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  1. lionhunter

    5 $ camo sale. Predator, kings, Asat, Bdu's

    all gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. lionhunter

    Free bow case

  3. lionhunter

    Free bow case

    Free bow case Pick up in Peoria
  4. lionhunter

    5 $ camo sale. Predator, kings, Asat, Bdu's

    sizes range from ..... pants= 28-34 waist shirts range from adult small- adult large. most are adult large. Whitey
  5. I have approximately 100 pieces of camo to sell... to make it simple everything is $5 each. Shirts, jackets, pants, hoodies etc etc etc pants are 32 waist - 34 waist. shirts range from adult small- adult med- adult large. First come first served! Picked up in Peoria Whitey
  6. I have a brand new camo 2 piece stock for a CVA optima V2 muzzle loader. $25 bucks picked up in Peoria
  7. lionhunter


    have had some tire kickers and one that wants to purchase, but would rather trade.... Still available. Whitey
  8. lionhunter

    Kids camo cheap. Max 1

    sure! spf by tanclan4
  9. lionhunter

    Kings Camo

    pants are spf. by Beaton
  10. lionhunter

    Kings Camo

    Kings camo for sale: Long sleeve shirts $10 (1 left) Button up long sleeve $15 (spf) Short sleeve $10 (All shirts are adult large) 2 pair of pants size 36 reg. $15 each Picked up in Peoria (sold)
  11. lionhunter

    Kids camo cheap. Max 1

    Two 6 pocket max 1 pants. All they say is adult med. Should be 32-34 waste And adult large long sleeve shirt $20 for all. Picked up in Peoria Whitey
  12. lionhunter


    I would like to trade 147 eldm factory ammo for 143 x factory ammo .located in Peoria I have several boxes Thanks in advance Whitey
  13. lionhunter

    WTT 6.5 PRC

    projectiles or cartridges'?? I have 2 boxes or eldm I would trade for eld x Whitey
  14. lionhunter

    Misc. Rifle ammo

    price on the 270 short??
  15. lionhunter

    2021 19A Rifle Tag

    I had the ML tag a couple of years ago and my son had the rifle tag last year. 19a has gone way down hill! That being said, you can definately kill a 75 inch buck so keep your head up. It is a tricky unit as a ton of private ground butts up again state trust and ranches that allow you to hunt it. What has already been said is all true.. Shane Perkins does sell some trespass opportunity, but they sell out in the first couple of weeks after people draw. Many of the better bucks get killed by archery hunters, and MOST of the 75 plus bucks get killed by the ML guys. That being said, good bucks do come and go from some of those private ranches especially if the rut is going well. Also, there is plenty of out of the way places that hold antelope that most people don't hunt! Learn the unit, drive it ALL and find out where you are allowed to be and how to get there.. Best of luck on your hunt.