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  1. twistzz

    Alaska 2021

    So cool in Seward right now going for Salmon and rock fish tomorrow early no halibut Wednesday how lame. Kenai next day Homer the next Halibut Halibut. Then back to Kenai and a float trip down the Kasilof and back to Kenai and Alaska Amber So far a fun trip and haven’t put a line in yet! Scenery is absolutely beautiful!!!
  2. twistzz

    Showlow lake, Rainbow, Fools hallow boat ramp access

    Outstanding!! Was wondering how much it got. We had 4 inches at my house neighbor hood is a mess but I’ll take the rain. Nice fish!
  3. Go to the antler place in pine top lakeside he has a crap load worth the drive if you’re looking for the perfect bone.
  4. twistzz

    Miss me Bitches

    Makes sense now wonder what happened... Hope his family is doing OK... It’s all temporary for sure...
  5. twistzz

    Alaska 2021

    Yahoo!!!! Can’t wait Thanks!
  6. twistzz

    How about them suns

    Well that sucked... Go Cards!!!!!
  7. twistzz

    Alaska 2021

    Way cool!!! Headed up Monday Doing Seward, Homer, Kenai two days and the Kasilof. Buying a freezer Thursday. Nice catching Heat!! Thanks for the current report too!
  8. twistzz

    Kayaking on Fool Hollow Lake

    You can’t get in the park without day use fee or an annual pass. Lake is low but you can still Kayak. Show Low has lots of water and there still stalking it. Have fun either way it’s raining right now - again
  9. twistzz

    12a turkey is it worth the drive?

    Might be windy too but really beautiful wild Wild West follow power lines Mr Marvin told us that and it paid off Love that place!
  10. twistzz

    Bino Pouch Recommendations

    I really like my Alaska guide wish I drew a tag to use them more lol...
  11. twistzz

    23 youth cow

    What will you do with four elk if you Tag out? Just curious that’s allot of freezers. Congrats on the tags!!
  12. twistzz

    Wtb Polaris ranger crew doors

    Lucky you! Half doors work if you have a front and back windshield, speaking from experience... Hope you get one!
  13. twistzz


    I'm in 3B still holding out for the strip with 14 points next year. Supposedly it's a sure thing but I wont hold my breath. Did quite a bit of riding in 3C along the rim road when it was open. Always saw some deer and a crap load of horses. Good luck hope you get one!
  14. twistzz

    How about them suns

    Should have been done tonight more drama the rest of the series and cigars on the deck
  15. twistzz

    Mexico hesitation

    Just fly...