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  1. eddielasvegas

    Glock 20 10mm

    Please list a price and location. Thanks, Eddie
  2. eddielasvegas

    Free dog on CL

    Dog Gone. Eddie
  3. eddielasvegas

    My son got his first bow harvest and dad got a non stinky pig!!

    Nicely done to you both. 👍 Eddie
  4. ****** 1 box sold and inventory updated in new pic. ******** Hello All, Selling 5 boxes of the ammo in the attached pic. Do not really care which 5 as I'm purging the stash and have no affinity to any of it. Price will be about $2 per round. I say about because there are so many to choose from that setting a single price per round is tough given the variety. PM me if interested. Happy to answer questions. Located at Scottsdale Rd. & 101 in N. Scottsdale. Thanks, Eddie
  5. eddielasvegas

    7mm Rem Mag Ammo For Sale - Various Brands and Grains

    One more bump in case anyone needs 7mm RM ammo. Eddie
  6. eddielasvegas

    Any 22mag rifles out there? FOUND

    You looking for recommendations or to purchase? If the former, I bought a CZ 512 last year and it shoots well, handles the 2 or 3 different loads I've used and has a nice fit and finish. If the latter, I can't help you but good luck with your search. Eddie
  7. eddielasvegas

    Alec Baldwin charged!!!

    Yes, this brought a smile to my face when I read this a short while ago I immediately thought, well today's going to be a great day! 😁 Eddie
  8. eddielasvegas

    For sale "JM" stamped Marlin 336...

    I have been straining my brain to define OBCO. Even Google is no help. What does that mean? Fantastic rifle and GLWS, Eddie
  9. eddielasvegas

    Browning SA-22 rifle

    Location? Thanks, Eddie P.S. I see you are in Camp Verde from another post. Thx.
  10. eddielasvegas

    MISSING since 1/8/23

    Some useful info HERE. Eddie
  11. Just posted a short while ago. Link HERE. Eddie
  12. eddielasvegas

    Pig down

    Congrats and good job. Eddie
  13. eddielasvegas

    Unit 3A/4B Zeniff / Dry Lake population management hunt

    Good luck to the OP and looking forward to an update. And I have no idea how I missed this thread as I got a call yesterday from G&F for this hunt for antlerless elk. It pained me tremendously to decline the tag. 😭 Eddie
  14. eddielasvegas

    Good Find

    Very kewl to see Edge. Thanks for posting. 👍 Eddie
  15. eddielasvegas

    WTB Marlin 45-70 lever action

    I searched gunbroker.com completed auctions in Scottsdale for this month and found two with the lowest priced one going for $2 grand. I sure do like the big loop lever on these and wish mine had one, but for what I paid for mine, I can live with it. 😊 Eddie
  16. eddielasvegas

    Swarovski SLC 10x42 for sale

    Are you located in the Phoenix area? Eddie
  17. eddielasvegas

    WTS: RUGER #1 50th ANNEVERSARY EDITION in 45-70 N.I.B.

    That is one beautiful rifle. Just stunning. And in my favorite caliber too. I had a large dollar 2A related sale earlier this year and solved the fake money problem by meeting at my bank for this very reason. Put the cash in my bank and then did the remainder of the transaction in the parking lot. Went off without a misfire in spite of it being 2A related in a bank parking lot. 😀 GLWS, Eddie
  18. eddielasvegas


    Almost certainly due to the content. Contact Amanda and she'll help you resolve the issue. Eddie
  19. eddielasvegas

    New Swarovski EL ranges for sale 10x42

    Interested, PM inbound. Eddie
  20. eddielasvegas

    Kifaru 44 mag MC NEW

    Location? Eddie
  21. eddielasvegas

    Remington 1100 Magnum 12 ga 2 3/4"

    You have to ask that BT when a person today can change their sex at will? 😁 Eddie
  22. eddielasvegas

    Swarovski 10x25 Binos w/Harness and Case

    Just an FYI: Your pix are not displaying, at least they are not for me. GLWS, Eddie
  23. eddielasvegas

    7E Scout Cow

    Well durn, Jazz. Like WTF Over! Here's hoping your luck changes for the better. 👍 Eddie
  24. eddielasvegas

    Late Bull Hunt Success!

    Fantastic story and bull! Eddie
  25. eddielasvegas

    7mm Rem Mag Ammo For Sale - Various Brands and Grains

    One month bump. Eddie