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  1. mbiewer

    So who’s air frying?

    the wife got me one for Christmas. ihavent really run it through its paces yet. so far ive made pickles, tenders, waffle fries, "boiled" eggs, shrimp, and roasted chick peas in mine. I got a basket fryer, from the groups on fb that i found, there's some bigger makes out there (toaster oven size). Its a challenge, i made fries, then chicken...then had to rehaet the fries, then do the second batch of chicken
  2. mbiewer

    Must be the full moon

    i submitted the request to my wife,... and she said "denied"
  3. mbiewer

    Parker concord crossbow

    I can vouch for the seller... stand up guy. this is a nice set up.
  4. mbiewer

    2020 regs

    sweet....what unit is my bonus point going to come from this year?!?!?
  5. mbiewer

    Javi tag in mail

    Like someone else above said, they "publish" the list a few times.... We put in for 37a, mailed our stuff friday, Co worker mailed his on friday, and another guy in our group mailed his in saturday. I checked the protal and seen we were drawn. The "walk in" list stated that there was 64 tags left for 37 a, but one of the guys didnt have anything posted to his portal yet. He was "rather upset" about being an individual draw, without any success. He called game and fish to find out what he did wrong. They said they continue to open envelopes until they either run out of tags or they run out of envelopes.... way befroe the walkins are actually accepted
  6. mbiewer

    Who am I?

    been rumored to be seen around payson and young
  7. mbiewer

    Xmas Tree Cutting In Tonto?

    NOT IN ARIZONA, AND NOT A RESTAURANT, but i know of someone that did something similar. This person in particular "found the perfect tree"... Was out at night, got caught in the dark, found the tree and cut the desired length he needed. Went back a few weeks later in the day light, and turns out it was a landscaped tree on a piece of DNR property
  8. mbiewer

    Youth javelina 22/23

    Sorry my mistake... I wasn't thinking. I read "close to the valley" and my bran went in auto. In 22 we head up to rye/mt ord...for 23 we go down a-cross
  9. mbiewer

    Javi tag in mail

    Havent seen mine yet
  10. mbiewer

    Payson People Road Conditions?

    honey hole spot for trees on colcord? yes i'm cyber scouting for trees. ha ha... Help me out man, its my only tag i get to fill this fall. lol
  11. mbiewer

    Xmas Tree Cutting In Tonto?

    Where'd you go? get any good trees?.... I need to know man, it's my last chance to fill a tag this year... and the only tag i got all fall! ha ha
  12. mbiewer

    Xmas Tree Cutting In Tonto?

    There's talks of closing roads up on top of the rim. And at lunch the news said the snow level is supposed to be about 4500. Might wanna call ahead and double check conditions before hand... ...at the very least, go prepared and, let me know what you find, ha ha...were going next weekend
  13. mbiewer

    Xmas Tree Cutting In Tonto?

    I seen a bunch of spots, but now they changed it this year...its below the rim. We were either going to go below the 260 (on the road to young) or on the west side by the boy scout camp closer to pine. Hopefully its not all snowed over
  14. mbiewer

    Help with Christmas tree tags

    I went to the ranger station off of higley... I'd call and check for availability first. The gentleman that helped me said they were somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 tags opening morning. I went at lunch to get mine/ours, and there was a line out the door. this year, the tree cutting area is below the rim... which stinks... seen a lot of great looking trees on my buddy's elk hunt, in 4 a
  15. mbiewer

    My cat with javelina

    ha ha... get a lasso and tie it to a tree until season comes around