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  1. Aluminum pack frame and stuff sack.. pack has 5 pockets. Free picked up in Peoria Whitey-
  2. lionhunter

    5mm rim fire ammo.

    Peters 5mm rim fire magnum ammo. Box of 50 I don't have a rifle for these so will trade 2 for 1 for 9mm ammo. IE I WILL TRADE 50 ROUNDS oF THIS FOR 100 ROUNDS OF 9MM I would imagine it is next to impossible to find this stuff in our current situation Pick up only in Peoria
  3. lionhunter

    Ruger M77 Mark ll .223 Zytel Paddle Stock (SOLD)

    wow, that is my exact old beater coyote / truck gun!!! I probably would have guessed it was worth 300 bucks. Whitey
  4. lionhunter

    Youth Releases. Tru fire. FREE

    I have 2 truefire archery releases. FREE to a youth archery Picked up in Peoria Whitey
  5. lionhunter

    Talley Rings

    1 piece Talley Rings. 1 inch came off Kimber m 4800 35$ picked up in Peoria Whitey
  6. lionhunter

    "went with the old 30-30"

    I have been shooting my 6.5 PRC on every hunt that I have been associated with this year. Friends and family have harvested 9 big game animals with it since September. However, it just felt "right" to use an open sight 30-30 for pigs..., 30 yard head on shot at this old boar..... I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to get up close and personal..... whitey-->
  7. lionhunter

    WTB Tikka 270 WSM

    good choice... if you don't shoot 100 rounds per year (or weekend), I think it is the best there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whitey
  8. lionhunter

    Kuiu Guide DCS Jacket. In Vias (Sold)

  9. lionhunter

    Kuiu Guide DCS Jacket. In Verde 2.0

  10. lionhunter

    Kuiu Guide DCS Jacket. In Vias (Sold)

  11. lionhunter

    Kuiu Pro Pants in Verde 2.0 (sold)

    pants are sold
  12. lionhunter

    Kuiu Pro Pants in Verde 2.0 (sold)

    they are long, I wear a 36 inch length in wranglers, and these are about the same. Kuiu only makes waist size so all their pants are long You are welcome to try them if you like. Whitey
  13. lionhunter

    6.5 PRC Hornady Custom Grade Dies

    take! will pick them up Thursday as discussed. Whitey