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  1. wellhead

    FAL for sale

    Wow, she’s a beauty.
  2. wellhead

    Tommy998 scammer

    Report him to the Admins so he is 86’ed quickly
  3. wellhead

    Firearms For Sale. All Sold

    Waiting for the next list 🤞
  4. wellhead

    Firearms For Sale. All Sold

    The P290s are nice
  5. wellhead

    Tankless Water Heater Installer

    It’s all about revenue but they claim to care about your safety. Where did they learn it? From the great state west of us! They can’t raise taxes so just raise fees. It’s so much easier that way.
  6. wellhead

    WTS: handcuffs

    She wants to try these cuffs on!
  7. wellhead

    Fathers day project

    Wow, that’s very cool. Nice work
  8. wellhead

    6.5 Grendel

    What make barrel & upper?
  9. wellhead

    Reloading Bullets

    Pm sent
  10. wellhead

    UPDATED, Firearms, and Scopes

    I’ll take the Marlin 980
  11. wellhead

    Free Winchester 32 auto 71 gr

    If coach doesn’t take them I will.
  12. wellhead

    Peoria Shooting

    Sorry I wasn’t clear, supposedly there was one that happened today. the same thing happened like 2 years ago. I checked the local news outlets and nothing yet about today’s event
  13. wellhead

    Peoria Shooting

    Sounds like a suicide at Shooters World in Peoria. anyone heard any details? Happened about 2 years ago
  14. wellhead


    I’ll take the 45 auto and 300bo ammo. Sending a pm
  15. wellhead

    Winchester Model 70

    Ok, I’ll say it. He’s a scammer. NEVER responded to my request as to where this rifle is located. He is a 100% scammer at this point! Just calling it the way I see it. Never responds!