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  1. twistzz

    North of the River Muley's

    Nice contribution, even nicer buck! Do you have a tag?
  2. twistzz


    Glad he's OK! Enjoy your new digs, fish on
  3. twistzz

    Some 3A BS

    Total BS, thanks for the heads up I'll be commenting.
  4. twistzz

    Co Mule Deer

    Looked like a really fun hunt congrats!
  5. twistzz

    Great hunt!

    Congrats! Love the crew pics, way to getr done!
  6. twistzz

    Interesting Read

    Coumules, Iike it lol
  7. twistzz

    Free Traeger

    You got it no hurry thanks
  8. twistzz

    Free Traeger

    Hi, sorry yes Show Low
  9. twistzz

    Free Traeger

    Probably needs a new hot rod but other then that everything works and you can still get whatever part you may need. It's about 9 years old, come and get it...
  10. twistzz

    Found an enormous deadhead (coues)

    Dude, you are a legit trphyhntr Those are so cool!!
  11. twistzz

    2023 Honda pioneer 6

    Screaming deal, glws!!
  12. Probably will need to go with a lift, I did 3" on my defender and put 30"'s on. Call Polaris, they should be able to give you specs. Good luck
  13. twistzz

    Coues or Mule

    Narley, what did the tail look like?
  14. twistzz

    Coati hunting

    Are you supposed to eat these things if you get one? What do they taste like? Just curious...
  15. twistzz

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Dude that’s boss man! Had a skate board in the early 70’s that was a boss skate board. Wish I still had it I would put it on the wall in my bonus room. Go DBacks!!!!!