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  1. lionhunter


  2. lionhunter


    ill take it if still available
  3. lionhunter

    Ruger American Predator 6.5 - Sold

    what magazine does this take?
  4. lionhunter

    Crispi Idaho boots size 9 $150

    They are not insulated...
  5. lionhunter

    Crispi Idaho boots size 9 $150

    Like it says in the title, I have a pair of Crispi Idaho boots for sale. Size 9 $150 picked up in Peoria, These boots are bullet proof! Used, but very little wear on these as I have way too many boots!!! The new ones are over $400 bucks....... Whitey
  6. lionhunter

    1990 Toyota ext cab 4X4 pickup-SOLD

    perfect hunting truck... good luck with the sale
  7. lionhunter


  8. lionhunter

    Pse Carbon Air Stealth 70 bow

    Peoria Az 75th ave/ Bell
  9. lionhunter


    spf by azcountyboy
  10. lionhunter

    Pse Carbon Air Stealth 70 bow

    2017 PSE Carbon Air Stealth. Draw length is adjustable without changing the cam or mod! ( no added expense) 70 pound limbs, currently set at 27 1/2 draw, but can be adjusted without modification. Bee Stinger stab Montana Black Gold slider 5 pin sight (best of both worlds) Americas Best Platinum bowstrings (black and sand) QAD drop away rest. This bow is a ridiculously light weight hunting bow and is far from SLOW! shoots my 363 gr arrow at 302 at 27 1/2 draw! will take $750 for bare bow and $900 completely set up and ready to go.
  11. lionhunter


    Remington youth 870 20 gauge with Rem chokes 2 3/4 and 3 inch mag.. (Imp, mod, and Full chokes) This little workhorse has served my 3 boys, and my wife well... Has harvested countless dove, and quail. Screw in the full choke and add a #4 3 inch mag and has smoked turkey and many coyotes! At any rate, boys are grown, and time for another youth to get some use out of it. will take $350 picked up in Peoria.. (no I will not travel, or ship) first "take" gets it and will only hold for 2 days... Whitey
  12. lionhunter


    quit dropping the price!!!!!!! you're going to make me buy this dang thing! Whitey
  13. lionhunter

    10 year old welder art

    that kid will never be without a job!
  14. lionhunter


    Great all around Arizona Rifle... good luck with the sale...
  15. lionhunter

    Brood Mare / Trail Horse $2K

    add says she had a filly in 2010... might want to fix that....