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  1. cactusjack

    FREE Good words from Hoghunter's Wife Heather.

    Mike and I were planning a trip to Wyoming to hunt speed goats. We were each other's sounding board and coach in dealing with the VA and which Drs to avoid. Sincerely saddened for your loss.
  2. cactusjack

    SOLD 1st Series Colt Woodsman 22LR

    Beautiful gun. If I didn't have a pre-woodsman and a daughter getting married id jump on it
  3. cactusjack


    I will take it if it is still available
  4. cactusjack

    ISO of tikka 300wsm

    I have one. Not for sale, but it is very nice
  5. cactusjack

    BNIB Kimber custom hunter 6.5 creedmoor

    I'm guessing this isnt threaded
  6. cactusjack

    Ruger 10/22 Long with clip

  7. cactusjack

    WTB guns

    Now is the time to sell that Hi Point you regret buying.
  8. cactusjack

    Looking for a Colt SAA

    Mr Silencer in mesa had one for sale
  9. cactusjack

    S&W Classic 629

    Pearce or Old Pearce? I guess they call Sunsites Pearce now. I went to Pearce Elementary back in the day
  10. cactusjack

    Youth Livestock Drawing

    3 left
  11. cactusjack

    Nigerian pygmy dwarf goat

    great picture.
  12. cactusjack

    Youth Livestock Drawing

    It would be the kids second drawing....
  13. cactusjack

    Youth Livestock Drawing

    I didn't buy any tickets, I did donate 100 dollars and was given 5 free chances a winning a lamb, which I wont eat. 😃 If I win, dont be surprised if there isn't a second free drawing, just saying
  14. cactusjack

    WTB .17 hm2

    I love my hm2. Ammo was tough for a while, but stock up if you get one. It's the first rimfire that gets dropped from the production line when time get tough