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  1. Legendary

    Pse decree

  2. Legendary

    Pse decree

    Price drop $450
  3. Legendary

    Pse decree

  4. Legendary

    Pse decree

  5. Legendary

    Pse decree

    2015 Pse decree. Draw length adjustable from 24.5 to 30. 60 pound limbs. Super fast bow for 60 pound limbs. Will come with trophy ridge smackdown pro drop away arrow rest, 3 pin pse sight, G5 meta peep, and stabilizer. $550 or best offer. Located in Tucson.
  6. Legendary

    Zeiss 6.5-20x50

    PM sent
  7. Legendary

    solo archery bull

    I've had 2 archery tags. 1st hunt had a partner for the first 7 days. I had 2 shot opportunities but passed in that 1st week. Killed a bull solo on day 12 of that hunt, i got into way more elk solo, I was quicker and quieter and didn't have to stop and discuss the gameplan while hubting. 2nd hunt I had a buddy with the same tag, and my brother was able to go with me but I refused to let anyone hunt with me, I had at least 1 shot opportunity every day until I killed on day 10. My suggestion would be to do it yourself, on the actual hunt. Lucky for me I had plenty of help on both pack outs though.
  8. Legendary

    Equalizer release

  9. Legendary

    Equalizer release

  10. Legendary

    Equalizer release

    Equalizer release $110. Used to extend draw length. My son used it to shoot my old bow. Shortest the bow would go was 27 and his draw length is 24.5 so it works as advertised. Located in Tucson.
  11. Legendary

    Pig videos

    Thanks. No that call is a circe p1 long range. I have had better luck with that and primos raspy coaxer than with calls made for Javelina. And yes both are gopro videos.
  12. Legendary

    Pig videos

    These are my 2016 and 2017 hunts. https://youtu.be/1zkAjDC3Ab0 https://youtu.be/BBugI9EzmbI
  13. Legendary

    Sold please delete

    Price drop $1200
  14. Legendary

    Sold please delete

  15. Legendary

    Sold please delete

    Pms answered. TTT