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  1. lionhunter

    BuenosAires wildlife Refuge= too many Cats

    Glassed this lion in there a couple of weeks ago . Had to let her walk
  2. lionhunter

    Free used Boots, Kid's, Women’s

    good dude for sure Whitey
  3. lionhunter

    Free used Boots, Kid's, Women’s

    Could use the 8 1/2 tan Danner for the wife and 91/2 Irish setter for my boy. Message sent
  4. lionhunter

    First lite obsidian merino wool pants

  5. lionhunter

    PSE x force Decree. Compound ready to go

    Bow is located in Peoria . 83 rd ave and Bell
  6. lionhunter

    PSE x force Decree. Compound ready to go

    Yeah . I have a ton in this set up but know what they bring used
  7. 2015 70 pound right handed PSE X Force Decree. New Americas Best platinum strings with speed nocks, meta peep, d loop, Montana black gold 7 pin sight, octane stabilizer, and whisker biscuit rest. Draw length is completely adjustable with no mods or cams. bow is ready to hunt and always timed and tuned at Ross outdoors $400 bare bow or $500 with all listed accessories Pm offers or questions whitey
  8. My boy Lucas harvested a 101 last year and went into this year with two goals in mind. One was to beat his brother who harvested a 118 in November, and Two was to better his best of 101. We located a 120 plus in November, but could not relocate him on this hunt. We were down before Christmas for 4 days, and spent to entire hunt looking for the one specific buck. When we went back down on Dec. 26th Lucas said, "Dad, lets start looking for some different deer". We hunted 6 different locations in 3 days. 10-20 bucks per day was the average, but couldn't put anything in front of him that he wanted to shoot. As it worked out, his employer put him on the schedule to work on Saturday even though he had taken the time off. Lucas informed me that he really want to return to work the following day at 4pm as scheduled. This left us a couple of hours on Sunday morning to get the job done. We glassed several spikes and small two points at sun up, but didn't want to shoot them. Around 9:00 we glassed a really good buck watching over 2 does. We made our move and closed the distance from 1200 to 550. we relocated the buck, but could only see his head above the ridge. we set up for the shot and waited. We watched the buck follow his girls into a deep cut. Lucas and I rolled the dice, as he had to be back in Phoenix by 4. We hiked in on the back side of a ridge across from where the buck should be. We set up glass and located this buck 375 across the canyon. It was not the buck that we went in after, but with zero time on the game clock he decided that is was a very cool and unique 4x3 with close to 5 inch eye guards, and it was a buck that he would be happy with. One well place 150 nos "AB from the 300 wsm and it was down. Some quick pics, took care of the meat and cape, and packed him out without a rest. I sent him back to town with a friend, and he made it to work on time!! He better get employee of the Month for this one!! lmao In closing; I remember getting scolded a bit last year for him passing a ton of bucks in search of one over 100, and may get a little of that again. However, I stand to my guns on teaching my kids that patients, hard work, being selective, delayed gratification, and being picky to wait for what you want, are good life lessons. Enjoy, Whitey
  9. lionhunter

    "Gun Chaps" for rem 700

    That's funny... I forgot all about posting these...YES, I still have them...will pm my number Whitey
  10. lionhunter

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    LANCE!!! Man, congrats to both of you...….. I love it when the kids harvest bigger animals than we do..... (Kind of). Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy..... and Taylor too.. Whitey
  11. yeah, Zeke-BE He killed a small 3x3 at 10, a 91 at 13, and this at 19.. He said, "Dad, now we have to beat this next year!!!" fricken kids!
  12. Glassed this buck up Friday morning with 25 does, and 4 other bucks. Watched them do their thing for about an hour with no real way to make a move on them. They slowly fed up over a saddle as the sun was starting to hit them pretty solid. We made a 2 mile loop around them to get in the same canyon that they headed into. We glassed that spot for about an hour, but it was noon, hot, and nothing was up. We decided to back out and return in the afternoon. We drove in from a different direction that was actually a further hike, but a much easier hike. We arrived on the only rock pile in the canyon where you could see where we figured the bucks would bed. It took all of 5 min and we had the buck. We set up on him with the sun directly in our eyes and contemplated the shot. My son 19, wanted to shoot, but I talked him into waiting. The sun finally settled behind the Mountain, and things got serious… Go Time! We ranged the shot at 578 yards and 10 degree slope. My son Hunter said, "Dad that stupid ocotillo is right in my way"... I had to crawl down and move it so he could shoot. The buck did not like that at all and bedded down.... We could see antlers, neck, and bush and a small window of vitals. We thought about calling it a day, but my son felt very confident in the shot. One well placed 150 ab/ 300 wsm and it was over... Heart shot/ flop!!! The pack out in the dark was a great learning experience for him.... Great Father Son Time..... My boys have had one heck of a 5 year run. Whitey....
  13. lionhunter

    1998 Nissan Frontier

    sent you a pm. give me a call on this truck.... perfect for my son's first truck! Whitey