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  1. lionhunter

    Wtb Vortex shims

    call vortex, they will send them to you.
  2. lionhunter

    Looking to buy Vortex Razor 10’s or 12’s

    I have a pair of 12's I really don't use. pm me Whitey
  3. lionhunter

    Archery Goat Down

    Well done.... Congrats Whitey
  4. lionhunter

    Tikka T3 stainless .243

    Matt, I am heading North Next Saturday to scout antelope. If the Flagstaff guy wants to meet in Cordes Junction I can take the rifle up. Whitey
  5. lionhunter

    WTB Hornady Precision Hunter 6.5 PRC

    Mile high shooting .com has it for 32.45/ box. I can't find it in town either. I have only shot mine 16 times starting to break in and sight in, but it was shooting these in 3/4 min or smaller. we plan to use the prc on 19a antelope, 8 mule deer, 7w cow elk, and I have 36-c late November coues. time for her to do work!!
  6. Scope is SOLD thanks for looking Whitey
  7. Yes, oz31p, 10 moa per revolution with zero stop.
  8. az 6.5-284 YES, the scope has Zero stop.
  9. Nightforce NXS 3.5x15x50 illuminated. MOAR reticle.(.NP-R2) to be exact. Scope is in great shape, glass is clear and free of any scratches or blemishes. Light ring marks on the tube from mounting. comes with a Nightforce "Unimount UL" 20 moa single piece picatinny rail ring set. They are 30mm and will mount on any Picatinny rail. all together.... $1350 picked up in Peoria. Will ship on buyers dime+ insurance. Scope only...$1200 Unimount only $175 Thanks for looking.... pm any offers or trade offers.thanks Whitey
  10. lionhunter


    How much without the kisser button? wth?…. Free bump for a good seller! Whitey
  11. lionhunter

    7.3 diesel with anti theft 6 speed manual

    I still say give it to Lucas!!!!!
  12. lionhunter

    7.3 diesel with anti theft 6 speed manual

    someone buy this dang thing before I do!!!!! Whitey
  13. lionhunter

    7.3 diesel with anti theft 6 speed manual

    sell it to Lucas!! nice rig, I have more in my Tacoma lol -Whitey
  14. lionhunter

    Looking for a dryer

    I find out Monday if my Mother inlaw is able to have hers repaired. If so, You are welcomed to the Washer and Dryer that I got her as replacements.. Will let you know Whitey->
  15. lionhunter

    Enough Gun for Buffalo??

    uExcellent information from all. Thanks Game and Fish said they are ok with leaded bullets as long as you take the gut pile/ burry the gut pile. (I am sure that is the last thing a guy wants to do after breaking down an animal that size) Has anyone used a Nos AB on Buffalo? Like I said above, 180 gr shoot perfect out of both guns already! Thanks again for input. Whitey-