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  1. wellhead

    Ammo price drop

    I’ll take all the 308. Thanks Paul. pm sent
  2. wellhead

    Need reasonably priced electrician near BassPro

    That’s a smokin deal!
  3. wellhead

    Need reasonably priced electrician near BassPro

    Craig 480-440-5243, has done work for me. Professionally he works for a local company but does side work. Knowledgeable and does quality work.
  4. wellhead

    Browning Buckmark URX $280 Tucson

    These are nice shooters. I love mine. Best wishes with the young one.
  5. wellhead

    Scam Alert...

    Report him
  6. wellhead

    Ruger Mini 14 stainless 580 series $500

    Great price!
  7. wellhead

    WTB AR Pistol lower

    Are you looking for pistol caliber or something based off the AR calibers Boarman mentions?
  8. https://www.blm.gov/press-release/blm-approves-phoenix-area-recreational-shooting-sports-project PHOENIX – The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Phoenix District has published a Final Environmental Assessment (EA) and Decision Record approving the Recreational Shooting Sports Project, clearing the way for the construction and operation of five recreational shooting sites to be built on public lands near the Phoenix metro area. The sites will provide active management, enhanced access and increased safety for shooting sports enthusiasts and other public land users near one of the most populated metro areas in the nation.
  9. wellhead

    Heads up ref: Zoocityarmory

    50 seems high. Maybe 5 or 10 for those of us who are quiet folks. Or 2 or 3 weeks after a person signs up. need some sort of screening for newbies
  10. wellhead

    Heads up ref: Zoocityarmory

    He did the same to me. I had commented on a Ruger Vaquero that was for sale here. So then this Zoo guy sends me a PM saying he has one for sale for $510. I just declined. My experience with guys who post hours after joining are just scammers. This seems to hold true to that theory.
  11. wellhead

    Nikons scope deals

    Word is Nikon is getting out of the scope business. Not certain though. I like my Nikon scopes and needed one repaired and they took good care of me.
  12. wellhead


    Check out www.datecreekranch.com they have some. I’ve bought beef from them and was very good. Never had their lamb or pork. They will meet you at Phoenix Sportsmans for delivery. They are out by Wickenburg
  13. How old is this?
  14. wellhead

    Colt New Frontier SSA

    Sold. Thank you Frank
  15. wellhead

    Colt New Frontier SSA