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  1. lionhunter

    Dewalt DXGNR 6500 Generator

    DeWalt 6500 Generator for sale. This was purchased as a back up to my on-board generator in my trailer , and It is just more than we need. It literally has 38 hours on it!!! They go for a grand new. we will take $675 picked up in Peoria. Thanks Whitey
  2. lionhunter


    somebody buy this dang thing so I don't have toooooooo
  3. lionhunter

    Eberlestock just one

    my favorite pack!!! good luck on the sale
  4. lionhunter

    Need to Rehome Lab

    sounds like the perfect dog!!!! Good looking rascal too... Good luck
  5. not sure why it will not let me upload my video...??? short take my coues 2022.mov my coues 2022.mov my coues 2022 2.0.mov
  6. I started out this 2022 coues season in Southern Arizona with several goals in mind. 1st was to get my best friends' future son in law his first buck, 2nd was to help all 6 tag holders in our camp ger a buck, and lastly to harvest my target buck that we found sheds on last year. Like a lot of you, it seems like I spend more of my time helping other hunters hunt than I do hunting for myself. November started well with Helping My buddies" Son in law harvest his 1st. After locating several bucks he harvested this one with a one well placed shot from his 6.5 PRC at 480. The next morning we glassed up 3 more bucks and after a several hour stock and relocate My best buddy and my youngest son harvested 2 more bucks with 6.5 PRC at 730 and 686. On to December...... We returned in December. Our first task was to get my Nephew Cody a buck. He has already killed a 103, and had limited time to hunt. We glassed a smallish buck on the first evening and he said he was stoked to harvest the buck. He shot it at 660 yards with his 270 wsm. Now it was time to start focusing on the two remaining tags we had left, and for a change one was mine. On day 6 I located a buck with some real potential. He had huge eye guards and was a supper classy looking dear. After looking at him for over 20 minutes I decided to let my buddy shoot him because he just wasn't what I was after....... And he MISSED at 259 yards!!!! We came home for work for 4 or 5 days and man did he get roasted for missing. I told him that if I ever found that buck again, I was going to shoot it. Well 6 days later I found him again. We hiked into a bad canyon and got within 196 yards from him bedded. I laid down to shoot the buck and said, "come shoot this thing" he is still not what I am after..... This time I made him shoot my PRC and he did not miss! The eye guard buck that we named goal post was dead... It scored over 100, and is Chaffee's biggest buck. Now here is where the story gets even more crazy. Several days late while trying to turn up my target buck, we were driving into a different spot to hunt. A guy starts honking behind us and pulls us over. He explainded that he had a Jr. hunter with him that only had one day to hunt.. He stated that the kid was willing to take any 2 point of better. We took his phone number and told him we would call him shortly as I truly wasn't going to shoot anything under 110. Fast forward about and hour and I glass up two bucks with some does. The bigger buck appeared to be an 18 inch wide 2x3, and I couldn't see any g1's.. So I call the Dad with the kid to come shoot it. To make a very long story short the kid missed him twice, and we ran out of day light. They were both extremely grateful for the opportunity to try on that buck. The next morning my buddies and I hiked into a different canyon and glassed until 2pm. We looked at over 15 bucks , but could not find what I wanted. We had planned to stay there all day, but at 2 oclock I got on the radio and said, "change of plans, let's go back where the kid missed the wide 3x2, I want to make sure there isn't a bigger buck in there. We drive to our new location, and hike about 2 miles into our spot. Within 10 minutes I glassed up the same buck that the kid had missed the day before. But this time my buddy Jay had his BTX.. He took 0ne look at the buck and said, "you are studpid if you don't shoot this buck!" I said, no, I don't think he is what I am looking for. They talked me into going to take a closed look. As we got to 700 yards, we could tell he had 4 plus inch g ones, and was 18 inches wide, then at 410 yards his 2 point side suddenly had a 3rd point.. After doing some quick math in our not so smart heads we had this buck at around 112.. Again Jay said, IF YOU DON'T SHOOT THIS BUCK YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Well I decided to shoot the buck. He ended up having way more mass than we thought and scored 115 7/8.... yep, I tried my coues 2022.mov my best to give 2 bucks over 100 to someone else...... lmao enjoy the video and pictures. Whitey short take my coues 2022.mov short take my coues 2022.mov Chaffee_coues_vid_22.mp4 my coues 2022 2.0.mov
  7. lionhunter

    Personal best?

    115 and change....
  8. lionhunter

    6.5 PRC Hornady 143x ELD-X

    I'm good.... I have a re-load worked up with N565... I just thought the picture kind of spoke for itself..... lol
  9. I have 2 or 3 of the Rhino Radios that also have gps.  I would make a good deal on all of them.


  10. lionhunter

    6.5 PRC Hornady 143x ELD-X

    ? Really???
  11. lionhunter

    6. 5 prc ammo at north phx sportsmans

    how much??????
  12. lionhunter

    Sold - please delete

    I have that same truck in 2007 and I think that is a great deal!!!!! good luck on the sale
  13. lionhunter

    FREE BFG tire for a spare.

    FREE tire 31x 10.5x15 BFG tire. This tire was just replaced on my Tacoma. at any rate, free to a CWT member. still has approximately 5/16 on it, holds air just fine. should work fine for a spare. Pick up in Peoria Whitey
  14. lionhunter


    (Part of me hates when guys sell non-hunting related items on CWT but here I am........ just trying to help out a member who may be in need of a reliable car!) I am selling my wife's 2016 Jetta SE TSI turbo. Adult driven, good gas milage, has a couple of door dings, but is in really good shape, new yokohama tires,, clean title, private seller so no tax!! Has 127,000 highway miles (guy we got it from had a business in Tucson, and drove Peoria to Tucson once a week) We have owned this car for 4 years, and it has been a great vehicle for us. I have this vehicle listed elsewhere for $11,950, but will sell it to a CWT member for $10,500 vehicle is located in Peoria.... feel free to contact me with questions (602) six two 0-911 three Whitey
  15. lionhunter

    Nitto ridge grappler 265-75-16

    worth 100 bucks all day long