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  1. hvyhlr

    .380 ammo

    Wolf .380 ammo steel case 50rnd boxes. $20 per box in Queen Creek
  2. hvyhlr

    6.5 Creedmoor 147 ELD-M

    I’ll take them. Sent a text
  3. hvyhlr

    Looking to buy

    I’ll take some Remington core lokt 25-06 100 grain if anyone has any of those laying around.
  4. hvyhlr

    Looking to buy

    Looking to buy a 6mm creedmoor rifle possible trade for Remington 700 7mm mag thanks 4805861197
  5. hvyhlr

    Marsupial rangefinder pouch

    Sent pm
  6. hvyhlr

    WTB 7mm rem

    Sent pm
  7. hvyhlr


  8. hvyhlr

    2021 archery coues deer

    Congrats on the buck
  9. hvyhlr


  10. hvyhlr

    Looking to buy

  11. hvyhlr

    Looking to buy

    Looking for a hunting rifle for the kids and wife to use. Could possibly have a tikka 300wm to trade if someone were interested
  12. hvyhlr

    Looking to buy

    Looking for a 6mm creedmoor rifle to purchase. Thanks
  13. hvyhlr

    Misc. Items For Sale

    Sent you a text on the scope