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    Wildlife. Flyfishing. Mountain camping. Ranger rides. Homebrew. Smoked game. Occasionally work to support the Interests!

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  1. Code3

    Jacob's Calls and Flies

    I’m willing to prime a young entrepreneur’s dream and business plan. I too don’t know enough about materials to advise my choice of the raw materials to be used, so dealer’s choice. I’ll take (2). If your son crafts my order with the same attention to detail as he did for his own Dad’s slate call… that’s all I can ask. Can he complete in time for Spring 2024 hunt?
  2. Code3

    34B Lope

    Archery Pronghorn… I tip my hat to you. That’s terrific 🤙🏻
  3. Code3

    2023 Wyoming hunt

    Dude, that’s beyond cool. You have built memories/stories for your Son & Grandkids that will last longer than you! Cherish these times… 🤙🏻
  4. Code3

    Cinco de Mayo Gould’s- 4 bearded tom

    With elk season over, I moved over to the Turkey thread to build anticipation for Spring 2024 with my son and got a look at this 4 beard. That is Bad A**!!! And at 10yrs!!! Nice sharing, with pics. I’m excited for another Turkey season.
  5. Code3

    Bull 2023 3A3C success

    Thanks for all the feedback from positive members within coueswhitetail.com . Guess I need to start hunting coues now. 😂
  6. Code3

    Bull 2023 3A3C success

    Yup, more horses than a Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo. When will they allow thinning of the herd like North Rim Buffalo? 😂 Those prolific horses are like a riding lawn mower, eating everything in it’s path.
  7. Code3

    Bull 2023 3A3C success

    Today will be a grateful chore of deboning my first elk, & done with a bow. Lots of time spent prepping for this hunt: Road knowledge, locating concentrated areas of bugles at wee hours of AM, water holes, benches, & how bulls use the line of No Return (Rez border) to evade pursuit. This was a TUFF hunt; mostly due to my learning curve, but locals tell me this was the slowest they have seen in yrs. Seemed like all 125 tag holders brought 5 buddies in the forest, so many dudes buzzing around and sitting water! It was hot, smokey, high winds, & no cows to be seen/heard. I only saw 1 bull killed in the back of a truck. No real rutting activity until day 12!?! Bulls actively bugles from day 1 & called back to challenge bugles… but no interest in cow calls. I don’t call often. I actually don’t like to call until the last 150yrd—for any game. It was obvious when other hunters were near due to cow calls & the over frequency of use. I had my share of “could have been done”, like the 6x6 on Day 2 (narrow shooting lane and killed a tree at 63yrd). My caller granted me 8 days, then returned to the real world. I kept grinding. Hunt sun up to sun down. Trying different areas, different times of AM, different approaches. Even though bugles occurred every day, some days went by without seeing a bull. Then, things changed on day 12. Responsive bulls, yet still no cows (I guess I never found them). Bulls engaging to challenge calls & kept around with soft cow calls. I had activity all day long. I bumped a bull 5:30pm when pursuing his bugle. It ran 73yrd up hill. A scraggly tree 8’ in front of me partially broke up my figure. Quickly counted left side: G4, G5, G6=thinking this was a 6x6. Face to face we stared for “eternity”. He barked several times. Calmed him with meek cow calls. His caution factor overrode desire to breed and he slowly turned to walk away. Ranged at 83yrd, pulled back, broadside, WHACK, punched him with 100gr G5 Montec. Then heard a crash, but not sure of what was really happening due to topo incline changes. Found blood at impact site. Found bull 30yrd away, face down into a rotting tree on a steep slope. Ecstatic rush of achievement! Antlers were actually 5x6 with an earlier broken right G1, but I didn’t care! It was a late night. Had an awesome friend drive up to help pack out. While not a monster, he will be just fine as a memory to the hunt’s high/lows resting over the cabin’s fireplace. Took him to Authentic Taxidermy/Troy Smith yesterday; it was a haul & I passed several taxidermist en route, but Troy did great work on my pronghorn. History has shown me—go with the proven & you won’t regret it. Troy asked if I wanted G1 tine fixed… “Nope, keep him just as I found him”.🏹
  8. Code3

    Otc elk. My first rifle elk.

    I have to say with candid honesty, I’ve taken a break from this forum due to the cat like retorts between members. I am glad I had a couple minutes during a burrito break and chose the Elk Hunting chapter to flick through, finding your recent post success. It was refreshing, funny, and a good read. Congrats on a hot weather elk hunt! Especially DIY. Nicely done! Thank you for sharing, with pics too!
  9. Code3

    Apache Lake Resort Reviews? Anyone?

    If you have no expectations of cleanliness, PM quiet hours, boat/gear security, family environment… you won’t be disappointed. I’m sure you’ll get a great nightly rate that will make up for everything 😂
  10. Code3

    Worst Waste of Money

    Nocturnal’s lighted archery noch. I think I could have got longer illumination time by taping a sparkler to my arrow. 😂
  11. Code3

    2023 Kaibab Bison Success!

    So happy for your archery success and divine timing! Donated tag, ability to go hunt with little notice, clockwork logistics under adverse weather conditions, stealthy approach, perfect arrow placement on AZ’s biggest game… this was better than the lottery. Congrats. Thank you for your SERVICE. 🇺🇸
  12. Code3

    Son's Opening Morning Archery Gobbler

    Turkey by bow! So cool 🦃
  13. Code3

    Taxidermist: Friend or Foe?

    I just received back my 2022 Merriam Spring Turkey. 10months turn around. Taxidermist Sven Eberson, Wildlife Wings & Designs. No hassle, fair pricing, no excuses, respectful, and honestly friendly. I’m sure it will look even better once mounted in the vaulted ceiling under day light! 🦃
  14. Code3

    5B Merriam - Love it!

    In case your wondering where to take your 2023 Spring bird… i just received back my 2022 Merriam Spring Turkey. 10months turn around. Taxidermist Sven Eberson, Wildlife Wings & Designs. No hassle, fair pricing, no excuses, respectful, and honestly friendly. I’m sure it will look even better once mounted in the vaulted ceiling under day light! 🦃
  15. Code3

    Card Hits!

    15:53 Archery Bull charge. Gonna be a sweet September!