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  1. Indyanna

    WTS CVA SCOUTV2 in 45/70

    Message sent
  2. Indyanna


    Pm sent
  3. Indyanna

    .177 Ruger Air Hawk Elite 2

    Pm sent
  4. Indyanna

    Quad ramps for sale

    Man up BOB... He disclosed the width... You could have just listed the ramps and not talked crap...
  5. After more research I'll do 126.50
  6. Indyanna


    I'll go 2nd on the 21 if your in flag or can get it here. Prescott will work also. Thx
  7. Indyanna


    Wow... all i can say.. that went South
  8. Indyanna

    Coues Shed Video

    Southern az?
  9. Indyanna

    Another coyote Hit the Dirt

    Nice work
  10. Indyanna

    Danner Pronghorn 8 inch size 11D

    In the danger zone
  11. Indyanna

    Wood kitchen table and chairs

    Trade you for a refrigerator