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  1. mbiewer

    Sedona inexpensive place to stay???

    we dragged the trailer and stayed in cottonwood. it was like $60 a night cheaper to just be down the road a bit. the next time we stayed in cottonwood and did airbnb on a house
  2. mbiewer

    Looking for freezer

    Where you at? My buddy has one of the smaller chest freezers he's trying to sell. Relatively new
  3. mbiewer

    Benefit Raffle

    whens the raffle?
  4. mbiewer

    RV's in the cold

    We were up in27 for the cow hunt. There was a cold snap for opening weekend. It was like 23 opening morning if i remember. We would run the heater for a bit just before bed, and an hour before getting ready, id get up and turn the heat on. It was like 37 in the trailer at the coldest point... (rough getting up to get the heater going ha ha) ... but nothing froze for us
  5. mbiewer

    Thoughts on Chandler road rage shooting

    We were in the area, after it happened... trying to get a phone fixed. looked up the article while waiting in line. Then the next morning the wife found a better report. As sure as AzElk hunter can attest... so many details are missing. As i told my wife.. the guy that got out of his car was in the wrong. He escalated the aggression and unfortunatly the gamble didnt pay off on his part. "Due diligents" of the shooter being detained is a normal thing. Hopefully it all comes out in the wash. And then he gets some actual firearms training and doesnt shoot innocent bystanders in the process. Do me, it sounds like the guy was in the right to defend himself.
  6. mbiewer

    Spring draw

    one charge... so now i gotta wait to see if its stink pig or thunder chicken
  7. mbiewer

    What makes a hunter a hunter?

    I don't feel that the OP was trying to stir the pot... but rather the "what and or why" of doing what we do. With opposition from a sibling, the easiest way i can explain it to her, any other rando anti, or just any other rando in general...: To me its the analogy of a symphony. You take all of the components of a symphonic concert... then you add a guy with a kazoo. That kazoo guy not only has to fit into the performance, but be so skilled at what what they do...he has to blend in like he's supposed to be part of the ensemble . To me, thats what hunting is. Anyone can go listen to the music being made (bird watcherss, hikers, wild life enthusiasts... etc). But hunting makes you immerse, partake, and understand all the components of nature to be succcesful.
  8. mbiewer

    East Valley Locksmith Needed for a Key Fob

    just had good luck/service with a guy in Gilbert. Acme locksmithing ... gilbert and warner. had some specialty keys cut. He hunts too. nice guy
  9. mbiewer

    unit 27 early archery

    cant wait to see your success. we got unit 27 cow tags. We went up this past saturday to get some fresh mountain air and bounce around. Of all the camps we seen, we didnt hear of any success
  10. mbiewer

    Synthetic grass sales/install

    Well, i did our patch myself. Mainly because of two reasons, im cheap... and every body i talked to i didnt meet the required sq ft. Luckily our (grass portion) of the yard is pretty small. 200 Sq ft. I dug it out b (by hand) 4 inches down and then back filled it the granite that was recommended. i flooded, tamped, and compacted it the best i could. the bad part of the yard was, it wasnt straight or square cuts. it had one interior 90 then an angular edge with sort of a scallops on the top and then a curve for the gazebo. Tha t being said, if you have the option to keep your piece square (or at least with right angles) the better off you are. its sold in 15 or 7.5 wide swaths. my layment was best to use 7.5' wide.... but i almost did get in a pickle because i had to scrounge for remanats that would work to fill the scalloped edge at the far end of the grass area. just like carpet, theres a lay direction that has to match... i wound up with extra seems. i know where they are(kinda) but nobody else can see it We went through the Synthetic grass store in mesa. Thney have a worksheet online and i was withing a couple hundred bucks of my guess. The sales person that helped me out was almost spot on with how many nails i would need etc for installation. --- theres plenty of pet friendly fake grasses, and theres ones that synth recomended. its warmer than regular grass, but not the "hot lava" everyone makes it out to be. i still walk barefoot on it. I got an english pointer who thinks hes a greyhound. its been in for 3 years now with out any worry. a broom everyonce ina while will refluff it. it stands up to urine, i do wash it down more often than i expected... but never noticed the smell. He wont stop crapping on my pool deck, so the "choclate" factor isnt anything ive had to worry about. for the synthetic grass store, they wouuldnt honor or provide any warranty, without proof of window coverings on any proximity windows. The radiant heat would reflect and melt it... even if it wat in direct reflection of the sun.
  11. mbiewer

    Non Covid bug going around

    the wife and i had confirmed cases of covid in jan-feb... right around javelina. lol (seriously had it, but timing worked great). I had a sore stiff back for a weekend, then lost my staste for 5 weeks or so. Other than that i was fine, just stuck watching cartoons for two weeks ha ha. She was knocked out. She was bed ridden for a solid week. couldnt break a fever felt miserable... then a week later back to normal all the way around for her. this current bug. her boss had it, she brought it home from work. and now the boy has it. sinus pressure and pain and just drained. not covid
  12. mbiewer

    2020 Polaris Ranger Crew

    trailer included???
  13. mbiewer

    2004 Dodge 3500 Cummins 4WD

  14. mbiewer

    New Sportsman’s Warehouse

    maybe itll help alleviate the strain at the mesa location, and theyll finally get some stock back in
  15. mbiewer

    Coconino NF to fully CLOSE Wednesday 6/23/2021

    do the whole dang state. Might be the only way to protect it from ourselves!