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  1. wellhead

    FS Pink Floyd Tickets for Chandler Show

    Aussie Pink Floyd is a band of Australians who play PF. I haven’t seen them but have been told they’re the best at playing PF.
  2. wellhead


    I'll take the 44 mag ammo. Text sent. Paul
  3. wellhead

    Looking to trade my Walther PPK/S

    I had one lie that and they are great little pistols. Good luck with the sale.
  4. wellhead

    Need help, Clever pest control company names.

    Shockwave and Creepy Crawlers are Very good. sure seems everyone on PHX is into flipping homes.
  5. wellhead

    454 ammo FS

  6. wellhead

    454 ammo FS

    Listing for my kid. Boxes of 454 ammo for sale. 1 of the Winchester boxes is about half full and the other Winchester is just brass. The other boxes are all full. So 120 plus rounds all for $100. FTF, no shipping. Meet in North Phoenix near Deer Valley airport area. text Nico 602-885-7768
  7. wellhead

    Any bug guys?

    Here is what Uof A said... Response: The mud dauber wasps make nests out of mud that may look like clumps of mud stuck on a wall. Some construct pipe structures that the line up in rows in sheltered places. The wasps enclose paralyzed spiders within the nests (often widow spiders) for their young to feed on. The wasps themselves are quite beautiful, about an inch in length or longer. Some are dark iridescent blue, some yellow and black, all have a narrow, elongated waist. They are solitary wasps and only sting if molested. Generally the next generation will not emerge until next spring. This nest is interesting as usually they are more uniformly colored. As they are made from mud the best way to remove them is by spraying them with water. When they are attached to painted surfaces or stucco chipping them off can result in removing chunks of paint and stucco. just never seen one like this. They're goners.
  8. Well some more research and it looks like Desert Creek took over Gila Hollows from Mitch. Thanks for the feedback guys.
  9. I was looking at Desert Creek Sportsmans Club out past Buckeye. Anyone here been out there or have any experience/feedback? Prices don’t seem too bad.
  10. wellhead

    Any bug guys?

    This is in the wall on my patio in Scottsdale. The wall faces north. It’s about 4” long and 1.5” wide. No holes in it. Has only been there in the last month or so. Grew up in AZ but never seen anything. Like it. any ideas?
  11. An all day boat rental on Big Lake is $116
  12. wellhead

    Barrel threading in phoenix

    Axisworks in Tempe is the place to go. Have new equipment just for this.
  13. wellhead

    Ruger m77 tang safety 7mm sold. Please delete

    He's in Queen Creek
  14. wellhead


    These came out 10 years before the Judge did.
  15. wellhead


    azbirdhunter88 did you ever try Empire Ranch last year? Been looking at pheasant but sounds like both places in Casa Grand & Coolidge are not worth the effort.