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  1. Jaguars could be reintroduced to Arizona and New Mexico after disappearing more than 50 years ago | Daily Mail Online
  2. mspar

    Traded - AICS 1.5 LA

  3. mspar

    Traded - AICS 1.5 LA

    Looking to trade a black AICS 1.5 Rem LA for a Rem SA stock- Mc Millan, Manners or AICS? Comes with one AICS mag and one Pmag5 AC L Magnum mag
  4. mspar

    Account hacked

    No one has access to my computer except for me....whoever posted the binos for sale used my account, the post disappeared along with all my history
  5. mspar

    Account hacked

    Apparently my account was hacked. Had to reregister and all my history is gone. Any way I can get it back?
  6. mspar

    Favorite Westerns

    The Searchers, Shane, Unforgiven, True Grit, Tombstone...............