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  1. eddielasvegas

    Why do they keep doing this?

    As effed up as it is, THIS, I believe, is the case that makes FM's statement true. All the way to the SCOTUS. THIS case proceeded the above case and was the first case (I believe) affirming that police are under no duty to protect. You for yourself and your loved ones, and your loved ones for you and them, are your own first responders. Be careful out there... Eddie
  2. eddielasvegas

    Why do they keep doing this?

    It seems the cops were not doing their jobs by any standard one wants to use. I love the excuse displayed below the LEO in the below screenshot. Inexcusable lack of action when you sign up for the job. Eddie
  3. eddielasvegas

    Why do they keep doing this?

    I'm not posting this as truth, but if it is accurate, this is hard to fathom for a propeller head IT guy like myself. Is there a LEO/SWAT member here that can elaborate on why this (retreating) might make sense? Eddie
  4. Boots have been picked up. Only helmet is available. It'll go to Goodwill early next week if not claimed by Sunday. Eddie
  5. eddielasvegas

    Hunt Hard Pro Hunter Backpack - NWT - $225 - N. Scottsdale

    Movin' on up... Eddie
  6. eddielasvegas

    Why do they keep doing this?

    You've been filled. Eddie
  7. eddielasvegas

    Kuiu Roll Call

    I read about these on rokslide too. Do you have a link (so I order the exact right item) for them as I want to order a pair or two to try the out? Thanks, Eddie
  8. eddielasvegas

    Why do they keep doing this?

    A mental health problem IMHO. And add to that our society is not very good at providing MH care for those that show symptoms, and that our free society (at least, for now it is) is not inclined to intervene on threats, or veiled threats, unless it's directed at people like POTUS. As a parent of two, there are few worse nightmares than sending your child off to school and they come home in a body bag. My condolences to those affected by this horrible act. Eddie
  9. eddielasvegas

    My first predator season

    Nicely done. A lion is not considered a predator. Link HERE. I'd hate for you to call one in and take it and find you put yourself in a pickle. Good luck, Eddie
  10. Both pairs of boots are spoken for. Only helmet is available. Thanks CWT. Eddie
  11. They are yours. PM me tomorrow to arrange a meeting. Eddie
  12. FREE STUFF My son outgrew these boots and bicycle/skateboard helmet. Helmet is Triple 8 in size medium. No accidents with the helmet. Size 7 boots are on right and size 10 boots on left. Both pairs are in good shape. Nothing high quality about them but they worked for my son until he outgrew them. Located in zip code 85254. PM if interested. Eddie
  13. Selling a Hunt Hard Pro Hunter backpack in pattern Realtree. Literally brand new with the tags still on it. This LINK gives you more details on the pack, but this shows the current version of this pack and mine is 2-3 years old so there might be minor differences. MSRP is $370 if you believe the Interwebz. My price is $225. Located in zip code 85254. PM with questions or interest. Thanks, Eddie