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  1. lionhunter

    FS: Mathews Switchback XT

    classic rt there!
  2. lionhunter

    Eberlestalk X1 pack

  3. lionhunter

    Eberlestalk X1 pack

    Eberlestalk X1 back pack in Max 1 camo. All zippers work, no rips. Has rifle scabbed and pocket for hydration bladder $125 picked up in Peoria
  4. lionhunter


    I have one message me. Whitey
  5. lionhunter

    New to predator hunting

    PRDATR did a pretty good job giving some good info. Approach your stand quietly, cant walk too far from a vehicle, but a min of a 1/4 is my rule. set up with sun at your back if possible, in the shade if possible, and always with a bush/ tree breaking up your outline. Mouth or e caller, start very low volume for the first 2-4 min, then increase volume. Mess around with different sounds and different calls. get out and have some fun. you will mess up more than you don't, but when it all comes together it is a blast. Limit your motion in the stand as well. Move slowly and move your eyes more than your head. stop frequently for a min or two; keep their attention but make them look for you. Lastly, always try to stop a running dog before you shoot ….. not always possible but try. Whitey
  6. lionhunter

    Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 5-25x50-price drop

    ffp or sfp???? can't read the sticker???
  7. lionhunter

    2006 Ranger 500 4x4 Price dropped

    carb or fuel injected?
  8. Called in 3 dogs yesterday. came into about 200 yards and started circling my wind. This guy stopped on the second ridge over. Without time to range him I did a little old school guess work.. lol, held the crosshair about 4 inches over his shoulder and let it eat...bang flop with a 50 gr ballistic tip out of an old ruger 77 223. I had my buddy range me when I hiked over to pick him up.... 437 yards. Probably my furthest shot on a dog, and definitely one of my biggest.. Good day calling before the wind hit. Whitey
  9. lionhunter

    4 Coyotes

    that truck is bad butt!! good day calling.
  10. lionhunter

    Your First Big Game Rifle?

    Remington 788 youth model chambered in 308. Got it when I was 10 or 12 years old. Was lucky to hit a paper plate at 100..... I am sure it was me and not the rifle... Killed my first deer with it on the Kaibab. Moved up to a 30-06 Rem bdl for a couple of years and didn't like the recoil. Sold that a got a Rem 700 bdl in 6mm rem, loved that gun and killed lots of coyoted, coues and mule deer with an 80 gr core lock... ohhhh the memories. Whitey
  11. lionhunter

    Wtt vortex razor 12x50 hd for razor 10x42 hd

    I have some that i would trade. Pm on the way
  12. lionhunter

    Kuiu attack pants. (Sold)

  13. lionhunter

    WTB Glock 48

    Message me what you might want to sell looking for a Glock 48 Whitey
  14. lionhunter

    Kuiu attack pants. (Sold)

    Started to respond to that, but let it go. Pants are still fir sell or trade
  15. lionhunter

    Kuiu attack pants. (Sold)

    Kuiu attack pants in Verde 2.0. Size 32. Pants have been worn 3 times. $100 picked up in Peoria Whitey