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  1. wellhead

    Whirlpool Electric Duet Dryer (white)

    Uh oh, we’re headed there with a Kenmore dryer & GE washer! 🤣🤣
  2. wellhead

    More ammo

    I’ll take the 4 boxes of Sig. thanks
  3. wellhead

    Need to find a home - black lab

    If you don’t have any luck here have him try Southwest Oasis Labrador Rescue. Last year we got our 7 year old thru them. He’s a nice looking boy
  4. wellhead

    WTS: FN FAL metric magazines

    How many do you have? I’ll take a few
  5. wellhead

    Pecans for Christmas

    Pm sent
  6. wellhead

    Christmas Cookies

    Marry Christmas 🎄
  7. wellhead

    Looking for a plumber

    Pm sent
  8. wellhead

    Pebble tec redone

    During Covid we remodeled our pool. Used. remodel Your Pool Inc, norm was the guy 602-549-1021 he’s a licensed contractor and we were very happy with the results. His office was near Deer Valley airport but he seems to cover the Valley
  9. wellhead

    So who went to Scheels today?

    I didn’t go but saw a friends video. The crowd was huge. They had raffles starting at 7am & opens at 9am. Seemed to be a huge event
  10. wellhead

    Akc standard poodles for sale

    The video on Instagram crawling all over someone is cute
  11. wellhead

    Where off the shelf can I find...

    Ferguson HVAC supply has multiple locations around the valley. They’ve had the odd things I’ve needed.
  12. wellhead


    I’ll take the B&P & RC2. PM sent
  13. wellhead


    Pm sent
  14. wellhead

    FNAR Heavy

    Is the price a dollar or $1,000? Yeah