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  1. Bocephus

    FS New Norma 300 Win Mag Brass

    One sold and one still available.
  2. I have 2 x 100 piece Norma 300 Win Mag Brass head stamped MAI. One bag has been opened but no brass was used. $115 per bag. Just trying to get back what I paid and I have the receipts if that makes a difference. Located in the White Mountains but I travel to the valley fairly often.
  3. Bocephus

    300 Win Mag brass at Grafs

    It shows Peterson 300 WM brass in stock https://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/76157
  4. Bocephus

    WTT .30 Cal 200gr ELD-X

    I have two unopened boxes that I would be willing to trade for the following: Berger 215 Hybrids Varget H1000 Located in the White Mountains. I’ll be traveling to the Phoenix/Mesa area the weekend of July 17th.
  5. Bocephus

    WTT Bullets for other reloading components

    I would also be willing to buy any of the items I mentioned above. And I do travel to the Mesa area somewhat regularly
  6. I have the following bullets that I’m only looking to trade right now: Hornady 7mm 175gr ELD-X 1.5 Boxes (qty 155) Hornady 22cal 55gr SP 2 Boxes (qty 200) Barnes 30cal 180gr TTSX BT 4 Boxes (qty 200) I’m looking to trade for the following: Whinchester small rifle primers Berger 215 Hybrids H1000 Varget Let me know if you’re interested in trading and we can try and make a deal. Located in the White Mountains
  7. Bocephus

    1 pound H4350 ***SPF***

  8. Bocephus

    WTB 300 Win Mag ammo

    Looking for bullets and brass for reloading and/or boxes of factory ammo.
  9. Bocephus

    Nightforce NXS

    Great scope and great price! As mentioned above, great seller too, buy with confidence.
  10. Bocephus

    Best mule deer taxidermist

    If you’re willing to travel out of state then Travis Roundy out of Glendale, UT does a phenomenal job. This buck tore up a bunch of velvet when he died and now you can’t hardly tell. He has a ton of pictures of his work on social media under deerbedead.
  11. Bocephus

    WTB Left handed rifle

    Pm sent
  12. Bocephus

    WTB Left handed rifle

    Looking for a left handed rifle. Something like a 7mm Rem Mag or 300 win mag. Let me know if you have anything laying around collecting dust. Thanks