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  1. mbiewer

    Need a map

    contact rugged maps. they can center the map on anything you want, and set it to a certain scale. ie your cabin, with how far out you want it
  2. i was all fine with all this stupid corona stuff... until they cancelled the AZGFD expo.... now its personal... ha ha And to top it all off, my wife only likes corona, i reach for miller lite!
  3. mbiewer

    Black Mountain Herd Management Area-Burro

    burro burritos! just kidding
  4. mbiewer

    Update your credit cards

    Actually don't... the more of you guys that sit on your hands...the better the chances are for the rest of us. ha ha
  5. mbiewer

    Any ideas?

    You don't have to officially answer.... Must be some good hearty deer in there after all the predator track we found. Seems like everything under the sun (predator wise) was hitting that big tank the rancher was rehabbing just below where the you found the weather balloon. And the amount of coyotes we seen was insane.
  6. mbiewer

    Where am I, and what was this???

    See, i knew someone here would know the "paul harvey" version. Thanks Azhunter
  7. mbiewer

    Any ideas?

    wish i would of seen your post while we were out there. we got skunked
  8. mbiewer

    Where am I, and what was this???

    Yup... you win... But since you had a 37a tag also, think thats technically cheating. ha ha just kidding. On the eastern slopes of the picacho range. Was out scouting and from Pecan/Deep well ranch...it sticks out quite a bit. We were trying to work our way around to new ground to see if a different strategy would help for HAM... The road we chose took us right to it. Was more posting, becuase it looked like they dumped alot of money into it. 6' chain link around the outside of the parcel. A steel building. 10' berm around what seemed to be a yucca plot. And then additional "fields".... on Onyx it just comes up as "robert walker dynasty trust"... Looks like they spent a lot of money on it, and a lot of effort... Up until you get to the living quarters. An old 27' travel trailer, built into a concrete "adobe" type walled structure. Like they literraly parked the trailer, and then built the rest of the building around it.
  9. mbiewer

    Where am I?

    Behind the CAP canal in 37 a, on the west slopes of the Picacho mountains No water, nothing else around. Virtually inaccessible except from one direction. Walled up by the Piacaho range on one side, and comes to a pinch with the CAP fenceline.
  10. We stumbled upon this , in plain sight if you’re out n about. Of close it stuck out from the landscape like a sore thumb. Our curiosity got the better of us. taking a long shot to see if anyone here might be able to shed a little light onto the mindset of what the heck the plan was lol IMG_0198.MOV
  11. mbiewer

    Anyone heading down to Tucson?

    You’re a weekend too late. Hung out with Ben for the ham hunt
  12. mbiewer

    Any ideas?

    how did your hunt in 37a go? we seen that too, but wrote it off as trash....
  13. mbiewer

    CC hits

    should be a good hunt. i spent all weekend in there looking for javelina.... seen plenty of elk being ridden by chupacabras... go otc for both.
  14. mbiewer

    Lost or Stranded/FUBAR scenarios while hunting.

    story 3... technology only helps if you know how to use it. Got a hand me down used garmin from my brother (fitting after the first two stories)... knew the basics of using it, and that it took a truck load of batteries. out for a quail walk one day with a buddy... Fired up the garmin, loaded the pouches, marked the truck on the gps, turned it back off,... and walked around for a while. (as a pair, no big deal). area was a bust, so we fired the unit up, went back to the truck and drove a couple miles down the road to find a new spot. Same routine... mark, load, walk, .... we decided we were done for the day and fired the unit back up to work our way to the truck. were following directions to the pin, and then got to the top of the hill to where the truck was...only to find out the pin didnt save and it was the first spot. Had to hike back on the road to the truck. contemplated a few times of making a stash spot with all the ammo and the shotguns to lighten the load,... since we were dang near out of water and day light to speed things up. but we figured we would never see our stuff agina...even if we dropped another pin. ha ha