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    Lower Black River

    This sounds like a great trip to get the kids out of the house for a few days... I always hear great things about the "lower black". How does one get there? We spent a weekend at 10 of diamonds years ago and had a blast. Anyone care to share directions to the lower accessible areas?

    Hydro Dipping Euro Mount

    Just finished my son's euro mount. Very happy with how it came out, a friend suggested I "Hydro Dip" it. I have never done this and after looking at a few videos to me it's looks real easy to end up with a result I will regret. Was wondering if any of you have done this with good results and might have some tips to share.
  3. First, for some reason I feel like i have to state that I am long time lurker of this great site and visit daily and appreciate everyone who posts on a regular basis, good and bad. Some of you are very knowledgeable, some hilarious, and some annoying. All the reason why I have to check in several times a day to see what ya'all are up to. Down to business, Very excited and all geared up for this weeks 4a youth elk hunt! Now all I hear from friends is how bad the weather will be this Thurs Fri Sat from the Hurricane carry over, so much so that two friends who's kids also have tags are rescheduling to arrive at camp Sunday and stay into next week. This really inst an option for me, plan was always to hunt Fri to Mon. So what say all you rim living people. Think the weather will really be bad/horrible and I should do what i can to hunt later in week , Or just go and deal with what we are dealt ... don't mind hunting in a little and rain snow etc , but just not sure how bad it will get...

    Help on a Youth hunt in 36A, B and C!

    pm sent... good luck