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    Being outdoors doing hobbies I love. Rock crawling, offroading, hunting, and camping.

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  1. My first solo kill was at about 32 years old on a cow elk. I had shot a cow elk when I was about 16, but my dad had already hit it and it would have dropped without my hit so it wasn't my kill.
  2. Hoss50

    Strange things found while out hunting.....

    I was out hunting for purchase orders at work yesterday I was about 2 minutes from getting hit by this plane.
  3. Hoss50

    Diesel Rebuild Shops

    $15-18k will buy you a used whole cummins truck with half as many miles on it.
  4. Hoss50

    2018 kaibab buck

    Couesdeerhntr, was this the late tag? 12AW?
  5. Hoss50

    2018 kaibab buck

    I got $20 that says Taylor gets another one before you...
  6. Hoss50

    Vortex VIP Warranty

    I have not had that kind of issue, but they just helped me out. I lost a screw and locking handle for my tripod head last season, and they sent me a new one. Easy peasy.
  7. Hoss50

    Glock 20 10mm $450

    I want 1, but I started this conversation with my wife the other day about unnecessary expenses...
  8. Hoss50

    Weight Distribution Hitch recommendations

    That's a steal. You better jump on it.
  9. Hoss50

    Weight Distribution Hitch recommendations

    TW is the most important part for sway control. A WDH will help but not cure a sway problem. You can get a friction sway bars that can help, but a well setup dual axle trailer with good TW should tow fine without sway control. If it is windy causing sway you need to slow down. If you start to get sway, you use the trailer brake override to calm down the sway.
  10. Hoss50

    Weight Distribution Hitch recommendations

    You need more tongue weight especially if you are going weight distribution. 400lb seems pretty light. That truck doesn't need it for a 7k lb. Trailer realistically. WDH isn't a bad thing, but you too little tongue weight is bad and can be dangerous. My 7k trailer behind my Dodge cummins uses WDH, but it is a toyhauler with no toy in the back so I have plenty of tongue weight. I will tow short distance without the WDH, but for any trips out of town I put the WDH on. I have an equalizer style, but the husky looks similar and is cheaper. I tow my car hauler trailer with 7-8k on it without WDH, but i make sure to adjust the tongue weight by moving the vehicle location on the trailer. I would rather have a little to much TW than too little.
  11. Hoss50

    Unit 27 Semi Live Late Bull Hunt

    Did he give it time to bleed out, or just keep shooting? Was he in close quarters with it? I have seen a cow elk take massive damage and keep moving but she was very close to the shooters and the adrenaline was pumping and keeping her on her feet. The other 4 cows I have been around when shot were at longer ranges (150-350yrds) and they didn't know where the shooter was, or what was going on. They all dropped from 1 or 2 shots and ran less then 40 yards each.
  12. Hoss50

    Unit 27 Semi Live Late Bull Hunt

    Shred him on the gun, hat, and camo, but the boots are legit. I love mine.
  13. Hoss50

    Unit 27 Semi Live Late Bull Hunt

    What bullet? I hit my cow elk with one 135gr Berger Classic Hunter from a 6.5x55. She went 40 yards tops. Her lungs were shredded.
  14. Hoss50

    Reverse osmosis filter

    Was it a sediment/prefilter?
  15. Hoss50

    Reverse osmosis filter

    Yup. This reminds me, I need to change my pre-filter.