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  1. twistzz

    Some recent trail cam pics

    Looks like a great spot, thanks for sharing very cool!!
  2. twistzz

    Yet another stalked by a Cougar vid

    Lame just sayin...
  3. twistzz

    Youth cow elk success!

    Holy Cow is right Congrats great memories for life, talk about getting it done!!
  4. twistzz

    Rut Activity

    Exactly keep hunting Get R Done - Really you’re hunting!!!!!!!
  5. twistzz

    Flagstaff Meat Processing

    I’d take a rag horn any day Congrats!
  6. twistzz

    Flagstaff Meat Processing

    Where's the pics??
  7. twistzz

    AZ late season unit 8

    My gang did that hunt, it was really fun! Should have gotten two down had some newbies that didn't know to shoot lol... Get away from the roads, probably wont get a monster but there is elk running around. We rented a wall tent with a wood stove and hit it mostly hard for 8 days. Saw some nice deer too. That was about 8 years ago but still have allot of great memories. I'd bring coal instead of wood if your in a tent with a stove. We went through a crap load of wood and it sucked stoking the fire every two hours or so. Good luck hope you get one even if it's a spike, taste allot better anyway.
  8. twistzz

    West coast fires

    Yo Az Whatever how many millions have already been spent? We could have three squadrons all ready. Dork!! Not to mention the property values Dork!! And lives Dork!! F off!! Over how many years really
  9. twistzz

    West coast fires

    At this point we really should have a flying fire force alot cheaper and more efficient when these things start. Put them in central SW add a few jobs for maintenance and pilots. One starts Bam it’s out. Still need to thin thick stuff out. Sucks seeing this every year! And Yah wack anyone starting one kinda like Eurasia doves or evasive species. Where’s the Elk pics?? That poverty tag pic was amazing!!
  10. twistzz

    Rut Activity

    Ds Jeff yah you bought my table he’s still bugling they got to be getting hot where your at it will happen!! MD peak season 2k a night in my dreams yah that’s the ticket Pretty cool to hear them!
  11. twistzz

    Rut Activity

    He’s still talkin the winds blowing it’s on and no have my shooting lane all set up your tent would be in the way lol...
  12. twistzz

    Rut Activity

    Just now had one yacking think it’s on boys 78 tomorrow with rain 67 Wed no more 90’s Good luck gang post pics and stories.
  13. twistzz

    Rut Activity

    I’m jealous go get em Jeff send pics good luck!!
  14. twistzz

    What State

    Right On Kev, you past the test you can move up now
  15. twistzz

    Anyone wanna join me tomorrow?

    We call Mcnary Mcshit lol Hate seeing what they did to that beautiful area...