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  1. Code3

    Card Hits!

    15:53 Archery Bull charge. Gonna be a sweet September!
  2. Shot 2/11/23. I have a full body female javelina in the freezer avail for your: full, half, shoulder, rug, or hide patching. Age unknown; her teeth don’t look fully developed. PM me a modest $ offer (or) I might consider it a trade for the skull cleaned & whitened. Additional pics avail.
  3. Code3

    Taxidermist: Friend or Foe?

    Call Andrea for current pricing. I posted her contact info. She ACTUALLY answers the phone, returns text, and exceeds expectations. That alone is worth her fair price. IMO… if your hunt and take was memorable enough that you want taxidermy, can you really put a price on the prize? 🐗
  4. Code3

    Taxidermist: Friend or Foe?

    To bring my closure on this thread… I can’t be happier with the service, turn around, communication, and final presentation. Here are two rugs done by Andrea’s Custom Rugs.
  5. Code3

    Decoy question

    I watched ‘My Life As A Turkey’ tonight… (Found it on the internet from the BBC posted 7yr ago). It was entertaining for a 1hr viewing; kind of reminded me of the movie, My Octopus Teacher. So I’m not trying to ‘Siskel and Ebert’ this production, but I will say if you can watch it through and take away the Turkey vocals… you will be better prepared for cues to the Turkey presence within the woods. Good luck to all those seeking Tom’s this Spring. 🦃
  6. Code3

    Great Watch! 6 min RMEF Video

    There are wildlife conservationists who DO it & those who TALK about the importance of doing it. If each CWT reader could emulate Clair, and bring along another person(s) for the cause, imagine the exponential positive impacts that wildlife populations would return back us. Thank you Clair, for 36 years.
  7. Code3

    Late Bull Hunt Success!

    Nice job Moffat! -McB.
  8. Code3

    Whitetail processing

    Pay for the convenience and experience of a processor, or invest in hardware to last your (and your buddies’) entire hunting life and never again wonder if you got back YOUR meat.
  9. Code3

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    per·se·ver·ance persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Way to stay positive until a memorable end!
  10. Code3

    Shotgun Opinions

    Second vote on the Remington Versamax. Never jams, shoots all lengths. While I’ve kept every shotgun I’ve acquire for family posterity, the Versamax is my only Turkey gun. Been using it stock from the factory 5yr now (5 Toms down). Remington often puts out a $100 rebate on this gun. But shop today (Black Friday), and you may get it even less cost!?!
  11. Code3

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    Better yet, make the North Rim a three day weekend. Rim to Rim to Rim day one. Day two when you can’t / don’t want to walk any further… take a 4x4 scenic drive to Point Sublime for a picnic lunch, happy hour at sunset on North Lodge’s patio, dinner reservations inside North Lodge, followed by starry night watching before bedding in one of the many North Lodge cabins. 10/10 memories!
  12. Code3

    rem 700

    Years ago I bought a used Remington 700 .300 RUM off a friend. It was a stock trigger and he did not tinker with the pull weight. I later learned of the model 700 trigger recall. I went through the whole process of getting an RMA, stripping the gun, and shipping to manuf.’s third party labor. They put a new trigger in it and shipped it back at Remington’s expense. After opening the box I noticed cosmetic white paint (like a paint pen) on the replacement trigger. Several phone calls later to Remington and the third party labor, no one could explain the deliberate paint marking. To settle my conscious I bought a Timney, installed it myself, shot several hundred target rounds (and one pronghorn), never looked back with concern. Timney customer service was great and explained the trigger types avail. Go Timney and go forward with peace of mind.
  13. Code3

    Turkey Decoys

    Read the thread TURKEY: First Time Oct 26. Comments from members are spot on to hear, find, and draw in the Tom. You should also be watching for signs of bird presence when they aren’t make a peep (or gobble). Look for bird turd. White question mark shape means Tom. White popcorn shape means Hen. (Pics attached). Foot prints in snow or mud wil be obvious. Feed scratching of pine needles will look like someone took a leaf rake to a 1’x1’ area. Bunch of feathers at the base of tree indicates their chosen roost tree and preening. One last pointer… as hard as it is to be actively hunting 1-1.5hrs before sunrise… on the 6th day, do it. Those are golden hours. Good luck, it’s so fun!
  14. Code3

    Turkey Decoys

    4yrs using Montana Decoy (3) Miss Purrfect and (1) Jake Purrfect: collapsible, soft sided decoys, light weight, silent. While I haven’t used them every year I get a Tom, I have used them successfully and carry them every year I get a Tom tag. Soft fabric over an accordion like body. Wire neck and tail allows you to make unique presentations. If you have ever had a windshield sun protector kick your a** when trying to fold, you’ll know what I mean about how these fold down. After getting a hand of the fold, I carry (1) hen at my chest within a half zippered parka for fast set up when walking the forest. The balance of the flock take little room within a day pack if you want to set up in a blind. Can be used with the metal stake or simply placed on the ground/tree stump. Fabric has purposeful cuts in fabric to blow gently in wind like real feathers. It might not be THE BEST decoy avail and looks like a misfit stuffed animal… it does the job and is quickly deployable / packable. Here are some close up pics from our past hunts. Another tool in the toolbox.