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  1. What were they hitting on bait wise?
  2. Hoss50

    RV Batteries

    I just put a battery doctor battery tender on my trailer. They discharge especially if I forget to hit the kill switch.
  3. Hoss50

    New truck considerations

    Yep, Dodge was the last one, but stopped in 2018. Now I can never own a truck newer than 2018... I searched for a long time to find my truck. I wanted the 5.9L with a stick and 4 real doors so I was stuck in 2003-early 2007. I may get a newer truck one day, but this truck is staying around for the long haul. May dad has a low mile 2006 with an auto and a gear vendors overdrive that makes it an 8 speed though that I may have to steal from him at some point...
  4. Hoss50

    New truck considerations

    Once you drop $7000 on the motor to un-f*ck it, they are great trucks... Kinda like the older Dodges with auto transmissions. Once you spend $5k on a good transmission they are bad butt. I drive a 2005 Dodge Cummins with a 6spd stick. Honestly the new trucks have better power, but I can see my motor, work on my motor, and not get all jammed up with emissions crap.
  5. Hoss50


    I wear 12-13e and I went with a 12.5 wide from Crispi and couldn't be happier. Call the dudes who rep Crispi and talk to them. I went to Ross Outdoors who is the only place in town that stocks Crispi that I know of, and they were very helpful. I tried on a 12 standard and it fit, but was snug on both length and width. I special ordered a 12.5W through them, and it was perfect. I doubt they stock 15s though so you may be better off talking to the US Reps. I believe that is Black Ovis.
  6. Hoss50

    Ever Do Anything So Stupid...

    Tried to resize in the wrong die that was to small?
  7. If the Bergers shoot .5 why do you need to load ELDX? I don't have a ton of experience with the ELDX yet, but the 208gr ELDM shoot really well in my dads 300 win. I have heard that the ELDX can be a little more touchy to load then the march version, but I don't know if it is true. If I had a .5 moa berger load though, I would just shoot that. The ELDX and Berger act about the same on game from what I understand.
  8. Hoss50

    Hi-Power owner....finally!

    Factory Browning mags seem to be the best. Get used to stripping empty mags from the gun unless you remove the magazine disconnect. The 17rd mags that I think are South African that run well too, and give you something to grab onto when you go to strip them out. The 10rd mags can have a spring on the bottom to self extract. Get night sites if you plan to carry it. If you get high grips on the gun with a fat hand be ready for slide bite. I used to shoot a box stock hi power in local matches and they ran really well. I have beat guys with high end "stock" pistols. Dont let the above sound negative, I LOVED shooting that hi power. It was my favorite pistol for years. It really liked 115gr American Eagle ammo for practice and comps.
  9. Hoss50

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Well Phoenix Rod and Gun Club went full reject now too. They had been the 1 place that seemed like it hadn't over reacted to this. They had already removed a bunch of benches to shoot at to keep tables over 6 feet apart...ok...got it, no big deal. Today I get down there to shoot with my 5 year old and now they have decided that no more than 10 people can be on the entire public range at 1 time. There were a dozen people waiting in the parking lot to get in. We had to pack it up and head home. My 5 yr old was bummed, and I am a little frustrated.
  10. I have several of these scopes, and they are a great bang for the buck option.
  11. Hoss50

    New truck considerations

    We have a 2015 Armada which has the titan drivetrain. It is nice, has good power, and does what we need. In town driving isn't great on gas, but it can get 18-20 highway. Toyota is known to make pretty good stuff too.
  12. Hoss50

    Son is looking for a *Nintendo Switch*

    My poor kids have never played a video game newer than 1995. They are currently stuck playing a super Nintendo from when my wife was a kid. Mario, Donkey Kong, etc. They both got a "SupaBoy" for there birthdays that is basically a game boy that plays Super Nintendo games only.
  13. Hoss50

    Anyone else hate HOAs?

    The sad part for the people on this street is it drives down property values. I found this house while out scouting for a new house a few years ago. I went to look at a house about 7 houses down from this. Guess which street I don't live on... both house to either side of this were for sale, and I can only imagine the tens of thousands of dollars the neighbor houses lost in the sales because of this. This screams I don't give a frick and or mental illness. Nobody wants that as a neighbor, or at least not at full price.
  14. Hoss50

    Anyone else hate HOAs?

    I dont like HOA's and wont live in one, but they have a purpose sometimes.