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  1. eddielasvegas

    My First Archery Anything... and My First Bull

    Fantastic bull and great story! Which unit? Eddie
  2. eddielasvegas

    Mature bull elk cape for sale

    Too nice a bull (and you're handsome too) to not have your pic oriented correctly. Eddie
  3. eddielasvegas

    Over the counter Elk rifle tags near St Johns?

    Never heard of such a thing. 😁 Eddie 2022-Elk-OTC-Informational-Handout-12-29-2021_rev1.pdf
  4. eddielasvegas

    Sheep crew

    I've seen a few others do the same it just now hit me it was from a copy & paste. ctrl-shift-v (versus ctrl-v which most of us know) will copy the text without the formatting. Only trying to pass along a tidbit I learned not that long ago. Eddie
  5. eddielasvegas

    Sheep crew

    Nicely done and beautiful ram. Why the white highlights? Eddie
  6. eddielasvegas

    New IPhone 14 with satellite communication

    This caught my eye last night too. Pretty kewl I must say. Eddie
  7. eddielasvegas

    2016 Hyundai Tucson Sport SUV. for sale

    Righted the car (versus the ship) so to speak. GLWS, Eddie
  8. eddielasvegas

    Estate sale

    No camo listed in this sale, but me thinks I have the right sale. Link HERE. Best of luck to you Ringer. Eddie
  9. eddielasvegas

    Awesome Brasilian Steak 🥩 seasoning

    In Brazil, it's called the injeção de carne quente. Eddie P.S. Translated that's Hot Beef Injection, or HBI.
  10. eddielasvegas


    This looks like the 10'x14' model and is a great tent at a VG price. I have this model and it can take some serious weather (winds, rain, snow, you name it) and keep you warm and dry. GLWS, Eddie
  11. eddielasvegas

    5BS - let there be mud

    This is great news! Thanks for the update. Eddie
  12. eddielasvegas

    2014 Jeep JKU Krawler 4 DR SOLD

    I'm impressed somebody still uses a digital camera to take a picture. 😁 GLWS, Eddie
  13. eddielasvegas

    2020 GMC Sierra Denali

    Ah, the old MT registration trick. It sure saves a lot of money for high value vehicles. GLWS, Eddie
  14. eddielasvegas

    FYI just an FYI on 9mm ammo

    Storm's a comin' BW. Storm's a comin'. Eddie