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  1. mbiewer

    Crown King Fire

    They closed a good part of 20a yesterday. Waited 3 yrs for a deer tag, gotta rethink the whole enchiladas now
  2. Kone not traveling is crap.... I just had Kone on my facility and the tech talked about traveling to the apache reservation (one day) and tucson the next. We used to use this guy, and might be more affordable compared to big corporates: Quality Crane Services Directions Save Crane service in Glendale, Arizona Address: 7227 W Monte Cristo Ave, Peoria, AZ 85382 Phone: (623) 773-2500
  3. mbiewer

    Ammo collection for sale

    Wait.... Where do you work, and why do you keep "pocket ammo" on the ready??????
  4. mbiewer

    got my deer permit today

    I got the surprise tag.... Was trying to pay down one card, so the wife was using hers. She decided to let me show some transactions on mine (we have seperate from before marriage)... Apparently something happened in the process... no usage or transacation limit alerts that i had set. I just assumed i never got charged, so i gave up hope. Tuesday my step son got his tag in the mail, so i checked the history... 20A
  5. mbiewer

    Ramblin ram near Tucson

    Azgfd has/used to have an open house at the mesa extension. Was a class about sheep then a ride on the boat at canyon... They told us about one ram being relocated from Clifton, to (canyon lake I believe)... With the collar... They basically watched him walk back to Clifton
  6. mbiewer

    New truck considerations

    no matter what you want/buy... look into the costco auto program. We bought the wifes cherokee through them, then later my cummins 2500. super easy, super painless. now my vote, the wife wanted a bigger trailer, which got me a bigger truck. Got the 3/4ton ram with a diesel. probably never go back to gas. that truck is amazing. And im cheap (not the numbers guy either) ... the low end tradesman (which had more features than my 2005 1500) was just a little bit more than what most of the used diesels were going for with about 100K
  7. mbiewer

    RV Batteries

    i built a new box and got a deal on two agm batteries for my trailer. I added a disconnect switch for when its in storage. On my trailer, theres no way to shut off the co2 detector so it kills the battery
  8. mbiewer

    Large capacity fuel tank 2006 f150

    check cliff's welding in mesa
  9. mbiewer

    2006 Starcraft 13RT - $4900 - Sold!

    Where is the unit located at?
  10. mbiewer

    Where Am I?

    I remember that place as a kid. It was always a highlight for the origninal ostrich fest (and the rest of them) when they would roll a tank out front for us kids to climb on
  11. mbiewer

    2020-2021 Fall Regulations are Up

    bout time... i need to find out where im getting disappointed at this year. (insert the charlie brown with a football gif here -in terms of tag optimism)
  12. mbiewer

    Does the Mogollon rim get crowded?

    We go up there a few times across the summer. Just like anywhere else, holiday weekends suck. We were "priviliged" to listen to a wedding once by bear canyon lake...at about 10pm... man those people wouldnt shut up. ha ha anyway went up to help my buddy on his cow hunt in 4a this past october. We camped off of the 300 closer to woods canyon (his choice, not mine) and found lots of people in the vista camp grounds. Worked into the unit betwwne the 300 fork and north into the flats. a fair amount of people still out just camping. Think i found more poeple camping when we were swtiching spots for the das than we found hunters
  13. mbiewer

    Ram 2500 lift parts $80 Fits 2014-2020

    just bought the leveling kit for mine... what are these for again?
  14. mbiewer

    Need a map

    contact rugged maps. they can center the map on anything you want, and set it to a certain scale. ie your cabin, with how far out you want it
  15. i was all fine with all this stupid corona stuff... until they cancelled the AZGFD expo.... now its personal... ha ha And to top it all off, my wife only likes corona, i reach for miller lite!