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  1. If I didn't already have a Colt, Styer and Mauser 32s.... pm sent Spelled Steyr wrong and forgot to add my Savage 32.
  2. cactusjack

    S&W MP15 Sport II ($720)

    how long have you had it?
  3. cactusjack

    My sons first turkey 2022

    Great write up. We were glad to help him.
  4. cactusjack

    last ditch effort Transport needed

    Just got word that my buddy's son smoked a nice strutting tom this morning! The kid is now cursed to hunt turkey the rest of his life.
  5. cactusjack

    Aussiedoodle pups

    My son has an Aussiedoodle, a 10 month old puppy. dang thing is too smart for her own good. All kidding aside, great dog. Good luck on the sales.
  6. cactusjack

    last ditch effort Transport needed

    Thank you for the all the offers to help. It shows that we as a community are willing to do, to help others, even when there isn't any personal benefit. The shotgun made it up here in time, I can't wait to see pictures and hear the tales of his hunt. Sent both my youth guns up, gotta have a backup plan.... This story started out with a friend looking for 20ga turkey shells, then progressed to me locating, transporting and upgrading my youth shotguns. My friend came over 2 weeks ago and grabbed a couple of boxes of shells. He has a couple 20ga shotguns but they are full sized. He had a youth model lined up, the owner thought it was a 20, but was mistaken. I offered my youth shotguns (have an 870 Youth Magnum and a Beretta 391) Went to get the Beretta from a safe, realized it was in Tucson. The optic system I had on my 870 was less than desirable, had an old weaver side saddle system on it that was modified to adjust for being a thinner receiver. I pulled the pins on the 870 probably 15 years ago and it took me a couple of days to locate them. Got them in and mounted a Holosun on a Truglo universal rib mount. Hopefully it works well for this hunt. I ordered a Scalarworks Sync/04 and when it gets here I will replace the rib mount and have the reciever drilled and tapped for the rail. I like them because it is the lowest method I have seen to mount a red dot optic. Getting it ready for my 9yo son, step grandson and younger family members. I have to get the youth all hunting so they can take me out hunting as I get old and more broken. Again, thanks for all the offers to help.
  7. cactusjack

    last ditch effort Transport needed

    My son works till tomorrow morning, he will drive mine up. I just found out. He said " for a youth hunter, he would drive it to unit 1 if he had to." Enough people spent tons of time and money helping us when he was 10. His mom did a good job with him. Thank you all for the offers.
  8. cactusjack

    last ditch effort Transport needed

    Unit 1. Thank you. I will keep you in mind.
  9. I have a youth 20ga in Tucson that needs a ride to Phoenix either today or tomorrow. A friend asked to borrow it for his son's turkey hunt that starts Friday, he had another shotgun set up but that fell through. His son is on the smaller side and afraid of using a 12ga. I forgot that my son had my Beretta al391 it in Tucson. Im going down Thursday but its a day late.
  10. cactusjack

    ASNF Removal of Feral Horses

    I have eaten horse on many occasions. In Europe and in Chile. Delicious. Just sayin.....
  11. cactusjack

    Want to rent / borrow wall tent for a weekend

    PM sent
  12. The ATF can not search your house without a warrant. And just owning NFA items does not mean they can get a search warrant. You have to be doing sketchy stuff. But be aware, the ATF will shoot your dog if they show up, its what they do.
  13. cactusjack

    Savage Model 24V-A 222/20Ga

    you can not receive messages. Also the pics are on your post from last year. Good luck with the sale.
  14. cactusjack

    Savage Model 24V-A 222/20Ga

    I love the old Savage 24s. pm sent
  15. cactusjack

    School me on getting suppressors

    The ATF tutorial is great. A big delay is the FBI background check. That part is ridiculously slow. You can have a Top Secret security clearance, your CCW, a Fingerprint Card, and 60 other NFA stamps with some within days and you wait. Years ago each state was assigned to specific people at the NFA Branch. Not always but often we could call and have them combined stamps. If I had 8 stamps pending from different dates they would send them through for the background check at the same time. It made the decision to pick up a couple quick cans easier.