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  1. mbiewer

    Water Catchment Map

    game and fish used to operate azaccessmap.com.... but i think it got shut down. It was a pretty cool mapping tool that had their and other watr catchments. onx has some
  2. mbiewer

    Places to stay in Sedona

    and here i was gonna say drag the trailer to cottonwood and shell out a whoppin $50 a night and be at the campground on the verde with javelina walking through. but pinkies up .... you do you... Just kidding. Have a nice trip and visit. Hit the Coffee pot up for breakfast and one of the 100 omelets they got
  3. mbiewer

    Tis the season

    did you gut them? they're delicious.
  4. mbiewer

    Shout out to Flag G&F folks

    they really steppe d up their game with the "victory hats" compared to the old orange one i got when i did it a few years ago
  5. mbiewer

    Calling class?

    Anyone know if Ammon ( little creek calls)still does the preseason turkey hunting "seminar" at sportsman's... Or if I missed it
  6. mbiewer

    best steakhouse and pizza in Prescott area

    We always stop in at Park Plaza Liquor and Deli. They have a full service restaurant and they make a pretty good pizza
  7. mbiewer

    Meat Rabbits

    i seen the thread and the my curiosity got the better of me. ha ha. My mom grew up on rabbits as a kid. I found this site: https://www.hostilehare.com/ I am pretty sure he's down here in the valley though. He's got everything you might need to get started. Breeders, cages, and even just meat if you wanna try it I also agree with Schmitty... but yuma might be a bit of a stretch. Reach out to the local Ag instructor at the high school near you. They might have a contact and help a kid out
  8. mbiewer

    Alignment shops on the east side of town?

    the lil tire shop i frequent sent me to A-1 Auto and Muffler. they do alignments too though. 4809830068 AJ Ironwood and the trail) 4x4 ram 2500. they only charged me $80 and gave me a print out of what they found and the specs they set it to in the end.
  9. mbiewer

    1988 bronco II

    Well, the wife said I either need to win the lottery or sell the project... So here we are. Bought this for the stepson's first vehicle, but he's done with it and I can't afford to do what I want with it (full restoration).. Nice little get around 4x4. Pdl pw, auto 2.9 V6. 231k we had a new headliner put in, refreshed the springs went through the cooling system. New stereo system. Installed newer seats and a center console. The bad: ac works but the compressor leaks so that needs replaced. Has the infamous Ford steering column from the early 80s so the previous owner put a universal ignition switch in. Still be a nice starter truck, off-road get around, or decent little truck. $5500 obo. Hit me up if you got any questions VID_20240114_124824828.mp4
  10. mbiewer

    Jason's Jaguar

    "fake news" "dont exist" Sincerely AZGFD. hahahahaha thats awesome footage
  11. mbiewer

    Any Tequila Drinkers here?

    wow...big spender. jk. Weve had good luck with some of the people at total wine for input on different booze. they might be able to help with recomendations
  12. mbiewer

    Dental scrap gold

    this is what i was expecting in this thread ha hah aha
  13. mbiewer

    Cummins emissions recall ?

    i just got the recall notice yesterday, i got the mail but didnt open the envelope... guess i gotta figure this out too
  14. mbiewer

    Any Tequila Drinkers here?

    Our go to seems to be the sam's club handle. I think its about $20... not sure who makes it for them, but thats our normal "stock" tequila
  15. mbiewer

    I'm Going to Want a Bigger One

    how much is the mold? im sure in your capacities you got something to melt lead. I know a guy that had an in with one of the "mexican tire shops" that he would go get the take ff wheel weights from them, melt them down and make his own 50 cal bullets