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    Being outdoors doing hobbies I love. Rock crawling, offroading, hunting, and camping.

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  1. Hoss50

    Hard core round up.

    Ortho ground clear is my go to when I can find it, in concentrate and mixed in a sprayer. It kills everything pretty fast. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ortho-GroundClear-Year-Long-Vegetation-Killer-1-Gal-Concentrate-0433610/311484062#overlay
  2. Hoss50

    SOLD- .303 SMLE Lee Enfield #4 (SOLD)

    To cheap. It is worth more than that as a parts gun.
  3. Hoss50

    2004 Dodge 3500 Cummins 4WD

    If the paint and truck are good, you can get more than 20k with a stick if you hold out.
  4. Hoss50

    7E - Early Archery

    Water and feed is what you need. With as dry as it has been I would bet most of the tanks out in the PJ's are dry. I would be up closer to the base of the mountain or as far up the mountain as your tag allows.
  5. Hoss50

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Missed us in arrowhead
  6. Hoss50

    Mathews Switchback

    I can meet you next week sometime when I am on that side of town. If you can't wait til then let one of the others get it.
  7. Hoss50

    Mathews Switchback

    Location? I will take the kids bow if you are half way close to me.
  8. Hoss50

    4th Food! Whatchagot?

    Yesterday was 4 racks of baby back ribs, today is brisket.
  9. Hoss50

    Ticks on deer

    My kaibab buck had ticks for sure. They started wiggling out of the hair a few hours after I shot it. I didn't see them in the field, but they were out when we checked it at the check station.
  10. Hoss50

    Check out this muzzle loader

    Muzzleloader hunts should be limited IMO. Or make them just draw rifle tags and do away with the muzzy hunts. I think a reasonable limit for muzzleloader hunts should be no optics on the gun. This rifle in question is super cool, but it is just that a rifle, not a "muzzleloader". It is a caseless single shot high power rifle that happens to load from the muzzle. Might as well just turn muzzleloader hunts into single shot rifle hunts with technology like this.
  11. Hoss50


    Great boots. I love mine.
  12. Hoss50

    It's time to help Arizona's wildlife.

    Is there a place to volunteer to haul water for them or RMEF or some worth while organization? I can't go camping anymore this summer, so I might as well use my truck to haul some eater and do some good.
  13. Hoss50

    Lee 32/20 dies

    If you will take $50 I will take them.
  14. Hoss50

    Lee 32/20 dies

  15. Hoss50

    Make sure your HVAC is up to speed...

    Make sure you change the winter air out of your car tires too, and put in summer air. The density of the air is different and messes up tread wear that can lead to flat tires during the hot months...