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  1. Code3

    Daughter's first Tom

    Anticipation on 2022 Spring Draw led me digging around the Turkey forums months after this happened and I felt like I was there last April! Sweet story. I truly like the way you got her involved with the prep, right down to the nail polish crimp cap. Memories for both of you to last forever! Nice job Dad!
  2. Code3

    Nash’s first buck

    Nash, stellar character both in the classroom & the field! Next year’s straight A’s negotiation may be worthy of Dad’s tag transfer to Youth!!! Keep up your passion for excellence and time in the field with family.
  3. Code3

    Wife's first hunt ever! Wyoming Antelope

    Sweet success story! Often, that success is more rewarding to see someone else earn their “first” than ourselves. Nice job, Coach.
  4. Code3

    19A 2021 General Antelope tag

    Thank you for all the supportive & congratulatory comments before/after the hunt. I will post a 1/2 size taxidermy when Authentic Taxidermy, LLC is done. Troy Smith, owner, seems easy to work with and showed me pictures of his own 1/2 size Pronghorn before deciding to take it to him, plus he was local. Additionally, he was recommended by a friend in the hunt video as competently skilled with big game. On to more AZ Spring Turkeys...🍻
  5. Code3

    19A 2021 General Antelope tag

    NEWBIE 19A PRONGHORN SUCCESS This hunt touched all 3 bases and then slid into home plate like a .300RUM! We all know how lucky I was to draw 19A General Pronghorn with only 9 points, so I won’t bore you with testimony to the months of scouting and time invested learning from other hunters. In short, I did the homework & it paid dividends! Some of you had asked for “the story”, so I’ll fast forward to 12hrs before Opening Hour. I had a target list of 4 bucks spanning 3 different areas of State Trusts & National Forest from Prescott Valley to Chino Valley. I had observed each of these bucks just hours earlier—defending their does, breeding their does, and raking desert flora. At one point I was pinned down behind tall Deer Grass just 100yrd away, thinking this chaos was better than any Outdoor Channel show I’ve ever seen. My target list had been established. Then, a curve ball was introduced. My hunting partner for Opening Day suggested I come put eyes on a buck he thought was “pretty good”. We then both glassed “Tall Boy” for over an hour. He chased off 2 other competing bucks to defend his 3 does the entire watching. Often times cresting a hill to provide a silhouette of his tall horns. This sealed the deal: the silhouette of his tall horns. All other negative features became a moot point, as this animal was impressively tall. “Tall Boy” just became the #1 on my target list. 04:00 we left camp to arrive before sunlight in hopes of taking him where we last saw him. As it often turns out, he wasn’t anywhere to be found. We hiked several hours & miles before spotting him on TOP of a rolling hill, some 1200yrd away, again silhouetting his horns. There were no other hunters this deep off the road, so we patiently watched him work those does down the hill, chase off 2 coyotes several times, frequently pass along his genes, and close the distance to around 600yrd. When the opportunity allowed, we used flora to hide our advancement as we belly crawled/boot scooted to a vantage point on a downward slope just 480yrd from his grass grazing on the prairie. 09:20, Boom Boom (hit him twice), .300RUM, 480yrd, smiles from ear to ear on 3 dudes. AZGFD Draw, No paid professional guides, No paid private ranch access, No cheating. Earned it the hard way! Special thank you to Mark B (coueswhitetail.com acquaintance) & Jake M (fellow FF who decided a day of hunting is better than any day at work). Both made my ‘once in a life-time tag’ more memorable than each will ever know, and even documented it (YouTube: Craigs 2021 AZ Antelope Hunt). BTW, I named my trophy “Tall Boy” as a play on words; A “Tall Boy beer” is 16oz… This buck’s beams are over 16”. Conservatively scored 80.25”. This was one for the books… or at least a campfire ring and some beer.
  6. Code3

    19A 2021 General Antelope tag

    Thank you Markleo21377. I sent you an email with my name/#. Let's meet up.
  7. I'm first time Pronghorn hunter and have a General 19A tag Sept 2021. I've been scouting and road familiarity over the last two months when able to drive up the hill. Access is definitely challenging with this GMU! Would some experienced hunters be willing to share or confirm my newbie findings on finding success? I'm not concerned about P&Y score, as much as getting a respectable buck size and memories to last a lifetime. I'm excited and nervous over the potentially 36 less bucks to hunt (killed by archery and muzz) before my Sept hunt starts. While I've spoken to some land owners and AZGFD Warden about access to private land, it appears I'm either short on cash or late to the game for property privileges. So my hunt will be entirely on State Trust land and Prescott NF. I'm physically capable to hike in where most people won't.Yesterday I was glassing north Fain Ranch. Last week driving/observing Perkinsville Road from Chino to APS substation. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Feel free to PM me. Thank you in advance!