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  1. eddielasvegas

    Finley LA Z Boy Leather Recliner - Like New - Gray

    Would be nice if I cleaned out my inbox before saying PM me, now wouldn't it. 😁 Sorry 'bout that and please try again. Eddie
  2. Hello All, I'm helping a friend sell this like new leather recliner as her husband died soon after it was purchased. Color is gray and it's a manual recliner in like new condition. No pets and from a non-smoking home. She paid about $1,800 new when purchased last year and it is on sale now for about $1,700 from the LA Z Boy store where it was purchased. She is asking $750 and pickup is in N. Scottsdale around FLW Blvd. and Scottsdale Rd. Additional recliner details in the last picture. PM me with questions or interest. Thanks, Eddie
  3. eddielasvegas

    Head on a Swivel

    Good stuff right there. And while we recognize the actions of these fine folks with the MNPD, let's not forget to call out the cowards at Uvalde PD. Eddie
  4. eddielasvegas

    Outdoorsman Pack

    Location? Thanks, Eddie
  5. eddielasvegas

    Toyota Dealer Recommendation

    Lots of posts about dealers, but not salesman (can I even use that word today?) so I'll throw my 2 cents in since we're not really answering your question. Your son is buying a commodity so shop based solely on price. A Camry at HT is the same one at RT or CT. Use the HT price to negotiate a better price locally. Paying an extra BF or two here is better than saving a BF by going to HT. Time is money even for your son. Shop as much as possible vis phone or email. Ensure they send him the contract before he steps foot in the dealership. They are all (decent salesman or otherwise) are master manipulators. If the deal is different than promised or in the contract, tell him to walk. That is our ultimate power as car buyers but most will not do this. Good luck to your son, Eddie
  6. eddielasvegas

    WTS El Range

    Which year were these manufactured? Thanks, Eddie
  7. eddielasvegas

    Draw! We don't need no stinkin Draw. Otc elk.

    Congrats and very nice. Which area or GMU? Eddie
  8. eddielasvegas


    Good point BO and I sure missed that. Good to know they are okay with a person rescuing his/her pet. Eddie
  9. eddielasvegas


    I read this as: if your pet is in our trap, it's our pet now so don't even think about trying to free it. Eddie
  10. eddielasvegas


    Location? Thanks, Eddie
  11. eddielasvegas

    Card Hits!

    I just checked just in case my memory failed me, but it did not. For recalling breakfast (or work), it often does, but it seems to be sound for hunting related recall. 😀 I absolutely did draw my 3rd choice in 2021 (mid-winter) for antlerless elk. I was tag # 3 and that's the extent of the info I will pass along. The reader is free to believe me or not. Eddie
  12. eddielasvegas

    Card Hits!

    Omg and I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning. Hahaha. No clue to your questions, but there is always a chance if you fill in your 3rd or 4th choice is the way I look at it. Eddie
  13. eddielasvegas

    Card Hits!

    With the tag numbers now posted, I know my son (youth - antlerless) and I (late rifle - bull) drew either our 1st or 2nd choice, which is terrific. Now I only need to find a dose of patience... Eddie
  14. eddielasvegas

    Card Hits!

    I drew an antlerless tag for my 3rd choice 2 year ago. Does that count? I was as surprised as anyone my 3rd choice was drawn. Eddie
  15. eddielasvegas

    EBike for sale

    What's the make (Venture?) and model, plus any other relevant info. I'd like to do some research on it and these details would be very helpful. Thanks, Eddie