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  1. mbiewer

    Chevy c20/c30

    bought my first truck for $900.... cant even by a junk one for that price now
  2. mbiewer

    First time turkey hunter

    NWTF has some good pointers if i can remember. I searched the internet a few years back looking for tips and tricks. As is my understanding: There's a science behind turkey hunting in the spring (just like any other hunt, but more so with turkey). Not so dependent on colder units like 27, but in the lower section of 23 its a bit more "in play". The strut is triggered by the first full moon with temps over 60 (don't qoute me, but its something like that). The strut gets triggered, Tom's will come out and breed hens. Birds will go back to roost, but the hens that didnt take, will be out for a second round with the toms. AZGFD tries to catch the second cycle to maintian a population. There's a "shotgun start" being they use the same start date for every unit. The weather being the big factor in all of this. Some units there's still snow on the ground, other units this temp might be in march or april, well before the strut hits. We had a good hunt in the lower half of 23 in the spring... 50/60-30/40... when toms gobble all day long. And we have had spring hunts that are already in the 70'80s during the day without a sound. Fingers crossed the weather stays cooler for my 23 hunt this spring
  3. mbiewer

    Chevy c20/c30

    there's a few on fb marketplace. theyre all pretty rpicey no matter the condition though.
  4. mbiewer


    if they dont announce the cc deadline... they dont have to apologize if they miss it (not ready, tech difficulties, etc). last year it was march 1st
  5. mbiewer

    Verizon wireless home internet??? Tired of Cox.

    we switched to verizon as well... but... I aint the most tech savy. so just follow along. We got the security system reinstalled on the house (somke pecker head kid busted a new window). And the camera peopkle said our stuff was too slow. So we switched to the faster verizon... everything kinda worked. Loks like we need to get a "mesh system" Otherwise the verizon system doesnt make a big enough "bubble" to caqtch all the devices from one end of the hous to the other and the kids crap, and wifes home office
  6. mbiewer

    Hunters Safety Field Day

    Was in the same boat years back. The guys running the course were nice enough to just let us show up and take the class since the boy had a hunt coming up
  7. mbiewer

    First Time 23 hunt

    well be up there for the "opening hunt" in 23. Spring birsd is my favorite. first, keep your fingers crossed, a warm weather winter will throw them into the strut before the season even gets here in the spring. LittleCreekCalls (Ammon) hosts a couple of calling workshops before the season. Really fun and informatiive. the typical outdoors retailers have saome pretty to use calls that the young man should be able to master before the season gets here, Start practicing. lol I'll let you know if we get up and get to scouting.
  8. mbiewer

    Spring Draw Results are Posted

    Time to start watchiong for LittleCreekCalls (Ammon) to host his turkey calling workshops.
  9. mbiewer

    Spring Draw Results are Posted

    got my first (and only choices) 37a HAM 23 turkey, hopefully this weather holds through the winter and it s nice and cold in that unit
  10. mbiewer

    They are hitting cards

    37a for javelina and 23 for spring bird. Hopefully the weather stays wet and cold for spring bird this winter
  11. mbiewer

    They are hitting cards

    Thats a prize turkey tag. Seen them on the deer hunts.
  12. mbiewer

    Custom Holsters?

    If you can wait a couple of months//// theres normally a booth and they do it onsite at the crossroads december show. My buddy got one made to fit his pistol with a light on it.
  13. mbiewer

    FS closed roads

    We were in 8 when the closures first happened... Down one road, and then a connecting road, and then another... finally to see they only mark one end. We didnt get "caught" but there was no way to tell it was clodsed the direction we came
  14. I used Dreyson on my friends first javelina. Both Sean and Dreyson (rossislifder and his kid) are amazingly nice and great work. I will pm you his contact
  15. mbiewer

    Food vacuum sealer or the like

    My sister got me a food saver from target quite a few years ago. we use it every couple of weeks....and when blessed enough, ive done an enitre deer and couple of javelinas. just buy the bulk bag rolls from sams or costco