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  1. mbiewer

    Hairy eyeball??

    great... now the nightmares will start up again. thats weird looking. ha ha
  2. mbiewer

    Sliding Patio Door Glass?

    My brother in law works for R&K (mesa/Gilbert border)... He might be able to get you something. David at R And K. Matt
  3. mbiewer

    Jumping Jack

    Posting for my buddy. He's not a hunter just another camper. Any who.... He's had it for just under a year. Think he wants to upgrade. (Sorry, don't have any pics to post, just his ad) https://offerup.co/F82tyssyqdb
  4. mbiewer


    Phoenix welding supply, and theres a price break after so many gallons
  5. mbiewer

    RV tank monitor and battery level system upgrade

    can't help much on the tank level issue.... but my input on the batteries. I fabbed a two battery box and got two deep cycle AGM batteries. The important thing to remember is that Even with deep cycles, once they get to zero, they dont really come back that well. When i did my mod, i added a "frankenstien" battery disconnect. Theres lots of stuff that "doesnt have an off switch" on the trailer. when i disconnect for storage, i disconnect the batteries. I usually bring my trailer home a couple of days before a trip (from my inlaws) and plug it in to charge the batteries, fill water, and load up in general. So far i havent had any problems.
  6. mbiewer

    sxs radio info

    on the topic of radios... So in my truck we installed a Midland 115 model... and my brother bought a midland 40 watt for his jeep (yet to be installed)... In my ram, i fabbed a bracket and added it under my aftermarket light switch bank. its supposed to have a 50 mile (unobstructed) range. ihonestly havent played much with it. Slightly disappointed with the progrsamming features (its difficult to toggle through the functions and make adjustments) when i first put it in the truck i would ride home from work... they are supposed to be able to sync up to the handheld radios (which is why we bought them) . the little bit ive used mine, there's a set of kids in the vicinity and the 3 mile coomute i could hear the kids playing with their handhelds the whole rifde home (in gilbert) so at least thats promising. We did take a trip to sedona with my inlaws (3 vehicles total) . i gavce them two hand helds and figured "we got the truck mount" ... but one of the micro tuning adjustments was off. I could hear them on the hand helds, but they werent picking me up. Not sure if its easier to match the handhelds to the truck or vise versa. Havent had time to play with them, and no one around to help,... so i was sitting int he truck trying to tie them togethor and gave up. ha ha. Probably someone with more technical skills or myself with more ambition could get it done. (comes complete with a small wire antenna, and on my deer hunt, was retty impressed with the 'sticking" it had as i scraped the top of the cab with low branches) Im guessing the 40 watt with my brother is the sdame deal. My brother hasnt installed his yet. HE's reluctant on where to mount his and stuff like that (he normally rides with the doors off for a good portion of the year and he doesnt want "free stuff" laying out in the open for some scum bag. the 40 watt is supposed to have a 65 mile (unobstructed) range. His didnt come with an antenna, but he did find a "puck" tyoe antenna that has a pretty solid magnet as well (also his hangup in mounting, because he doesnt know where to put the antenna for switching between hard, soft and no tops). Had the chance to test out the walker razor radios. The walker razor is a noise cancelling headphone that in it self is pretty cool. There is a couple of draw backs,. The headset itself is about $40 each. But for an additional $35 there's a two way radio that mounts to the headsets. 3 of us took them ut to try... The VOX feature didnt work (automatic talk). well it did, bt with road noise, it would lock the channel open. We turned this feature off and just used the PTT on the headset. At high road noise (doors off, 75 mph) i could have a normal conversation with sitting in the back seat and them in the front. Typically on road trips or whatever, if the doors are off, there's no talking between the front and back seats without a lot of shouting. Looking at the reveiws for the walker razor two ways, there's lot s of complaints about the boom mic breaking... but it might be how people treat their equipment. its an electronic device... not a rock to be hammered on etc. We havent had the chance to test the range of the headsets at any great lenghts. We went out the saturday after thanksgiving, and the ambient temp wehn we started was about 30 ish... so that was a nice bonus of having toasy ears as we ran down the road. Everything can be found on amazon.
  7. this happened to my wife this morning too.... but the funny thing is, she handles the unemployment for her little company she works for. She said she got an emial, so clicked on it. Was pretty upset when she seen her name as the recipient.
  8. mbiewer

    Taxidermist recommendation??

    Well,... there was plenty of "little things" to mkae this past seaseon difficult. But Last saturday at 8 am my stepson got his first deer, 20A any antlered... and let me just say, its a good thing it was "ANY" antlered. lol. a single spike... no, not multiple deer to make it a spike... a 1x (by midwestern point counting). Anyways, it was his 3rd big game hunt, 2nd deer attmept and first deer. The boy being 16 is super stoked, (as am i for getting to help him with it). He's had a bit of a sh!t year. He wants to get it mounted. The "finance department" (his mother) has agreed to get it done. But now i am looking for leads on who to use. WE know its expenive, (maybe finance doesn't know exactly how much, ha ha). I'm pretty clueless, other than the horror stories ive heard. (preferred east valley, but can make the trek if needed) thanks for the in put.
  9. mbiewer

    Crown King Fire

    They closed a good part of 20a yesterday. Waited 3 yrs for a deer tag, gotta rethink the whole enchiladas now
  10. Kone not traveling is crap.... I just had Kone on my facility and the tech talked about traveling to the apache reservation (one day) and tucson the next. We used to use this guy, and might be more affordable compared to big corporates: Quality Crane Services Directions Save Crane service in Glendale, Arizona Address: 7227 W Monte Cristo Ave, Peoria, AZ 85382 Phone: (623) 773-2500
  11. mbiewer

    Ammo collection for sale

    Wait.... Where do you work, and why do you keep "pocket ammo" on the ready??????
  12. mbiewer

    got my deer permit today

    I got the surprise tag.... Was trying to pay down one card, so the wife was using hers. She decided to let me show some transactions on mine (we have seperate from before marriage)... Apparently something happened in the process... no usage or transacation limit alerts that i had set. I just assumed i never got charged, so i gave up hope. Tuesday my step son got his tag in the mail, so i checked the history... 20A
  13. mbiewer

    Ramblin ram near Tucson

    Azgfd has/used to have an open house at the mesa extension. Was a class about sheep then a ride on the boat at canyon... They told us about one ram being relocated from Clifton, to (canyon lake I believe)... With the collar... They basically watched him walk back to Clifton
  14. mbiewer

    New truck considerations

    no matter what you want/buy... look into the costco auto program. We bought the wifes cherokee through them, then later my cummins 2500. super easy, super painless. now my vote, the wife wanted a bigger trailer, which got me a bigger truck. Got the 3/4ton ram with a diesel. probably never go back to gas. that truck is amazing. And im cheap (not the numbers guy either) ... the low end tradesman (which had more features than my 2005 1500) was just a little bit more than what most of the used diesels were going for with about 100K
  15. mbiewer

    RV Batteries

    i built a new box and got a deal on two agm batteries for my trailer. I added a disconnect switch for when its in storage. On my trailer, theres no way to shut off the co2 detector so it kills the battery