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  1. mbiewer

    Transfer pump

    might check northern tool as well
  2. mbiewer

    Anyone work at Discount Tire

    Time to hi jack the thread...ha ha Whats the best E-range all terrain?
  3. mbiewer


    I'd try it
  4. mbiewer


    I might be mistaken,... but Basha's covers the spectrum: Food city, Bashas, and then AJ's I remember as a kid in chandler it was bashas or safeway... then the city got bigger, and the competition moved in. My best friend works for Basha's still... it's neat to see the "ol' home town grocer"... Hopefully they can keep rolling. I know they did a bunch of restructuring and have closed quite a few stores
  5. mbiewer

    Window Replacement

    My brother in law will do side work. Without "throwing him under the bus"... he works for a local company that sells windows and does installs... but he has also done installs on the weekend, on the side. It's all he's ever really done as a career. he knows his stuff... pm me for info
  6. mbiewer

    safe mover?

    co worker lives in San tan valley, but has found a good deal on a gun safe in Goodyear. not sure the details, but he was asking about someone to move it. I tried the search option here, but nothing came up. think its about 800#s
  7. mbiewer

    Sleeping bag

    I bought Tetons form sportsman's warehouse. +rated to 0 - the rule of thumb is whatever the bag is rated at +20 degrees for comfort is the actual temperature. I have had mine down into single digits and have been fine though + on sale at sportsman's in the add right now +ive slept under the stars in mine... with my big baby of an English pointer. He slept in the foot of my sleeping bag (he doesn't like the cold) and I slept in it with my four legged space heater. was plenty of space. Theyre twin bed sized (just the normal sleeping bag), but they will zip together. Ive had mine for 10 years or better. the only thing I had to do recently was wax the zippers every few trips
  8. mbiewer

    Poor Pitiful Hikers

    They should amend the rescue to be like the "stupid motorist" law.... if you knowingly drive into a flooded wash and get stuck, you pay for the rescue... could be the same for hiking... if they show up and you're standing there in sandals, just know youre gonna pay. ha ha
  9. mbiewer

    Blood from a turnip lol

    Yeah... we bought me a new pickup, and the wifes car... plus the travel trailer and the pop-up. its like "double down" though, especially on the little pop up... haven't used the pop up but once in the past year.... and now I have to pay a fee, even though its hooked to my truck that pays the same fee???
  10. mbiewer

    Blood from a turnip lol

    This discussion came around the camp fire this past weekend at turkey camp. It didn't really sink in when we were talking about it, even though the morning we left I checked to see when the tags on my pop up expired, until I got the email from ADOT yesterday (see below)... I will pay it, (maybe,--- it'll probably spark a wildfire debate in my house because we just purchased a travel trailer last summer, and the wife's argument of "why are we keeping this" will take another nail in the coffin). I just think its funny that the tax is 3 times the amount of the actual tag. The vehicle registration for your 1979 COLEM TE, will expire May 31, 2019. Please pay on or before this date to avoid penalty fees. NO EMISSIONS TEST REQUIRED Fees for a 1 year renewal are: Veh License Tax $10.00 Public Safety $32.00 Total $42.00 Fees for a 2 year renewal are: Veh License Tax $20.00 Public Safety $64.00 Total $84.00 Fees for a 5 year renewal are: Veh License Tax $50.00 Public Safety $160.00 Total $210.00
  11. mbiewer


    what did they come off of?
  12. mbiewer

    Tonot NF travel BS

    the problem isn't "US"... its "THEM".... the go faster crowd... And I don't mean to lump all utv riders together by any means. My buddy has one for hunting...he's not in the "faster" group. The perfect example of this is, we were in 23 for turkey this past weekend... Driving out from lunch in mid afternoon... my brother said "oh there's a razor behind us".... we were courteous, we found a spot and pulled over... they passed us and proclaimed "7 more".... well, we creeped up to a shady spot. the 7 wound up being 12... and everyone of them where treating that little forest road like it was a Baja race... sliding the small bends and jumping the small bumps in the down hill slope. Sure, do they have the right to be out there? absolutely... but do they foster the same stewardship for the trails and environment...nope; its "skinny pedal on the right" mentality. And its not just SxS (although theyre the most predominant)... I almost had a guy in a jeep wipe me out taking the kids up to four peaks once, because he was "having fun in his machine" There's no way to change the mentality of the general public. (wasn't it less than a year ago, that jack wagon went over the edge of the rim from going to fast?) ... Ban the machines, or close the trails... Laws and rules aren't there for the few of us that know a closed area sign isn't the place to be, or that a burmed road isn't open.... Unfortunately though, its those of us that know what the rules are, and suffer the lack of access
  13. mbiewer

    Need trailer wiring adapter

    you can't "delete" wires going from the trailer to the vehicle... only vehicle to the trailer. truck 7> trailer 4, is the only thing they make. to go from truck4> trailer 7.... it doesn't exist unless you make it yourself the idea is a 7 pin will have trailer brakes wired into it. you can make/buy the fitting and just land the four wires for the lights, but its viewed as Improperly connecting or _omitting- safety features
  14. mbiewer

    Truck bed lights

    ive seen some on amazon for pretty cheap. my FIL uses cheap push button stick on lights from harbor freight for his