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    Fatal 4x4 accident “stuck truck”

    Just put him on my phone. I would of not thought twice about using the ball, great thread... Need to get a recovery kit now.
  2. twistzz

    Looking for good boat mechanic

    Ken at holiday marine: http://www.holidaymobilemarine.com/ He comes to you, always does great work and fair prices. Heck of a fisherman too... Good Luck!
  3. twistzz

    Can am Defender opinions

    I've got a 2021 6 seater HD10. They come pretty stock, spent some bucks on a lift front and back windows, half doors and larger tires. I'ts a beast, havn't gotten stuck yet, I really like it. Now I just need a tag lol cause that's what I got it for. Trail rides are fun though.
  4. twistzz

    RIP 4A

    Just go nuclear and be done with this bs. Talk about green…
  5. Good luck!! You look to young to have that much time to hunt, I’ll jealous, get r done
  6. twistzz

    Taxidermy Collection Found On Craigslist

    Makes me sad to see that… Think about all the hours days traveling adventure passion to get that kind of trophy's only to be parted out on Craig’s List. It’s all temporary gang corp diem…
  7. twistzz

    Hits started

    Any new hits or is it done. Another sol year for me.
  8. twistzz

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    The House and Hungry Buffalo are also very good up here Now I’m hungry!
  9. twistzz

    Archery range options in North valley

    Throw a target in the desert and have at it. Don’t forget a range finder.
  10. twistzz

    The moisture creeps in.

    Show Low area got drenched beautiful day!!!
  11. twistzz

    lake question

    Roosevelt no brainer lots of water less traffic everywhere have fun you can find a beach set up some shade and fish off the beach if you want to. Stay at the resort if it’s a long day or camp at the beach. Fantastic memories for the kids!!
  12. twistzz

    Outdoor Writer

    Really sad RIP
  13. Price drop from 15k to 13.5 smoken deal, come get it! Excellent Condition, always garaged kept. Original owner, maintained yearly have all records. Added a swim platform recently comes with three batteries and everything you see. Trailer tongue swings away will fit in most garages. Selling because I need something more suited for the White Mountains. This boat is lake ready and has never let me down. Thanks for looking!
  14. twistzz

    2002 Glastron GX-185 Fish Ski 12,500.00 OBO

    It’s great but really windy lately. Caught some nice hold overs last Wednesday trolling cow bells fun day!!
  15. twistzz

    2002 Glastron GX-185 Fish Ski 12,500.00 OBO

    It’s in Show Low
  16. twistzz

    2002 Glastron GX-185 Fish Ski 12,500.00 OBO

    Rosy Mark, Nah I'll fish till I'm dead, just want a boat for up north, not using the fish ski enough and like to stay up north. It's posted on craigslist also, I'm sure it would be sold if I was in the valley already. If it doesn't sell soon I'll probably put it on some fishing forms or that facebook thing lol...
  17. twistzz

    2002 Glastron GX-185 Fish Ski 12,500.00 OBO

    Hi, it's 8 people or 1200lbs the front fishing area platform flips over and there's 3 cushioned seats in the front in that configuration. There's also a cushioned pad that goes on back platform where the rear fishing seat would be. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!
  18. twistzz

    2002 Glastron GX-185 Fish Ski 12,500.00 OBO

    Ok you slackers another price drop 12,500.00 someone is getting a steal at this price for a well maintained lake ready boat with all the paper work.
  19. twistzz

    2002 Glastron GX-185 Fish Ski 12,500.00 OBO

    Bump someone needs a great boat!
  20. twistzz

    Need a few pigs

    X2 on the pork shop especially since all the snow birds left bet they hook you up. Let us know how it turns out.
  21. twistzz

    2002 Glastron GX-185 Fish Ski 12,500.00 OBO

    See Price drop, thanks
  22. twistzz

    2002 Glastron GX-185 Fish Ski 12,500.00 OBO

    Still for sale anyone??
  23. twistzz

    2002 Glastron GX-185 Fish Ski 12,500.00 OBO

    Wish pontoon boats came with the swivel, I'd get one with a little 9hp. Had allot of great times on that boat, I'll miss it a little.
  24. That’s an outstanding deal for someone. I’d be all over it if I didn’t have my 2021 rig.