. They did a great job and price was competitive.
  9. Gunit

    My 44BN ram

    I had a great hunt with Jay Scott and his team. I took a beautiful ram, he scores 173 7/8 net and was aged at 10 1/2 years old. He was a old fighter with lots of battle scars and a blind right eye.
  10. Gunit

    Leupold VXR 4-12x40 Firedot Duplex scope

    Does that scope have a 30 mm tube?
  11. Gunit

    Ford lift installation

    Saguaro alignment does most of the lifts for the dealerships in Phoenix.
  12. My rifle does have a 1:10 twist, my load shoots the 200 Swift at 2950fps.
  13. Anyone with experience using the Barnes LRX .30 cal 200gr ? I bought a box of these bullets and will be loading them for my .300 win mag. My gun has a magazine box of 3.6" and a long throat. I have a good load using a 200 gr Swift that uses 75gr of R22, Winchester case and CCI 250 primer loaded to 3.55 oal. The LRX is a lot longer bullet.
  14. Gunit

    Name that gun!

    No takers?It is a JC Higgins model 29 or 30 (made by High Standard for Sears)