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  1. I am thinking about switching from the 140 Nos. Accubond to the 150 Nos LR accubond. (.270 wsm) I have had great luck with the regular Accubond, and they shoot great in my rifle. At any rate, I am looking for some input from those of you that have harvested animals with them. Thanks in advance for any info. Whitey
  2. lionhunter


    click on forums, scroll all the way down to "classified adds" post it there.
  3. lionhunter

    Unit 9

    pm sent
  4. lionhunter

    WTB: Ruger American Predator in 6.5CM

    I have one with a timney trigger, 4 mags, extra stock, and 200 rounds of 143 eldx ammo. message me if interested. It has served us well, and shoots amazing for a "cheap rifle" Whitey
  5. lionhunter


    uhf or vhf? Do you know what freqs they are programed to?? Whitey
  6. lionhunter

    San Carlos buck

    unbelievable buck! Congrats. looks like some difficult country to hunt Coues..
  7. lionhunter

    Glock 23

    ttt No idea what Gen it is. got it on a trade and have carried it some, shot it about once a year. Perfect sized side arm, just have too many handguns to justify keeping. ???offers don't offend me? let me know if interested. whitey
  8. lionhunter

    Glock 23

    I would like to sell a Glock 23. 40 S&W. has been shot very little and comes with a leather holster and box of ammo. $450 picked up in Peoria. will not ship Whitey
  9. lionhunter

    My Boy's first coues.....

    For those that wanted to see his mule deer.
  10. lionhunter

    My Boy's first coues.....

    Thanks, and yes a 400 inch elk would be great! The hunt really wasn't all about inches, more in teaching him about passing up average bucks and digging up the one he would be happy with. We had plenty of time, and wanted to look over as many bucks as we could. Whitey
  11. After locating 3 bucks over 100 while helping a friend on a November hunt, we began this December tag with high hopes. We went down the opening weekend; Saturday and Sunday only due to school. We glassed 6-10 bucks per day, but nothing my 16 year old son wanted to take. He was fortunate enough to harvest a 200 plus inch (gross) mule deer last year and really wanted a 100 inch Coues. As the second weekend approached I was planning our trip down South, and he informed me that he did not want to hunt because he did not want to disappoint the guys at 'work". He volunteers at our Church, and with a million services for Christmas they could not get through without his help. We went back down the day after Christmas with the intention of staying until New Years. The first morning back was good. glassed several bucks in that 80 ish low 90 range. He asking is it over 100 Dad? "Nope". we met up with my best buddy around 3 and decided to go back to a different spot I have not glassed in a long time. 4 of us looking at one look and a friend of mine from work had to be "that guy" and walk a 1/4 mile to look at it from a different angle. He is new to hunting and called on the radio and said, "I have a buck that is big". I walked to his location and after some piss poor communication located the buck. At first glance I said "no, I don't think he is over mid 90's". After some coxing from a couple of buddies, and as the sun was getting low, he and I decided to have a closer look. We closed the distance from 1600 yards to 351. I relocated the buck making a half hazard attempt to birddog does, I said "bud, I still don't think he breaks 100, but look at him and if you want him take him. One well placed shot off shooting sticks with his 6.5 cm $400 cheap rifle, the buck was down. It started to rain and snow on us, but the pack out was awesome. After measuring this buck several times he is 101 and 4/8. Mission accomplished. Thanks for reading Whitey
  12. lionhunter

    7mm Mag or 300 WM ?

    Have had both..... flip a coin. whitey
  13. lionhunter

    Donating a tag

    Outdoor Experience 4 All is also a great option. Just go to their web site and follow the directions on how to donate.
  14. lionhunter

    Pse x force

    What year, 6 or 7 inch brace, hf cam?