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  1. Posting for my Dad. Located in St. Johns, AZ. In really good condition and runs perfect. Never wrecked or rolled. 5,740 miles and 290 hrs on it. Tires have good tread. He’s looking to get $20,000 for the RZR, PJ Trailer to haul it, and a bunch of extras (like extra seats, harnesses, helmets with head seats, etc...) message me with any questions you have or for a detailed list of extras. Can send more pictures too. Thanks for the look
  2. Bocephus

    WTB 280 Ackley Brass

    PM sent
  3. Bocephus

    ISO- Outdoorsmans Long Range Pack

    Pm sent
  4. Bocephus

    Outdoorsmans Long Range Pack (Sold)

    Great pack, I’ve used the heck out of mine and love it.
  5. Bocephus

    WTB 7mm rem

    I’ve got a howa 7 Mag I’d sell. It says you can’t receive a pm though
  6. Bocephus

    2017 Hoyt Double XL

  7. Bocephus

    Northern Mule Deer Cape

    Might have a cape that will work for you. Off a buck I shot in Wyoming, not sure if that’s too far north haha
  8. Bocephus

    Draw odds

    I hunted antelope in Wyoming a few years ago, it was a blast. We went 3 for 3, there are goats everywhere.
  9. Bocephus

    Old Roman Nose Bucks

    Two bucks on camera with some gnarly noses
  10. Bocephus

    Black Rain Ordinance AR-15

    PM sent
  11. Bocephus

    Howa 1500 300WM

    Round count?
  12. I’ve had the 2400abs for a couple years and love it. It’s never given me any issues