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  1. Bocephus


    text sent
  2. Bocephus

    Cabela's Outfitter XL cot

    I wanna say that they did away with the lifetime warranty on their stuff when Bass Pro took over unfortunately…. GLWS
  3. I have a bedded Manners Eh1 LA M5 stock up for trade. Inlet for Rem 700 Long action & clones with a Proof Sendero barrel channel. Looking for the same thing just in a Mcmillan game warden. And I'd also prefer BDL, but let me know what you've got and PM me with any questions or offers. Thanks for looking
  4. Bocephus

    Unbelievable Deal on 9mm Ammo

    Second time I’ve been Rickroll’d this year dad gummit 😂
  5. Bocephus

    Left Hand Bows for Sale

    Any pictures of the CRX?
  6. Bocephus

    WTT Berger 230 Hybrids

  7. Bocephus

    WTT Berger 230 Hybrids

    I’ve got 252 Berger 230gr Hybrid target bullets all the same lot. Only one box is open. I know this is a major long shot, but I’m with the rest of the world looking for Berger 215gr Hybrids. If anyone is willing to part with some of their stash, I would be beyond grateful. I’m located in the White Mountains and occasionally travel to the Mesa area. Not looking to sell the 230s, trade only.
  8. Bocephus

    Bartlein 338 barrel

    Bump for a good dude and a good barrel
  9. Bocephus


    Where are you located? And can anyone speak for your legitimacy? No offense, but Your profile looks a little scammy. Account created 5 hours ago and this is your only post or activity
  10. Bocephus

    2017 Hoyt Double XL

    Price drop $900obo fully set up bow
  11. Bocephus

    Rem 700 for sale

    Bump for a good dude, buy with confidence!
  12. Bocephus

    2012 Hoyt Carbon Element

    PM sent
  13. Bocephus


    Interested, Pm sent
  14. Bocephus

    Ammo clean out & varget

    Tried to PM you but it said you can't receive PMs. Interested in the Varget. where are you located?
  15. Bocephus

    WTB Lever Action Rifle

    Will do, thanks