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  1. wellhead

    Good Remington 1100 gunsmith?

    So the spring that has been the issue for me 2x is part #1026. it’s circled in red on Delw parts diagram. It’s located on the right side of the receiver. I’m my first pic, it’s staled in 2 places beginning in front of the large pin that holds the trigger assembly in. The smaller pin for the trigger assembly passes thru the spring in front of the 2nd stake point. The spring is 5.5” long and curves at the end nearest the front of the gun. You can see this curved tip in my 2nd photo. It’s close to the orange plug. You will need to inspect your spring closely to see if it’s broken. If so pry the damaged one out. Hope this makes some sense. The next 3 photos are the tool required to stake the spring in place. it’s an easy fix if this is your issue.
  2. wellhead

    Good Remington 1100 gunsmith?

    Mine started jamming and turned out is was what the spring broke next to where it was staked as Delw describes. I bought a new spring, replaced the old one and good as new
  3. wellhead

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    There’s a reason to disclose what the contents are. UPS will not ship hazardous materials, they Also won’t Ship human remains, coin or currency. it’s also a chance to make sure your shipping the item safely and properly. for instance, you’re shipping some of your prize elk meat to your friend in FL and it’s on dry ice by plane. There’s a limit of 5.5 lbs of dry ice allows on aircraft and it must be labeled properly. i had a customer overnight a “birthday card” to his friend in Vancouver Canada. my store was I am Scottsdale so cost was usually not a concern. A few days later he came in pissed his package was not delivered on time. I researched and Canadian customs was holding it. I also researched and both the sender and receiver were professional gamblers. My guess is the birthday card was actually a bundle of cash. The Canadians were willing to release the envelope to the recipient if he shows up at their office with governement issued ID. I never heard any more. you would be amazed at the stuff people want to ship. just like any other retailer some are really good and some are bumbling idiots.
  4. wellhead

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    The UPS Store is a franchise privately owned business. The contract between the franchisee and UPS states that the store can not ship fire arms or parts or the franchisee will lose their store/investment. There are multiple reasons for this, theft of firearms due to lack of security, multiple confusing laws regarding shipping are 2 major ones. Some owners take the rule too far and that is what many of you have experienced. Low IQ cashiers who cannot think for them selves make this worse. You could go online, print a label, and drop that same scope at the same Store with no issue. In that case be sure to get a receipt that you dropped it off. Yes UPS ships firearms & ammo, but not the same as a store. I understand everyone’s frustration. This rule has been in place for over 10 years. So this isn’t due to the current anti gun attitudes of some. i owned a UPS store and went thru the “we can’t ship your gun” routine. I would have gladly shipped firearms but the risk to my investment wasn’t worth what I would earn on that shipment. Many times I did ship precision machines parts, telescope parts, precision glass. Etc. never a fire arm or receiver. remember your dealing With retail & that level of employee. I’m not trying to defend these people, just explain why things are this way.
  5. wellhead


    Pm sent
  6. wellhead

    Sig Sauer P320 threaded barrel

    Is this for full size or compact?
  7. wellhead

    Free Mauser ammo

    Hoss50 took it. Thanks guys
  8. wellhead

    Free Mauser ammo

    Glad someone can use it. Hoss50 pm sent
  9. wellhead

    Free Mauser ammo

    8MM Mauser ammo, 100 rounds in clips. Believe to be Argentine made and it appears it might be corrosive. A friend bought it at a local sporting goods store, shot a little and gave me the rest when he sold the gun. FTF at Basspro or Desert Ridge. Not willing to ship.
  10. wellhead

    S&W BG 380 pistol

  11. wellhead

    S&W Chiefs Special .45

  12. wellhead

    Browning Buckmark .22

  13. wellhead

    Browning Buckmark .22

    Yeah, you’ve been a busy shopper lately!
  14. wellhead

    S&W Chiefs Special .45

    I’m selling for a friend so have never shot it. He told me it shoots very nice.
  15. wellhead

    Browning Buckmark .22

    Browning Buckmark Camper Staknless .22 pistol, under 100 rounds and 1 mag and original case. SOLD FTF Phoenix Sportsmans or Basspro. Paul