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  1. wellhead

    300wsm dies and hornady hand primer

    Where are you? I’m interested in the hand primer
  2. wellhead

    .22 ammo for sale

    where you located?
  3. wellhead

    please remove

    Appears to be.
  4. wellhead

    Carving set display case WTB or Make

    got to Amazon and search "Pocket Knife Display Case Cabinet Shadow Box, Glass Door, Wall Mountable", maybe something like that will work for ya.
  5. wellhead

    Top selling toy 1964

    This would have been a cool toy
  6. wellhead

    Tonot NF travel BS

    Sounds like Tonto is going to slowly close down our motorized access to our lands
  7. wellhead

    Daughter's Grand Canyon Trip

    I bought 2 pair and they arrived today. Sydney does very good work. My wife was impressed. Guys, help her meet the goal for such a great outdoors trip.
  8. wellhead

    Any shed action yet?

  9. wellhead

    Finally made it down south

    Nice catches. Where was this? Rocky Point?
  10. wellhead

    Baja East Cape

    How are you getting from Cabo airport to Los Barriles?
  11. wellhead

    Confidence building in teens, what have you done?

    This is a challenge since what works for one kid may not for another. My younger one did well in baseball but no so much with the older boy. Team sports didn't work as well for him. Got them into Scholastic Clay Targets and that was a boost for both. Size, strength, physique doesn't matter. Can they focus and meet the mental challenge of hitting the target and overcome missing a target. I think archery or any shooting sport helps build confidence. These sports also reinforce making a person be responsible and that ties in with confidence.
  12. wellhead

    Upholsterer needed

    Try the boys in Florence https://aci.az.gov/sales/ they did my 1970 Blazer seats and did a great job. Not sure if they have a location in Tucson. Quality work at a very reasonable price.
  13. wellhead

    Gun Classifieds in AZ

    azshootingzone.com is another one.
  14. wellhead

    Utility Trailer for sale