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  1. lionhunter

    Nitto ridge grappler 265-75-16

    worth 100 bucks all day long
  2. lionhunter

    PSE Stealth Carbon Air Compound bow

    all I can say is no thanks..... shoot me a pm with any trade offers.. Whitey
  3. I am selling my PSE Stealth Carbon Air. It is Kryptek desert camo, the draw length is adjustable without changing the cam or mods, it has new America's Best Platinum Bow strings (2 year warranty) in black and Sand color. it has the Evolve cam system and 60-70 pound limbs. This bow is ready to hunt, or hit the 3-d shoots I will take $ 750 bare Bow. I am sure I am forgetting something, so send me a pm with and questions. If someone wants the QAD fall away, bee stinger stab, or the black gold 5 pin slider we can work a deal on that as well... just send me a message
  4. lionhunter

    WTB 22-250 ammo

    I picked up 4 boxes... thanks.. Whitey
  5. lionhunter

    WTB 22-250 ammo

    will go check it out. Thanks
  6. lionhunter


    I'll take 2 if we can get it into nw valley.. Whitey
  7. That is what you are going to pay in today's world.... not a bad deal at all. Good luck with your sale of the tag, and good luck to the hunter.
  8. lionhunter

    WTB 22-250 ammo

    I was recently given a 22-250 that was mine 30 years ago.... long story, but I am supper excited to put it to work... at any rate, does anyone on the NW side of the Valley have any 22-250 they are willing to sell?? Thanks in advance Whitey
  9. lionhunter


    when was the string last replaced?
  10. I hope the new buyer flips the base around!! it is giving my ocd heck
  11. lionhunter


    what side of town??
  12. Original style Danner Pronghorn hunting boots. Size 8.5 , perfect boots for a young hunter of anyone else fir that matter. Used but lots of life left $25 bucks picked up in Peoria. Brown and camo available Whitey
  13. lionhunter

    Retumbo and rl 16 powder for sale

    I would purchase the 16 if you are driving through Phx any time soon. Whitey
  14. lionhunter

    Light weight trailer

  15. lionhunter

    Sold- BNIB 6.5 prc premium deluxe Redding die set

    I will take them