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  1. Here’s a good bit of stuff I’m cleaning out that i no longer have a use for. I’m located in Tucson always opens to trades, interests would be .224 55gr v-max .264 142gr SMK .338 270gr ELD-x and 285gr ELD-m .451 230gr FMJ Powder, primers Optics, etc etc Bullets .204 26gr Barnes Varmintator hollow point (30 ct in a bag) pulled bullets $7 .224 80gr SMK (87 ct in a bag) $15 .257 117gr Seirra BT gameking (23 ct in a bag) pulled bullets $7 450/400 400gr Barnes Banded solids (5 full sealed boxes) $350 for all or $70 each .416 350gr Barnes TSX (1 full box) $55 .416 350gr Barnes Banded Solid (1 full box) $70 .416 400gr Trophy bonded sledgehammer solids (1 full box) $70 Brass 204 Ruger brass hornady headstamp 30 ct virgin and 2 pieces once fired. All is primed with CCI BR-2 primers (32 total) $15 218 Mashorn bee 1x Fired hornady brass (23 ct total) $10 224 valkyrie brass 19 ct once fired federal headstamp $10 25-06 mixed headstamp brass 23 ct 1x fired primed with CCI 200, 5ct 1x fired brass (28 ct total) $10 270 WBY Brass Weatherby headstamp in Weatherby boxes 1x fired 2 full boxes (40 ct total) $50 340 WBY Brass Weatherby headstamp in Weatherby boxes 1x fired (11 ct total) $10 460 WBY Brass Weatherby and Norma headstamp 18 ct 1x fired plus 4 1x fired and primed with FED215 and 2 virgin primed with FED215 (24 ct total) $40 454 Casull Brass Hornady and Winchester 1x fired 3 boxes (59 ct total) $30 Ammo 454 Casull Federal 250gr Barnes expander $50 shipped $40 in person Dies Hornady custom grade 300WBY full length die set $45 Shipping if you cant meet around Tucson. Being there is a decent bit of low price items here I’d like to Try this. Regardless how many items in your order if your order total is $50 or less add $7 to your order for shipping, if your order is $50-$100 add $12 for shipping and $100 and up add $15 for shipping. the only thing I listed a shipping price for is the 454 ammo so that will include shipping tyd in the sale price for that item. hope that Sounds fair and makes sense. TXT or call for fastest response 520-780-4318 Thanks
  2. dirt

    Workshop cleanout#2 Cheap stuff!

    Pm sent on tumbler and 1911 mag
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    Doing a little purge of the collection… Reloading manuals Speer number 9 (1974) number 10 (1979) and number 11 (1987) both as a set $55 shipped Hornady handbook volume II (1973) and third edition (1980) both as a set $40 shipped if you have to have one or two to complete your set we can make a deal, I’m not opposed to selling individually, just thought it would be nice for folks to a have a set of each… All loading manuals have wear, tears in the hornady vol. II dust jacket, normal wear for the rest. Record books Boone And Crocket Club 25th big game awards 2001-2003 $15 shipped or $10 if you add it to a current order. Great shape Rowland Wards publications Records of big game XX edition (Africa and Asia) 1 of 3000 $60 shipped great shape Rowland Wards publications Records of big game XXII edition (all continents) number 141 of only 200 copies printed. $150 shipped minor scuffing on the cover otherwise great I also have quite a few issues of the Safari magazine from SCI during the 90s if anyone is interested in those message me and we’ll make a deal there too. I tried my best to find prices online at places like Abe books, book finder and thrift books to make fair prices. I’m happy to make a deal especially if you want multiple. Prices on these include shipping but if you can meet me in the Tucson area ill reduce the price for that as well. Thanks
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    .416 Bullets

    2 sealed boxes of Barnes bullets 350gr TSX 50ct 350gr Banded solids 50ct $140 for both located in Tucson Thanks
  7. dirt

    Sierra 69 gr. .224 Matchkings

    Are you interested in trades
  8. Here’s a couple boxes of HUGE bullets… as the boxes say Barnes Banded solids .510 750gr LRS How about $60 a box
  9. selling off more stuff I don’t need 1 full box and 1 box with 14 Barnes XPB .500 275gr $35 for both boxes (34 pieces) 2 full boxes of Barnes XPB .500 325gr $60 for both boxes 1 full box of Barnes XPB .500 375gr $35 30 pieces of once fired mixed headstamp 500 S&W brass $30 59 pieces of once fired hornady/Winchester 454 Casull brass $35 also have a good bit of loaded factory 500 S&W ammo that I haven’t got posted yet, Pm me if your interested in that too. can also ship if needed 520-780-4318 located in Tucson thanks…
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    264 dies sold 300wby dies still available
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    Bump 300 wby and 264 wm still available
  12. dirt

    Brass for sale

    Selling off a few things, here is a bunch of 204 ruger brass 432 pieces of Hornady $175 100 pieces of federal $40 all appears to be once fired. I can meet in Tucson Or ship them for a bit extra. 520-780-4318 thanks….
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    221 Remington dies SPF