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    Being outdoors doing hobbies I love. Rock crawling, offroading, hunting, and camping.

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  1. Hoss50


    Have you shot any of it recently? Any issues?
  2. Hoss50


    9mm is $500 per 1000 when you can find it right now. Good deal here.
  3. Hoss50

    Question about mule deer

    What unit?
  4. Hoss50

    260 Remington

    This was the warm up group. 5 rounds at 38.5gr including the cold barrel shot.
  5. Hoss50

    260 Remington

    I finally got to the range with my dads 260 Remington. We broke it in a couple months ago, but had not started load development. Today was day 1. I had loads with 135gr Berger Classic Hunters loaded over varying charges of H414. The rifle seemed accurate at almost all load charges but these 2 stuck out.
  6. Today's load development was a flop. I think the barrel was getting to dirty. The best group of the day was some random Nosler Partitions I loaded awhile back which was also the first 3 rounds I fired today. I just got done scrubbing the bore, and will try again another day. I also had a little assassin homie of mine stop by right before I left to help brighten the day. 120gr Nosler Partitions.
  7. Hoss50

    What State

    My parents are leaving for Missouri tomorrow to look for a retirement house. They are tired of the heat here and can't afford Colorado so they are looking at Missouri.
  8. Hoss50

    Prescott camping help

    Point of rocks is a nice campground if you want to be near town. Lynx lake has camp spots, but good luck finding one available especially that will fit a 35'.
  9. P.S. just follow my personal rule and this isn't an issue. Don't ever sell guns or tools. I have honestly sold guns over the years, but never to a random person. I had personal knowledge of the people I sold to so I trusted the sale.
  10. Non-residents cannot buy handguns in other states through FFLs. Long guns is dependent on the state you are from. When I used to work retail gun sales we had a list of no go states that we couldn't sell long guns too. It wasn't about borders as I recall, more about the home states laws prohibiting it. CA, NY, and a group of other states. I know when I was a kid my dad bought a long gun in TX from an FFL with no issues.
  11. Hoss50

    Trailer repair

    I would cut the old one off and weld a new one on. You can repair it, but it might be ready to crack somewhere else too. If you are going to repair it you need to stop drill the crack, grind it, weld it, and plate it. I would also plate the opposite side since you have an known weak point. Depending how it is attached it may be easier to cut the whole thing off and weld a new one on.
  12. Hoss50

    Canvas Repair

    Arizona Bag might do it too.
  13. Hoss50

    Canvas Repair

    How big is the tear? I used Kodiaks repair kit ot repair a couple small hokes in mine and it worked well.
  14. Hoss50

    WTB Ruger model 57

    Randall's told me the other day they had 3 coming in soon. Might check with them.
  15. Hoss50

    Roosevelt lake

    That is a shame. It was a great place when I was a kid.