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  1. mbiewer

    Total apps

    360 beat me to it.... 2, as in 2 many
  2. mbiewer

    Unit 23 late bull hunt house rental

    My mistake. I was thinking unit 22
  3. mbiewer

    127 Years AGO Today

    Hurtful. Why do you punch me with your words?
  4. mbiewer

    3 Yr old AKC yellow Lab

    Still got the lab? My buddy sent me the ad. I'll send you his number in a pm
  5. mbiewer

    127 Years AGO Today

    Tell us Edge, what was it like seeing it first hand.... way back then? I'M KIDDING! Don't kill me Tim
  6. mbiewer

    Relentless Scammers

    i spent my covid lockdown time going through fb marketplace reporting scams (was alos looking for a vehicle for the stepson). Super easy to spot. its one picture, "show room" miles, and tenth of the cost
  7. mbiewer


    catch your own dinner again, huh
  8. mbiewer

    Unit 23 late bull hunt house rental

    Late to the party, ... But I remember the place the OP is referring to. I remember seeing it the year after my bull tag and we slept in the cold. I second what everyone else has said, except the Young area. That's a long haul on a dirt road to get to a hunting spot. Creekside cabins has a website. Kohls Ranch, aribnb and VRBO. . Pine and strawberry are "in bounds" even if they're up on the other corner. We did an Airbnb and had half of a duplex to ourselves.
  9. mbiewer

    Let's See Them Gardens.

    Built them myself. Still gotta get a shade canopy (picture is before that phase of the project). Hopefully this weekend. Missed the window to get things planted, but they'll be ready for the fall
  10. mbiewer

    Let's See Them Gardens.

    A work in progress, and feel very inadequate after Edge"s pictures... But here's my work in progress
  11. mbiewer

    Realtor - Miama/Globe

    you gonna buy that dome house? ha ha
  12. mbiewer

    Hairy eyeball??

    great... now the nightmares will start up again. thats weird looking. ha ha
  13. mbiewer

    Sliding Patio Door Glass?

    My brother in law works for R&K (mesa/Gilbert border)... He might be able to get you something. David at R And K. Matt
  14. mbiewer

    Jumping Jack

    Posting for my buddy. He's not a hunter just another camper. Any who.... He's had it for just under a year. Think he wants to upgrade. (Sorry, don't have any pics to post, just his ad) https://offerup.co/F82tyssyqdb
  15. mbiewer


    Phoenix welding supply, and theres a price break after so many gallons