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  1. Hoss50

    Bargain vortex binos

    They have the Gen 1 non-Us for $119. Is the HD worth it for the little extra money. I ask because I really like my 8x42 Gen 1 alot.
  2. Hoss50

    Scope recommendations for next year's giveaway gun.

  3. It appears that since AZGFD can't provide enough field days for children in Phoenix I get to take a trip with my 10yr old down to Tucson to take the class. We are probably going to come down a day early and do a quick guys day in Tucson on Friday, and take class Saturday. What would be something fun/cool to do with a 10yr old on an afternoon? Pima Air Museum? Any really good places to eat? Thanks!
  4. Hoss50

    Temp stable powder for a 7-08?

    If the magnetospeed was attached that could cause the group size change possibly. For powder I am going to start working with 6.5 staball in my sons 7mm-08. It is supposed to be less temp sensitive and good in this size case. I have a couple pounds of Varget too of the 6.5 staball doesn't work out. 6.5 staball is way easier to find the Varget though which is why I want to try it first.
  5. Hoss50

    Shotgun Opinions

    I am thinking about upgrading my dove/do all shotgun but don't know alot about what is good anymore. I am looking for an auto loader 12ga probably. I love the look of the old A5 and have thought about that, but they are $$$. At the same time I use my shotgun more than any other gun so spending money on one is probably something I should do. What is a good auto loader that would be a good dove gun, but capable of Turkey, pheasant, goose, etc. I shoot my dad old Winchester, but it is only a 2.75" chamber so Turkey and stuff is out for it. What do you shoot? What has good longevity? I have no real experience with inertia guns, are they worth it and reliable?
  6. Hoss50

    Scope question

    What budget? I bought a Bushnell AR optic LPVO 1-6x for an AR and put it in a burris QD cantilever mount. It isn't fully sited in yet, but that did not stop it from cracking a 18" steel plate at 500 yards over and over. It has a hold over reticle setup for 223/556. https://www.bushnell.com/riflescopes/view-all-riflescopes/ar-optics-1-6x24-illuminated-riflescope/BU-AR71624I.html
  7. Hoss50

    Scope recommendations for next year's giveaway gun.

    Ditch the 30mm rings. It will cost you more money for 30mm scopes and most 30mm scopes have more complicated reticles.
  8. Hoss50

    Scope recommendations for next year's giveaway gun.

  9. Hoss50

    Scope recommendations for next year's giveaway gun.

    Keep it something that doesn't need parallax adjustment. 3x9 or some 4x12. I personally like Leupold with a simple hold over reticle, but vortex or burris are good choices too.
  10. Hoss50

    Arken Scopes?

    Will do. I have a couple people who really want to see how it looks.
  11. Hoss50

    Arken Scopes?

    Before I posted this I ordered a ELP 4X16 version, but I figured I might as well ask to see if anyone had them though just for fun. It is supposed to arrive in about 6 weeks so I will see more then.
  12. Hoss50


    If it falls thru please let me know.
  13. Hoss50

    Arken Scopes?

    Has anyone used them? Do you have feedback? Seem to be feature rich for a very reasonable price.
  14. Hoss50

    Auto Mechanic

    7 day auto helped me out when I was in a bind on a sunday late in the day.
  15. Hoss50

    7 West Elk Hunt

    Yes, hunt it. It is a good unit. I am sure that some on here will be able to help. I have not hunted 7W personally for elk, but know it is a good opportunity. I have hunted 7E several times which is just across the highway. That area holds a fair amount of elk. There are road restrictions, but if you down an elk you are allowed to go offroad to get closer to it in that unit from what I remember from hunting 7E.