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  1. wellhead

    Handyman needed

    Think I got it covered.
  2. wellhead

    Handyman needed

    I'll check with him. Thanks
  3. wellhead

    Handyman needed

    Is anyone here a handyman or have a good one to recommend? need 2 vent fan installed in a 10x10 room and the switch put on the wall. thanks Paul 602-821-3460 text is good work is near deer Valley airport
  4. wellhead

    Christmas Gift Destinations

    Thats a great idea. How about a narrow gauge railroad ride? New Mexico https://cumbrestoltec.com/ or The galloping Goose near Telluride http://www.gallopinggoose5.org/ or the Silverton RR is near by too
  5. wellhead

    Colt New Frontier SSA

    Here are some pics of the grips. Not really sure what they're made of. Not plastic but something solid like delrin, does have some grain to it.
  6. wellhead

    Colt New Frontier SSA

    I was told it’s scrimshaw. I would need to check
  7. wellhead

    Colt New Frontier SSA

  8. wellhead

    Colt New Frontier SSA

    For sale a Colt New Frontier SSA in .357. blued, 4 1/5" barrel. According to Colt's web site it was made in 1963. There are some marks on the under side of the barrel by the ejector rod. Tried to show that in the photos. There are also some turn marks on the cylinder. I don't know the round count but does not appear to have been shot much. The owner passed away about 20 years ago and it has been sitting in the safe since then. I feel that he was the original owner. I don't have the original grips. Original style grips are about $60 online. I have not shot it but it seems to function and lock up well. Average price on Gunbroker is $1695 I'm asking $1400, FTF in Tempe or N Phoenix area. Sorry in no trades. I will be in Flag this weekend (13-15) Thanks for looking Paul text 602-821-3460
  9. wellhead

    Robar Closing

    They are closing just the firearms side. Coating Technologies will stay open for OEM work.
  10. wellhead

    Walmart ends all handgun ammunition

    This was the only reason I went and shopped at WM and lately that hasn't been very much. I find better deals on sale at the sporting goods or online. Their other outdoor gear is no big deal so I won't miss them. Screw them and all their chinese garbage.
  11. wellhead

    Feed store in flagstaff

    There's Olsens Grains , 2250 N Steves Blvd 86004, and Cal Ranch and Tractor Supply all in the same area as Sportsmans on the east side.
  12. wellhead

    FS Pink Floyd Tickets for Chandler Show

    Aussie Pink Floyd is a band of Australians who play PF. I haven’t seen them but have been told they’re the best at playing PF.
  13. wellhead


    I'll take the 44 mag ammo. Text sent. Paul
  14. wellhead

    Looking to trade my Walther PPK/S

    I had one lie that and they are great little pistols. Good luck with the sale.
  15. wellhead

    Need help, Clever pest control company names.

    Shockwave and Creepy Crawlers are Very good. sure seems everyone on PHX is into flipping homes.