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  1. I think he is a real seller. People pay huge cash for the craziest stuff. Scarcity drives people to pay way over retail. Go to a Az Elk dinner and see what is auctioned off.
  2. I wish someone would have steered me away from custom/collectable knives. Dawson knives take up a big part of my knife section in my safe. Too pretty to use.
  3. Collectors are crazy. No matter what it is. You either get it or you don't. IE Pre-64 Winchester, Colt Pythons, registered M16s and MP5s....... That being said, not a great first post, especially if he isn't local.
  4. cactusjack

    Weimaraner for sale!

    I dont have a dog in this fight, but did we ever see a picture, find out which kennel she is out of or why she is up for sale? It might help the sale
  5. cactusjack

    Kriss Vector 45 ACP

    So this has a fixed 16in barrel, right? What is involved in shortening the barrel? Besides doing the forms.
  6. what do you consider a long range scope? At what price level are you looking?
  7. cactusjack


    that is a great deal for an awesome head. If I didnt already have 6 of them, I'd be all over it. It should go quickly
  8. cactusjack

    Old Guns and Collectibles

    Did you get the stamp for the SBR Mauser? It is no longer a pistol once you attach a stock.
  9. cactusjack

    Delete sold

    Putting on craigslist today. Last bump
  10. cactusjack

    Delete sold

    I work in downtown Phoenix, I can have it with me
  11. cactusjack

    Larue Tactical PredatAR 5.56 18”

    What a great rifle. Someone needs to grab this.
  12. cactusjack

    Delete sold

  13. cactusjack

    Delete sold

    The buyer backed out. Back up.
  14. cactusjack

    Delete sold