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  1. wellhead

    308 go gauge

    Pm sent
  2. A 25 Min video but very interesting
  3. wellhead

    WTB land in Williams

    Easy enough to haul your own water from several sources or pay to have it delivered. I’ve done both.
  4. wellhead

    Marry her

  5. wellhead

    Need a few pigs

    I got one from Lanny 623-297-8572 he raises them in the west valley near The wildlife zoo. He kills it for you but you have to gut it at home. been about 5 years so don’t recall prices
  6. wellhead

    Stoeger-ubeti cattleman .45 long colt

    How old is it? How long is the barrel?
  7. wellhead

    Need pool guy in PHX

    Is used this guy Norm 602-549-7665 for the pool remodel and Danny 480-606-2094 for the deck & patio i don’t have their company names but both are licensed contractors, small businesses and did great work for us. Also did several neighbors pools. our pool needed lots of attention and now it looks brand new. Did mine last year.
  8. wellhead

    .45 ACP AMMO

    I’ll take 6 Boxes of 50. Thanks
  9. wellhead

    One happy kid!

    Very cool, congratulations
  10. wellhead

    ISO….. A long shot

    Saw a couple posts on “Hunting Arizona”
  11. wellhead

    ISO….. A long shot

    On a couple of the AZ hunting pages on FB there were some posts about the auction. You may try there too. Good luck.
  12. wellhead

    Son of a Poacher

    Has anyone read this book? It’s by Scott Warbelow a guy who’s dad was a poacher and Scott grew up to be a WM in Wyoming. Mixed comments by Amazon readers.
  13. wellhead

    Youth Hunt

  14. wellhead

    WTB: AK47