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  1. Davidinthesun

    6mm creedmoor Ruger RPR price dropped

    Anyone needing a RPR
  2. Davidinthesun

    Proof SS .257 Bore 1:7.5" Blank

    Would you take $300
  3. Davidinthesun

    6mm creedmoor Ruger RPR price dropped

  4. Davidinthesun

    … AR15 Upper w/scope

    Wondering if this is still available and what is the twist rate on your Barrel
  5. Davidinthesun

    AMP Annealer

    I have one and it's awesome
  6. Davidinthesun

    6.5mm Berger VDL 130gr

    I have three boxes to unopened for sale or trade. Looking for 6mm Berger bullets or $150 for all three box's
  7. Davidinthesun

    6.5 Lapua Scenar L 135gr

    I have 5 boxes of Lapua 6.5 bullets. 1 Box is minus a few I used for testing. Would like to sell as one lot or trade for 6 mm projectiles. Asking $200 for all 5 boxes. Looking to trade for Burger 105 or Barnes match burners 112 grain
  8. Davidinthesun


    If the interior is in great condition. And it is all wheel drive. I will give you 7k
  9. Davidinthesun


    Sorry to bug you again but is it all wheel drive. I tried to message you but it says you cannot receive private messages
  10. Davidinthesun


    Is it awd?
  11. Davidinthesun


    Who is the carrier the phone is made for
  12. Davidinthesun

    Coaxial reloading press

  13. Davidinthesun

    6mm creedmoor Ruger RPR price dropped

  14. Davidinthesun

    Coaxial reloading press

  15. Davidinthesun

    Coaxial reloading press

    I have one Frankford Arsenal M-press coaxial press. And two extra quick-change die block sets. In great condition in original packaging. Works great just upgraded. $175 for the whole set.