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  1. I wish it was a longbed. I need one in that color.
  2. Hoss50

    Athlon optics

    I have heard good and bad from people including Lance. On a $2k budget you have lots of options. I just out a Burris Veracity 3x15 on my 257 weatherby and I have high Hope's for it.
  3. Hoss50

    Marlin model 336 A

    Me likey, but no needy... If you ever end up with a Marlin in 32-20 let me know though.
  4. Hoss50


    Great deal. I love mine.
  5. Hoss50

    Leupold customer service just made my day!

    Nice. They have one of my redfield revolution scopes that I am hoping they can fix. They just sent me some scope caps for scope the PO of a VX3 lost too.
  6. Hoss50

    Free Fishing Event Saturday

    I was trying to get him to touch it, but he was scared.
  7. Hoss50

    Free Fishing Event Saturday

    Take the kids out and get them hooked. I took my 5 year year old to this event a couple years ago and he loved it. He caught his first fish there. A nice channel cat. https://www.azgfd.com/free-hook-to-plate-fishing-event-april-6-at-cortez-lake-in-phoenix/
  8. Hoss50

    Rimfire Guys!!

    CZ is my vote.
  9. Hoss50

    Cummins Tuner

    If you are looking for a tuner for those trucks this is a great option. I had this same tuner on my old 98.5 CTD and it really helped that motor bring some extra power that was good useable power.
  10. Hoss50

    6.5 PRC

    Hornady has done a great job marketing the new shiny object that everyone has to have, the 6.5 CM being their greatest achievement. I am not real old, but I love the old school that is proven. Give me a 6.5x55 over a 6.5CM, and give me a 264 win mag over a 6.5 PRC. 264 win mag gets it done, and is probably one of the best rounds to never catch on. Brass is available, and if it isn't you can make it out of 7mm Rem Mag brass all day.
  11. Hoss50


    Last year when I bought one in October I think my tag was 255 of 750. That left about 500 tags open to buy.
  12. Hoss50

    Garth Brooks show

    State 48 restaurant @ Westgate sucked big time. Make sure to avoid going there. We had 8 people in our group. In about 2.5 hrs we received 2 rounds of drinks, and only 6 out of 8 people food came. Service and especially the management sucked. We only had silverware, napkins, ketchup, and water because I stole it all from the server stations and other places around the restaurant, because I knew it was pointless to ask.
  13. Hoss50

    Garth Brooks show

    Cardinals Stadium in Glendale
  14. Hoss50

    Garth Brooks show

    I was there. I didn't care for the opener much, but Garth was great. I true showman who makes the show fun and engaging.
  15. Hoss50

    Elk Back Pack

    Watch the classifieds on here. I picked up my Badlands Summit basically new for $200. I also bought a well used but serviceable Badlands 2200 for my buddy for $100.